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NEET Preparation for Excellence - Fulfill your dream to become a Doctor

Focus on all subjects- All the three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology are equally important. Lots of students are usually under the notion that doing well in chemistry and biology is sufficient and that they can neglect physics which might cost them.

Adapt Time Management during Mock Tests - For a three-hour paper with three subjects, generally students tend to give one hour to each subject. But,it is advisable to give 40-45 minutes to the section that you feel most confident about and then move to second subject and then to the third one consecutively. In the remaining time, unsolved questioned can be reviewed. This would help in increasing the attempting rate.

Simultaneous preparation for Boards and NEET - Majority of the topics of NEET are also covered in the board exams. Hence it is recommended that one must prepare for both the exams simultaneously.

Every entrance exam is designed with a particular goal. The syllabi may look similar but the pattern and level of questions differ in some way or the other. So, students cannot afford to give less attention to any one of them. Adequate focused attention must be given while preparing for NEET.

Do's & Don'ts while writing exam

  • Attempt easy questions first. Choose sections that have less risk and more gain.
  • Double check before marking your answer.
  • Read the entire question paper carefully in the first 5-10 minutes.
  • Practice NEET online mock tests in case you have registered to attempt the exam in online mode.
  • Don't start from questions you don't know.
  • Don't get upset if any section is tough. You can score in other sections.
  • Don't do guess work if you have no idea about the concept involved in a question.
  • Don't be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts. Put your best analytical mind to work which will take you ahead.