How To Prepare For NEET
By: Chaitali Bose Bhattacharjee Content Editor & Strategist
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How To Prepare For NEET

Last year over 11.5 lakh students battled for seats in 60,000 government colleges in India demonstrating the very fact that NEET is a highly competitive exam. Every year NEET is scheduled for 1st week of May through offline mode. Since it opens doors to top prestigious medical colleges across the country, a well-structured study plan is consequential. Moreover, the vast syllabus and complex question models can be sometime daunting to students. But as the saying goes by Nelson Mandela, "It always seems impossible until it's done." This is the time to pull up your socks and get control of your actions to make your dream come true of getting admission into one of the desired medical colleges of India. This indeed can be accomplished if you follow a robust preparation strategy with complete focus.

While burning the midnight oil to get through NEET, there are so many questions or doubts a candidate might face at this point of time like,

How Do I Start Preparing For NEET?

How can I get 600+ in NEET?(the magic figure)

How can I Increase my Physics score in NEET?

How should I prepare for NEET Chemistry?

Which chapters are important in Biology for NEET?

Through this post we will attempt to quench all your significant queries in an in-depth manner and shed lights on most crucial aspects on cracking NEET be it NEET online preparation or studying on your own.

● NCERT is the KING

When it is NEET, having a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus is a must. The syllabus of NEET consists of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and is based on the NCERT curriculum with an almost equal distribution of questions from Class XI and XII. The vast syllabus of NEET demands sharp attention to all the lines in the book. Make your own notes while reading so that you utilise them later for revision purposes. On deeper scrutiny it was found that more than 50% of the questions students felt were outside NCERT actually came from NCERT syllabus only, but students had not paid enough appropriate attention to those sections. Students should divide the topics according to their personal difficulty level and work on them respectively to build a strong conceptual base.

● Regular Study with a Realistic Timetable

Giving immense prominence to the importance of regular studies, one of the top rank holder of NEET last year said, "I believe that regular study is the major reason behind cracking the exam and I used to study for at least six hours a day. Moreover, preparation of notes and revision helped me a lot during the preparation phase."

As you have to finish two years of class XI and XII syllabus, having a well-structured timetable will help you to organize the NEET preparation in an efficient manner. You can make a weekly schedule to determine study goals are being achieved or not. Also, while studying prioritise your subjects according to their weightage and the time required for preparation. Follow your timetable religiously. But be open towards modifying it too when needed. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily works or assignments purposefully.

● Smart Practice

Practising last year questions which are available through NEET online courses diligently will keep you updated with the latest trends in the entrance examination. Enroll yourself to a quality NEET online test series so that you have an ample exposure to real time duration tests. Once your theoretical concepts are clear, you must practice as much questions as possible from each of the chapters through previous year sample papers. Give one hour daily especially for previous year papers.

NEET online mock tests helps you to get familiarize with the actual test as well as trains the brain to concentrate for a longer duration of time and thus improve time management skills. Focus on answering as accurately as you can. It isn't important to attempt every question, but ensure that you don't lose marks on incorrect answers as NEET carries negative marking. A mock test a week will help you assess your overall performance and know your weak areas too. After each test, spend time analysing your mistakes and revising weak concepts accordingly. Identifying your weakness is only the first part of your battle though, you need to devise plans to eliminate these weak areas and refine your strengths too. The points to be considered here is even if your answer was correct, did you use the fastest approach to solve it? For incorrect answers, find out if it was a silly error or a fault in your conceptual understanding.

● Revision is the Key to Success

The nature of NEET questions demand clarity on concepts. Revising on a regular basis even if you have mastered a particular topic, concept, chapter or subject will make or break your NEET deal. Solve maximum amount of questions from a subject in a time-bound daily basis. Remember, all your hard work may get wasted if you do not revise what you have studied. For this you can make notes of the important formulas, highlight the important questions, prepare short notes on important concepts to revert back easily in dearth of enough time during last minute preparations.

● Stay Focused and Fit

We being human not machines require some rest to work efficiently. Taking short periods of break to avoid mental fatigue is essential which helps in rejuvenating your spirits after long hours of study as well as retaining more information by positively affecting your attention abilities. This break can be in the form of a 10-minute walk, listening to your favourite music or doing something which makes you happy and relaxed.

It is important for candidates to lay a solid groundwork for achieving their goal. In order to ensure success in cracking NEET right way, a combination of hard and smart work is the key. Channelize your energy constructively towards preparing for the exam with composed mind. We hope following these tips will aid you adequately to make the best out of your time and unleashing your potential to the truest. The effective strategy on NEET preparation doesn't end here as there are few critical factors and informations you need to be aware of in terms of detailed subject wise tips on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Stay tuned for this space, which we will cover next blog. To know How to Prepare for NEET  Subject Wise, Click on the Link

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