How to prepare for GATE in last 2-3 months effectively ?
By: Chaitali Bose Bhattacharjee Content Editor & Strategist
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How to prepare for GATE in last 2-3 months effectively ?

GATE embodies an ocean of opportunities and is considered to be one of the most sought-after exams by the engineering graduates. This year IIT-Madras will conduct the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) on 2nd & 3rd February and 9th & 10th February 2019. Conducted in over 23 branches with mainstreams like EEE, ME, CSE, IN, Civil, ECE, CHEM, the exam oversees a participation of approximately 5-7 lakh aspirants. GATE primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science.

To say it is easy or tough is misleading, rather it is trickiest like most competitive exams in India. The three-hour GATE paper has a total of 65 questions, out of which 30 questions are of one mark and 35 questions are of two marks. The two-mark questions further include two pairs of common data questions and two pairs of linked answer questions. The biggest truth about GATE lies in the simple fact that if you have sound conceptual understanding or accuracy coupled with speed, you have the surest key to success. Covering the entire GATE syllabus in last month preparation of GATE or limited time of 2-3 months might seem to be a mammoth task, however if one follows a right strategy and smart preparation, cracking the tough nut is a real possibility.

As the days are closing by, the anxious aspirants might face several questions playing in their mind regarding their last month strategy for GATE like:
- What strategy to follow?
- How to make the GATE Preparation time-table?
- Which notes to refer? and many more...
Given below are ten absolutely determining tips which will drive your exam blues away and help you in a rigorous yet strategic preparation for GATE 2019 with only single focus and that is to ace GATE. Ultimately the aim is to have balance between speed & accuracy. If you can achieve that, no one can stop you.

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  1. Knowing your Syllabus well: First and foremost, study the GATE syllabus with great attention. Make sure you are well-versed with the syllabus and exam pattern of the entrance exam.
    When you have only few months to go for, then it becomes important to do quicker and clever preparation. In order to make your study plan for GATE effective one should segregate the most important topics from the least important ones by careful analysis of previous years papers which are readily available online. Accordingly invest your efforts more towards important topics.
  2. NOTES Funda: Now is the time to dig into the world of NOTES. Your short notes are the reflection of your year long preparation. Thorough reading of the colour marked important concepts and formulas is more advisable than standard books, which will appear as a daunting task to any average aspirant by the sheer coverage of topics. The notes should essentially contain the concepts, the formulas (if any), and the key points on each topic. The notes should be crisp and short so that one can go through them easily while revising the subject saving time.
  3. Revision is the key: The very fact that 40% of questions are repeated makes revision of past 10 years of question papers all the more crucial. Considering the limited time you have, revising and attempting papers is the smarter way of favouring the situation to your benefit. Don't lose your spirit or get disappointed if your marks vary in each paper, just reattempt and find out the solutions and learn the steps. Application of concepts should be the objective while doing revisions.
  4. Join a Test Series: Practice makes a man perfect. At this point, self assessment will provide you a true evaluation of where you stand. Joining and practicing a robust GATE Online Test Series will offer you an appropriate feedback on your strength and weakness areas. You should spend a plenty of time in practicing important questions available in the form of Question Banks. Question Banks can be availed from various Online Test Series.
  5. Attempt MOCK Tests: Mock tests concentrates on improving speed and accuracy. You should try to attempt at least 15-20 previous years GATE Online Mock Tests in the month of Dec and Jan as it will help in assessing your performance against some of the best minds in the country preparing for GATE like you. More so identifying your weak and strong areas will direct you to focus on weak points and work on them. Mock tests must be attempted in solitude simulating the real exam atmosphere. You should not exceed required time per question because remaining struck at a single question for too long might cost you heavily. Learning how to reduce silly mistakes, how to attempt more questions with accuracy, how to tackle the time constraint etc should be the prerogative while performing mock tests. If you improve on these pointers, your mock test scores will shoot up favourably.
  6. Sign up for a Crash Course: How to prepare for GATE in short time? So you have two months in your hand and there lies a humongous course staring at you mercilessly, what do you do now? An intensive, time-efficient crash course can make your preparation productive through which you can revise the relevant syllabus and missed concepts easily. If you have been in preparation mode, doing a crash course can become a turning point in your GATE score now. An Online Crash course is tailor made robust methodology which will give the opportunity to learn from experts and thus help in getting the best out of your limited time and resources.
  7. Focus on Mathematics & Aptitude: Many a time aspirants neglect these two core areas relying more on technical subjects only. But if your aim is to grab good score then it's time you put some extra effort on your problem solving skills too, which ensures good ranking in GATE.
  8. Know your game well: Knowing the exam pattern to understand the marking scheme, type of questions asked, mode of examination, medium of paper, etc will help you plan your exam day well so that you can make the best out of those three hours.
  9. Stay motivated and determined: Just having a plan does not help. In GATE you need to have a dedication that is stable throughout the preparation period. You might feel lazy, exhausted and tired, take short breaks and come back to your preparation again with renewed vigour. Try avoiding social media and other distractions until your exams.
  10. Health is Wealth: Keeping your mind relaxed, taking care of your health, eating properly and maintaining an appropriate sleep regime is a must before the exam. Don't neglect your health at any cost as falling sick may disrupt your hard work unnecessarily. You must have at least six hours of sound sleep at night. This aids you in recollecting things during exam hours readily. Playing some sport occasionally or listening to soft music is recommended if you are feeling stressed after long hours of studies.

Finally few last minute mantras and Strategy for GATE to make your GATE preparation all the more fruitful and ace it:

  • Dedicate more time to the important topics and the topics you feel you are weak in.
  • The candidates are advised not to read any new topic during the last days.
  • Revisions and practising more and more must be your only way to prepare for these last 2-3 months, when time is limited.
  • Organise your schedule with a good time-table. Since there's only few months left you should spend most of the day studying with a singular focus as GATE 2019 your target. It's time to pull up your socks and go for the best.
  • Lastly, be ready with your examination admit card and know the location of your center very well before the exam day.

As Swami Vivekananda said,
"Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached."
Keep a schedule, have calm and march on these footsteps. No matter how big your dream or obstacles are, you have the power to change or write your own success story. We sincerely hope and aim that our GATE Online Courses as a competitive resource empowers you not only to aspire but to ace your GATE dream definitely. Wishing luck and we can't wait to see you soaring high in your aspiration trail.

Chaitali B is a Content Editor & Strategist, Web Columnist and top Blogger who worked with leading media agencies. Her works are published in varied publications like TOI, Indian Express, Huffingtonpost India, Soulspot, Indiblogger, Narrow Road journal and is part of two international multilingual anthology of poems. She occasionally conducts creative writing workshops and does poetry reading for the community kids.


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