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About Tutor

Tutor: Ozymandias
Students: 59

Educational qualifications
  • P.G. (MSc) in Physics with specialization in Quantum field theory and particle physics along with Astrophysics and Cosmology from Presidency College, University of Calcutta
  • Research experience (Gamma Ray bursts and supermassive black holes) at the Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, (IUCAA)Pune
Professional background
  • Total experience in education- 10 years.
  • Assistant Professor for Undergrad (Bsc Physics) courses (4 years) at the University of Calcutta
  • IB SL and HL Physics facilitator for 6 years
  • TOK facilitator for 2 years
Personal info
  • Ardent fan of DC and Marvel comic verses, movie verses (not so much!)
  • Gaming enthusiast
  • Muscle car aficionado
  • Metalhead with an ear for western and Indian classical music
  • Amateur comic pencil sketch impression artist. Favorite comic artists- Alex Ross and Jim Lee

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