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How to crack IIT with 5 Essential Tricks & 10 Clever Tips
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How to crack IIT with 5 Essential Tricks & 10 Clever Tips

Every year around 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main assessment. Out of which approximately 2 lakh aspirants are selected to appear for JEE Advanced. The hard truth is there are only 11,000 seats approximately in 23 IITs which are filled through JEE Advanced. IIT JEE is a tough nut to crack. The acceptance rate at the IITs is less than 1%, a proven fact of how challenging the entrance is. As IIT JEE is invariably unconventional, the exam is intrinsically designed to test analytical skills and conceptual abilities to the brink, along with absolute comprehension of subjects, concepts, calculations and attentiveness towards it. The need is to realise that any subject can be engaging provided basics are understood the right way. For an instance, a mathematical problem should always have a plan to begin with. Dividing it into sub-problems, using relevant analogy, comparing it with similar examples, trying to find a pattern in a problem are some methods to simplify it. Instead of just dragging themselves through chapters, an aspirant should understand the value of ‘why’ and ‘how. As the saying goes understanding a problem is half of the solution, getting to know the whys and hows will make problems not only easier but way more interesting too for a long term perspective.

Now the million dollar question remains ‘How to crack IIT JEE Advanced if I start my preparation now? To crack IIT JEE which obviously requires the students to have strong academic bent but also demands other critical skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence. IIT JEE is an exam that can be cracked with a right plan and strategic implementation. Here we enlist an in depth guideline on how to prepare for IIT JEE in form of 5 well-reasoned essential tricks.

  • Knowing is empowering.
    The very first IIT preparation tip is to have a comprehensive understanding of exam pattern and syllabus of JEE. The JEE Advanced is structured differently than the main exam. The advanced exam covers the same three topics which are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Unlike the main exam, the advanced exam is divided into two 3-hour long papers, each paper is then sub divided into three sections on Physics, Chemistry & Biology respectively. The papers are organized as follows
      - Paper One: Each section contains 10 multiple choice questions with one correct answer, five multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and five questions that require the test taker to provide a single-digit answer.
      - Paper Two: Each section contains eight multiple choice questions with one correct answer, eight questions that require responding to a reading passage, and several matching list type questions.
    Apart from syllabus, one have to scrutiny the JEE exam pattern too intently. Knowing the exam pattern will answer queries like what kind of questions will be asked, how many sections the question paper will have, the duration and mode of exam, marking schemes and much more. It's wiser to prepare a study plan accordingly to reap maximum benefits out of it. Divide your time equally between all the three subjects. You can segregate the topics or units that need to be given more focus in comparison to others according to individual comprehension level. It is highly imperative to allot specific time for revision works. At the end remember to follow the schedule which you have prepared painstakingly with a larger objective.
  • Practice makes a man perfect.
    Revise wisely and diligently. Students generally revise either too much or they don't revise at all. Once you are through with a chapter, revise it but try not to overspend more than 2-3 hours on the revision. Always amplify your revisions by solving practice questions on the topic from reference books as well as test series. This will help you in having a deeper understanding of the concepts that you have just studied. It is equally crucial to practice IIT previous year question papers and focus to solve it chapter-wise to have wholesome approach. While solving, try to observe how the same concepts are asked in different ways.
  • Be Proactive
    There is one thing to prepare and another thing to prepare when it is how to get into IIT. Start as early as possible. Especially if you aim to crack JEE Advanced, it's a serious business. When it comes to preparing for the JEE, the earlier you start, the better it is. A favourable score on JEE will make it easier to get into the engineering program of your choice, which itself will have a significant impact on your professional future. For this reasons, some people choose to start their preparation even few years before they will actually appear for JEE. But this probably isn't necessary if you've been diligent and intensely attentive to your formal study, you might have to begin at the least few months before your test date.
  • Books are your Best Friend
    Once you are thorough with NCERT books, choose reference books judiciously. These books should cover topics from basic to advanced level with application-based questions. Reference books will help you immensely in building required knowledge as these are specifically designed for JEE preparation by the top experts in the market. We have assorted information on some recommended reference books for JEE preparation. Choose books that are officially certified by JEE administering agencies and contain practice tests, questions from old tests and so on.
  • The Real Deal
    One of the most effective way to prepare for IIT JEE is mock tests. These tests mirror the actual JEE in terms of structure, format & content and can be accessed conveniently online. Attempting these mock tests gives you the valuable experience on how JEE assessment truly is and in the process helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses before the original exam. Our high quality IIT- JEE modules strive to provide relevant topic-wise questions and solutions. It also sets pre-planned time limits for completion to help you pace up. Thus practising mocks will aid in developing time management skills. These modules are significantly created to achieve certain objectives such as solving a variety of difficult questions, judging your performance on difficult questions and matching your level with that of other competitors. Click here

Without a doubt like with any reputed academic test, thorough preparation is key to earn a top score on the IIT JEE. With extensive research, we ultimately assemble below 10 final clever holistic tips to make your preparation much efficient and performance centric:

  • Previous years suggests an abundance of numerical problems. Drill yourself with regular numerical problem practice sessions. By the time you attempt actual exam, you should develop a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it. Solve at least 40-80 numerical problems daily. Set time limits for questions to improve on speed.
  • Practice logical thinking. Build solutions step-by-step with analytical thinking. Discard stray thoughts if any.
  • Develop a strategy to prioritize topic according to individual comprehension level.
  • Chemistry appears to be boring to some people, but it gives you more marks in less time. Try to read NCERT books especially in Chemistry.
  • Never forget to analyze mistakes made. Clear doubts in respective topics always to stay up to date.
  • Draw a lot of free body diagrams.
  • Make separate notebooks for remembering formulas in each of the three subjects, which will pay you in long run.
  • You have to put in your best physical and mental efforts in order to achieve your target and thus having a proper eating habit and sleeping schedule is must.
  • A peer group matching and complementing your goals is the best company you could keep during IIT JEE Preparation. Choose your friends wisely so that they are your strengths and motivate you towards mutually rewarding experience.
  • Also keep your parents aware of your issues/problems definitely as they are your biggest well wishers and support system.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that any student with an aptitude for science or penchant for mathematics, had at some point of time in their life dreamt of unlocking the doorway to the dream institution called IIT. The big Indian IIT dream is sold by coaching institutes in Kota or all over India like hot cakes is the proof to this fact. We all know to ensure a promising future which the brand IIT depicts, parents go many lengths to send their kids to IITs. Always study everything with a deeper interest to achieve your desired goal. Only a concentrated, industrious & planned study plan and sticking to it precisely will yield top ranks. Above all, believe in yourself and the hard work you are putting into your preparation. It will surely pay off.

Chaitali B is a Content Editor & Strategist, Web Columnist and top Blogger who worked with leading media agencies. Her works are published in varied publications like TOI, Indian Express, Huffingtonpost India, Soulspot, Indiblogger, Narrow Road journal and is part of two international multilingual anthology of poems. She occasionally conducts creative writing workshops and does poetry reading for the community kids.


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