Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Last updated on Feb14, 2020.

AspireBuzz is a technology platform that enables anyone anywhere to create and share educational courses. Several Tutors host many courses on our online marketplace. We are legally bound to not not review or edit the courses. We are not in the position to determine the copyright infringement of any course content. However, we respect the intellectual property of others. When Tutors post courses on AspireBuzz, they make the promise that they have the necessary authorization or rights to use all the content posted in their courses.

We will work within our capacity to eliminate any infringing activity on or through our platform.

This policy document enlists what we do in the event when a content owner or a trademark owner claims an infringement with respect to courses on the AspireBuzz platform. The policy also addresses what we do when an AspireBuzz tutor's content is copied to a third-party platform without their consent.

Third-Party Copyright Infringement Reports

AspireBuzz's policy is to remove any courses from our service when they are reported as infringing in a copyright infringement notice received from the owner of the original content. It is also our policy to remove all courses from any Tutor who is determined to be a repeat infringer. We reserve the right to terminate a Tutor's account anytime, including when they post content in violation of the copyrights of others.

Filing a Report

If you are the owner or the designated agent of an owner and would like to report a course on the AspireBuzz rights to the content that you believe the course is infringing, the most efficient way is to use this form.

Remember the following important things before you submit a claim:

1. You must be the owner or its designated agent of the copyright to submit the claim We want to make sure that the Tutor who published the course you are reporting on has not received proper permission from the owner to use the content you are have the copyright. You will have to provide electronic signature for confirmation that you are the copyright owner or have authority to represent the copyright owner (including if the copyright owner is an organization).

2. You must substantiate sufficiently that you the Tutor of the course has in fact infringed for us to be able to address it. Which means:

1. You must provide a means for us to contact you contact you by giving us the following details

1. Your full legal name,
2. An email address,
3. Physical address
4. Telephone number

2. If you are filing a report on behalf of an organization, you must provide the name of the organization and your relationship or designation within the organization.

3. You will need to identify the original copyrighted material or multiple material if you claim so by providing information to the URL where the original material is located

4. We will need the exact URL of the content along with the exact name of the course(s) that you claim to have infringed the copyright on AspireBuzz site

3. You can be held liable and legal action can be taken against you if you submit a false or misleading claim of infringement and will have to pay for damages as a result. AspireBuzz reserves all the right to seek damages from anyone who submits a notification of claimed infringement in violation of the law.

4. There are some types of content that are not protected by copyright. Copyright law doesn't cover short phrases (such business names, book titles, and slogans), intangible concepts (e.g. ideas, recipes, or facts). Make sure that the content is actually copyright protected before you submit the claim.


We will send a copy of your report to the Tutor who posted the course course along with a notification that

  • The course was reported for copyright infringement and
  • we are removing the course from the AspireBuzz service.

If your course has been wrongly removed as an AspireBuzz service due to copyright infringement claim or you have the permission from the owner of the reported content to use such content in your course, then you may send us a counter-claim.

The best way to provide us with a counter-claim is to fill in the form we provided you and send it back to the AspireBuzz designated agent.

Knowingly submitting a false or misleading counter-claim will have legal implications and held liable for damages. AspireBuzz reserves the right to seek damages from any party that submits a counter-claim of claimed infringement or counter notification in violation of the law.

Reports from Tutors of Infringing Content on Other Platforms

We understand that when you post and make available your courses on the AspireBuzz marketplace, you want to make sure that you will not find your courses offered on another platform without your permission. To help combat copyright infringement and piracy affecting courses of our Tutors, we partnered with Link-Busters, an anti-piracy vendor, to seek out and find instances of infringement and to have any infringing content removed from third-party platforms.

In the event you find your course available on another platform without your permission, please fill out the form here. Link-Busters will file copyright infringement reports and exercise legal actions to have the infringing content removed as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that since AspireBuzz and Link-Busters don't control the content on other sites, we may not always be successful, especially if your content is on a site outside of the US or EU. Certain countries take different approaches to copyright law; as such, we cannot guarantee the infringing party or hosting site will comply with our notices and remove the infringing content from their platform.

Third-Party Trademark Infringement Reports

AspireBuzz's policy is to remove courses from our service when they are reported as infringing a third-party trademark. We also reserve the right to terminate an Tutor's account at any time, including when they post content in violation of the trademark rights of others.

How to Submit a Trademark Infringement Report

For any trademark infringement you will need to send a notice to the Designated Agent with the following information. We will send the copy of your to the party who posted the content you are reporting on. Before you submit a trademark infringement report, please remember these important things:

1. Your trademark claim has to be sufficiently substantiated for us be able to address it. This means your communication must include substantially the following:

  • Your complete contact information (full name, mailing address, and email or phone number).
  • The specific word, symbol, etc. for which you claim trademark rights.
  • A proof for your claim of trademark rights such as registration of your trademark.
  • The jurisdiction in which wish to claim your trademark rights.
  • Enough information for us to identify the course or material on AspireBuzz that violated your trademark rights
  • Sufficient information of how you believe this content infringes your trademark.
  • Your electronic signature along with your relationship to the trademark owner if you are not the owner

As a tutor you can always file a counter-claim

How to reach AspireBuzz's designated agent