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To excel in competitive exams, you must expose yourself to a range of possible test questions and manage your time per online question. At AspireBuzz, our free online practice tests with solutions simulate the actual entrance exams. Our question banks, online mock tests, and online exams are created by various reputed tutors and coaching institutions.

As a student you have free access to many of these online test elements as well as concept videos and solution videos. Until your entrance exam, you can practice daily with our free online questions and you can also compare your online test score against your peers with daily and all-time Topper's list. Above all, you can refresh your online preparation with our daily Free Question Game.

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Stimulation-based Learning (SBL) method of AspireBuzz enables you to remember, recall, and apply concepts needed for faster application in competitive exams. With our SBL method of learning, you can improve the speed of your mental analysis and visual solving of online questions. As a result, you can improve your thinking processes needed for correct and faster handling of the same test situations that your competitors would also be taking.

Stimulation Based Learning for GATE: VANI Institute has provided Online coaching and Online test series using the stimulation based methodology for 7 engineering streams. Try their free online test and free questions.

Stimulation Based Learning for IIT-JEE: Check out the Online test series by SRI MEGA STUDY CIRCLE

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26 Years Exp
Prepare for GATE Entrance Exam

Prepare for GATE Entrance Exam

Tutor: VANI Institute

Branches: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkotta, Bhubaneswar
India's Fist coaching institute for ESE,GATE,PSUs

Notable:14 Times all India 1st Rank, 12 Times 2nd Rank

25 Years Exp
NEET Online Practice exams

NEET Online Practice exams

Tutor: VENKATREDDY Medical Academy

Branches: Hyderabad, Vizag, Bhubaneswar

Notable: 10 Times State 1st Ranks in EAMCET, Trained hundreds of successful students

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  • VANI Institute
  • Vijetha study circle
  • Venkanna coaching center
  • Snehas Institute of commerce
  • Excelr solutions