Promotions Policy

Promotions Policy

This Promotions Policy was last updated on Feb 14, 2020.

This Promotions Policy ("Policy") includes information about methods that AspireBuzz Tutors can use to promote their courses. The policy covers Tutor generated coupons, referral links to tutor course and AspireBuzz's optional marketing programs. This Policy is created with reference into our General Terms and Tutor Terms. Any terms that aren't defined in this Policy are defined as indicated in the General Terms or Tutor Terms.

1. Tutor Coupons & Course Referral Links

As a Tutor, you can promote your course to increase your sales through a course referral link or coupon code. You may generate discount coupon code and share the coupon with your students. You many not give 100% discount.

If a student uses a foreign currency, the actual discount may be slightly higher due to rounding & currency conversion. If a student uses your discount coupon during a foreign currency transaction, a proportional will be applied in the student's applicable currency.

Where a student applies your coupon code or course referral link at checkout, your revenue share will be 95% of the Net Amount less any applicable deductions, such as student refunds.

Alternatively, you may sell your course outside AspireBuzz platform and give access to your students on your Tutor Dashboard by paying 5% of the Actual price of your course that you wish to give access. No discounts will apply when using this facility.

2. Promotional Programs

2.1 How the Promotional Programs Work

AspireBuzz offers a few optional marketing programs ("Promotional Programs"), which you can opt into through the Promotions Agreement page of your Tutor dashboard. The programs that we offer may change from time to time. In connection with the Promotions Programs, your courses may also be priced higher at AspireBuzz's discretion.

AspireBuzz may not make all discounts available in all geographic territories or may not apply the discount to all courses. AspireBuzz at its own discretion determine to which courses to offer as part of the Promotion Programs and to set or update the discount price.

Note that the actual discount/offer price may end up being slightly higher as a result of rounding and currency conversion. We do not guarantee any minimum level of success in relation to our Promotion Programs.

2.2 AspireBuzz Deals Program

By allowing AspireBuzz to offer your course at a compelling discount price as part of AspireBuzz Deals program, you increase your potential to earn more revenue. You may choose to participate in either or both variants of the following Deals Program:

  • "Percentage Discount" will allow AspireBuzz to offer your course at discount of up to 75% of the Actual price.
  • "Fixed-Price Discount" allows AspireBuzz to offer your course at a discounted price. Fixed-Price Promotions may represent a discount of over 75% depending on the Actual Price.

The offers extended as part of the Deals Program may be promoted through AspireBuzz Services, or via our communications to users, or on some of our partner third-party platforms. The duration of the discounts may vary.

By agreeing to be a part of the Deals Program, you agree that the revenue share will be 50% of the Net Amount of the sale minus any applicable deductions, such as refunds.

2.3 AspireBuzz Marketing Boost Program

AspireBuzz networks with affiliate sites and with third-party deal sites. We also have a team that is dedicated to performing paid digital advertisements. AspireBuzz leverages these third-party sites and other advertising platforms to promote your courses to new students at no up-front cost to you.

By agreeing to be a part of the Marketing Boost Program, you authorize AspireBuzz to promote your course by employing affiliate sites, third-party deal sites, and paid advertising on third-party platforms (together, "Advertising"). While calculating your revenue, AspireBuzz may deduct fees associated with this Advertising from the Gross Amount before arriving at the Net Amount of the sale.

By participating in the Marketing Boost Program, you agree that your revenue share will be 25% of the Net Amount of the sale minus any applicable deductions, such as student refunds.

2.5 Opting Out

You can at any time choose to opt out of the Promotional Programs. However, the courses that are already active in a sale, campaign or promotion, at the time you have opted out will continue to remain so for the duration of the sale, campaign or promotion.

3. Modifications

AspireBuzz at any time may update this policy to clarify our practices or to reflect new or different practices. We will notify you via email specified in your account or by posting notice through our services when we make any material change to the policy. Modifications will automatically become effective on the same day they are posted unless specified otherwise.

4. How to Contact Us

Please contact our Support Team for any questions in relation to this policy.