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Pocket Application Database - Oracle application DBA

Learn the basics of Oracle application DBA and also prepare for interviews related to DBA

Enrolled : 20
lectures : 81

What will I learn from this course?

  • Basics of Oracle ERP

  • Architecture

  • Course is designed to prepare you for attending interviews

  • Understanding of latest features

  • Learn how to present it


  • Students should have basic knowledge of Apps DBA and DBA

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who want to upgrade their skills

  • Students who are applying jobs as Apps DBA


The Course contains the summary of Oracle Application DBA. This course is helpful for professionals who want to revise old lessons which they have learned in the past. Moreover, it is also helpful from students who want to keep themselves updated with the subject. Furthur more, it is helpful for students before attending interviews related to Apps DBA.

Course includes video lectures and  document lectures The idea about this course is to help anyone attending interview for DBA and cracking it and confidently

The course cover simple activities that a DBA performs on a daily basis actions like

  • PAD
  • Basics of ERP
  • Architecture
  • File System basics
  • AD Utils
  • Patching
  • Cloning
  • R12
  • Reference material
  • Interview questions

Please do not take this course if you do not have the knowledge of Oracle Application DBA

Course Curriculum

  • Whole Summary Content of (PAD)
  • ERP
  • ERP Recording 1m 26s Preview
  • Architecture-1
  • Architecture-Recording 1m 12s Preview
  • Web Server-2 Preview
  • Forms Server-3 Preview
  • Reports Server-4 Preview
  • Admin Server-5 Preview
  • Concurrent Server-6 Preview
  • Start and Stop Services-7 Preview
  • 2-7-Web server- Start and Stop Recordings 7m 32s Preview
  • 1 APPL_TOP
  • 4 8.0.6 Oracle Home
  • 5 database tier
  • Whole File System with Topics Recordings 11m 12s Preview
  • 1 adadmin
  • 2 adctrl
  • 3 adident
  • 1-3-Adadmin -adident Recordings 10m 57s Preview
  • 4 autoconfig Preview
  • 4-autoconfig-Recording 3m 10s Preview
  • 1 Patch
  • 2 patch working
  • 1-2 Ptach and Patch working Recording 4m 44s Preview
  • 3 adpatch options Preview
  • 4 patch driver Preview
  • 3-4-adapatch and patch driver Recordings 3m 50s Preview
  • 5 Apply the patch Preview
  • 6 errors in patch Preview
  • 7 Merge patch Preview
  • 5-7 Apply the patch-erge patch 6m 29s Preview
  • Basic of clonning 1m 49s Preview
  • 1 NSAIL CLONNING Preview
  • 1 Nsail Cloning-Recording 11m 31s Preview
  • 3 issues cloning Preview
  • 3 issues cloning-Recording 4m 17s Preview
  • 4 rac to non rac Preview
  • 5 rac to rac Preview
  • 2,4 and 5-PATEL ROADWAYS to Rac and Non Rac-Recording 4m 40s Preview
  • FNDCPASS 1m 48s Preview
  • 1)R12
  • 2 File system,
  • 3 OPMN
  • 4 Advantages
  • R12-Recording 6m 33s Preview
  • Concurrent manager and Basic-1
  • Basic-1-Recording 2m 19s Preview
  • 2 define Concurrent manager Preview
  • 3 flow of Concurrent request Preview
  • 4 manage Concurrent Manager Preview
  • 5 phases and stages of Concurrent manager Preview
  • 2-5 Define Concurrent to Phases and stages-Recording 7m 39s Preview
  • 6-Issues Preview
  • 7-tuning for Concurrent manager Preview
  • 9-important queries Preview
  • 6-9Issues,tuning and quires-Recording 9m 27s Preview
  • Printer Preview
  • Printer-Recording 1m 54s Preview
  • 2 define responsibility Preview
  • 1-2 Define a user and User Responsibilities-Recordings 1m 44s Preview
  • 3 Datagroup Preview
  • 4 request group Preview
  • 5 menu Preview
  • 3-5 Data group,Request group and menu-Recordings 1m 45s Preview
  • 1-adlicmgr 1h 10m 39s Preview
  • 2-individually 21m 48s Preview
  • 3-scripts 2h 05m 42s Preview
  • 4-startservices 15m 32s Preview
  • Interview Questions-Recording 8m 02s Preview
  • 1-Application Questions Preview
  • 2-DB Questions Preview
  • 3-Oracle and Velocity Preview
  • 4-Questionnaire Apps DBA Preview
  • 5-Questionnaire CSI Apps DBA Preview
  • 1-5 Application questions to Apps DBA-Recordings 3m 02s Preview

About Tutor

Tutor: Arijit
Course: 3
Students: 30

Hi All, I provide training for Oracle Apps DBA and DBA. Also, I have updated the training contents for ITIL certification.Moreover, if anyone needs real time scripts which are used for monitoring databases or any document please feel free to contact me. Furthermore, demo interviews are also arranged so that the candidate feels comfortable before attending interviews.

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