Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

NEET Chemistry chapter Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure. Covers all CBSE concepts via animated videos   and previous NEET & AIIMS questions as well as practice tests Video Course By DESAM SUDHAKAR
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Thorough understanding of all NCERT Chemistry concepts
  • Tackle any Chemistry related questions in NEET exam (Medical Entrance)
  • Assists in all Board Exams as well
  • Application of Chemistry Problems


  • Should have completed the the 1st three chapters in Chemistry

Who is the target audience?

  • 10+2 / Intermediate students / Pre-University Students
  • NEET Aspirants (UG Medical Entrance)
  • Audiovisuals provide 100% Concept clarity to Students

Course Curriculum

Total: 44 lectures

  • 3m 40s

    Chemical Bonding - Introduction Preview

  • Quiz

  • 3m 36s

    Electronic Theory of Valency

  • 4m 03s

    Kossel Lewis Theory - Postulates

  • 3m 14s

    Lewis Symbols

  • 3m 18s

    Nature of Chemical Bond - Electronegativity Difference

  • Quiz

  • 9m 15s

    How to Write Lewis Structures Preview

  • 2m 24s

    Lewis Structures CO2, NO2

  • Quiz

  • 4m 17s

    Formal Charge Preview

  • Quiz

  • 2m 20s

    Multiple Covalent Bonds – Double, Triple Bonds

  • 1m 40s

    Incomplete Octet – BeH2, BeCl2, BF3

  • 1m 54s

    BF3 - Incomplete Octet

  • 4m 44s

    Expanded Octet Molecules - Odd Electron Molecules

  • Quiz

  • 2m 42s

    Ionic Bond Definition

  • 5m 28s

    Formation of Sodium Chloride

  • 3m 28s

    Formation of Cation – Ionic Bond Factor

  • 3m 28s

    Factors Favoring Ionic Bond – Atomic Size - Noble

  • 3m 57s

    Electron Affinity - Charge on Anion – ionic Bond Influence

  • 2m 43s

    Polarisability – Covalent Nature of Ionic Bond

  • 4m 25s

    Fanjan's Rules

  • 1m 42s

    Ionic Bond - Covalent Nature

  • 4m 00s

    Energy Changes in Ionic Bond - Lattice Energy

  • 2m 09s

    Lattice Energy Equation or Born Land Equation

  • 4m 20s

    Lattice Energy - Atomic Size Influence

  • 2m 23s

    Lattice Energy – Magnitude of Charge

  • Quiz

  • 4m 32s

    Covalent Bond - Definition and Examples

  • Quiz

  • 5m 38s

    VSEPR Theory & Postulates

  • 3m 26s

    Predicting Molecular Geometry - VSEPR Theory

  • 3m 25s

    AB2, AB3 Molecules - VSEPRT Theory

  • 5m 01s

    AB4,AB5,AB6 Molecules - VSEPRT Theory

  • 6m 37s

    VSEPR Theory - Effect of Lone Electron Pair

  • Quiz

  • 5m 15s

    Valance Bond Thoery

  • 3m 31s

    Potential Energy Graph - H2 Molecule

  • Quiz

  • 3m 24s

    Hybridization in Ethene

  • 2m 55s

    Hybridization in Ethyne

  • Quiz


Welcome to the chapter "Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure". This chapter covers Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure.  the tutor starts with introduction to Chemical bonding and its definition. the tutor then takes you through Lewis Representation, Covalent bond and other important topics. This chapter covers the entire syllabus as prescribed by the NCERT Board. 

The topics covered in this chapter include  

  • Chemical Bonding - Introduction
  • Kossel Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding
  • Lewis Representation of Simple Molecules
  • Formal Charge
  • Limitations of the Octet Rule
  • Ionic or Electrovalent Bond
  • Covalent Bond
  • VSEPR Theory
  • Hybridization

The videos included in this chapter contain lots of animations, illustrations, pictures, analogies etc., which explains the basic concepts as well as complex topics of Chemistry in a lucid manner.

The quizzes tests included in this Chapter are a blend of Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ), designed exclusively for NEET aspirants. The main objective of the videos and incorporated MCQs is to facilitate students to crack NEET Exam with 100% success rate.

About Tutor

  • Tests Packages: 39
  • Students: 1797

Mr. Desam Sudhakar has been teaching Chemistry for the Students of 10+2 level and acted as coach for IIT & and Medical aspirants for the past 15 years and guided them to achieve their goals. Mr. Sudhakar is post graduate in chemistry with distinction and later on completed Post graduated in Environmental Management from University of Hyderabad.

Sudhakar's passion for teaching Chemistry and over 10 years of research on various Teaching Methodologies led him to develop this course. Sudhakar has referred several books to prepare just the right content. He has worked incessantly to find the right images and examples for the animation rendering his own voice for the videos.

The videos cover all sub-topics of Chemistry viz.. Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The best part of his effort is that he has created video content covering every aspect from basics to advanced level. All the videos have illustrations provided in animation form. Sudhakar has used real life examples to make the learning process easy.

The main objective of this effort is to provide top quality videos with day to day life examples so that anyone can learn Chemistry easily. Sudhakar strongly believes that his courses would have a huge impact on learning process of students while it can also aid the teachers in enhancing their teaching methodologies.

Sudhakar's passion has driven him to write articles. His following articles were published.

Environmental Public Hearing a Remedial approach Technical Paper at National Workshop.
Healing Touch to Endangered species – Great Indian Bustard - Published in TIGER PAPER, FAO, UNDP, United Nations.

Acheivements By Mr. Sudhakar Reddy

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