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Learn to Achieve, Learn through Us

The leading edge interactive, adaptive and
cost-effective learning platform.

Build a Learning-Achievement
roadmap with our unique 3Vs

Stimulation based Learning
Power of Choice

Learn from Quality Tutors
you want/like with years of
verified expertise.

GATE 2019 Online Test Series 2019

A set of meticulously curated extensive online tests series with over 100000 questions across 7 Engineering streams covering multi topics in multi subjects with stimulating 3Vs Concept-Hint-Solution videos to boost GATE ranking with ease.

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NEET Physics 145+

An extensively researched and laser focussed module reinforcing concept clarity and effective problem solving skill by access to over 300 engaging video lectures, 1800 numerical problems having text and video solutions, e-booklet on crucial notes and formulae, created by highly regarded faculty with 28 years of experience, the course strives for assured 145+ score.

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GATE Online Crash Course 2019

The 50-Hrs time efficient strategically curated intense online study course with innovative 3Vs Stimulation-based-Learning module that accelerates conceptual accuracy and speed.

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JEE Mains Mock Test by Krishna Murthy

A set of comprehensive online tests following latest patterns and test format designed by reputed "IIT Krishna Murthy", providing intense conceptual knowledge, application and necessary time management skills with an effective and methodical approach of in depth solution reports and analysis.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with MINITAB Made Easy

Gain extensive knowledge and a quality edge with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification by our lifetime access on interactive video lectures, tests, usage of Minitab tool subsequent to the completion of the course and practicing on 30+ unique use cases, application of theoretical concepts in real life projects provided as a value-added feature too.

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We just don't create Course, We Create Value. HOW?

  • Superior learning modules and choices to students.
  • Innovative Stimulation based Learning methodology.
  • Access to extensive learning repository                      
  • Effective learning ecosystem connecting top tutors and learners.
  • Improved conceptual clarity by breaking complex problems into simple forms.
  • Greater Flexibility of provision in schedules, place or payments
Learning for Free

We at AspireBuzz believe that our prized possession is our coveted learning community and thus we value learners unquestionably. We offer the ability of choice to our students while they are in a crucial juncture of their career path by providing them with free access to many innovative and robust course modules to practice. A free access to vast repository of question banks and online mock tests simulating the original entrance exams created by top quality tutors is a core feature of our learning platform. As a student, you can practice daily from our free question banks and compare our score vis a vis other aspirants as well as the all time toppers list. As a learner, to expose yourself to a range of critically relevant online test series based on interactive methodology of Concept-Hint-Solution videos is the sure shot way to excel in any form of competitive assessment.

Build an Edge with SBL Tool

Our one of a kind 3Vs Stimulation-based-Learning(SBL) methodology is a streamlined, systematic process or technique of learning by means of which the video based interactive model provides the learners with:
Concept Video: Learn concepts step-by-step with in-depth comprehension of fundamentals and analysis.
Hint Video: The approach in which clue or the hint video guides/aids students to solve on their own.
Solution Video: Videos expose concept-question-connect and break complex problems into simple sub problems improving conceptual accuracy and speed.

We do take cognisance in mentioning that our extensive question bank with SBL approach and over 5000 questions for 7 engineering streams, strategically curated by top faculties of premier VANI Institute will broaden your conceptual clarity and thereby chances to ace GATE 2019 one step closer. Their statistical data records an exemplary rate of qualifying GATE exam over the years



At AspireBuzz, we as an online educational tech bridge connect quality educators and aspiring learners through an effective learning ecosystem with a desire to inspire and empower. Our mission is to create leading-edge eLearning platform with most adaptive, innovative, accessible and cost-effective courses for students across the web to unleash their full potential. The role of great teachers is unprecedented and we invite tutors and educators all across to partner with us and be a part of this learning crusade and moreover gain favourable earning opportunities too. To promote your content:

  • Enrolling with AspireBuzz for free.
  • Create quality content such as interactive course modules(videos), question banks, mock tests, practice tests etc in accordance with terms and guidelines
  • Direct access to target audience/learners suitable to your course content identified by AspireBuzz
  • Pricing your course modules
  • Earning benefits from the subscriptions as per the terms and guidelines
Our Happy Students
  • Bhagath Chotu
    Bhagath Chotu

    I found this application in play store while searching for some good quiz apps. Luckily I found this, thank God. I'm basically from Hyderabad. The application is pretty user friendly and easy to use. It's also very helpful to sharpen the brains. Thank you aspirebuzz for this wonderful app.

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    Chavantakure Sai Vani

    Thank you AspireBuzz for providing QOD & test series. Your content helped me get into medical college

  • #

    AspireBuzz team has been very professional and have provided all the support I needed to setup my content. I am now able to reach out to students across the country.

  • #

    I have taken the test series by Vani Institute. The quality of the series is very good and it helped me improve my week points. I recommend all aspirants to blindly take the test series


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