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AspireBuzz Stimulation Based Learning

Stimulation Based Learning focuses on concept reinforcement through subject and problem mapping.

Key aspect of problem solving lies in finding a connect with the right concept within the stipulated time frame. To achieve this level of articulation, your child needs to have a clutter free concept learning environment, which can be delivered through stimulation based learning.

The process of concept learning should have an application mode immediately to avoid clutter.Conventional learning involves learning heaps of concepts at a go and then solving problems separately, which creates clutter because your child would not find the concept connect to any problem. This needs to change.

With stimulation based learning, your child learns a concept, finds a problem case and then applies the concept to achieve solving it. This process cements the concept strongly.Couple this with the right guidance and your child will have all that is needed for him/her to succeed.

How is our process different from
conventional learning methods?

Stimulation based learning avoids such this clutter and helps the child learn with high degree of articulation, which boosts your childs confidence and instills an enduring learning practice.

Difference Between Stimulation Method & Traditional Learning Method

Stimulation Method
  • One concept at a time
  • Application case base study
  • Clutter free learning environment
  • Integration of disciplines
Traditional Method
  • Dump–100s of concepts at once
  • Separate practice method
  • Generates confusion and lowers confidence
  • Separation of disciplines
The process in detail

Combined with well-designed Questions/Tests by our experienced teaching partners, the student will be able to explore the concepts and apply them with ease. Each question on AspireBuzz will be associated with Three videos that would enable the student to understand the concept and then can apply it. This process helps in reinforcing the concept.The aspirant can view the video any number of times, grasp the concept and then try attempting the question. He/she can start with the hint to solve the problem If the aspirant cannot solve the problem even then, he can view the solution video. This procedure will stimulate the student to learn.

  • Step 1 : Concept Video

    Step 1 is the concept video where the tutor explains the concept the student needs to understand to solve the question

  • Step 2 : Hint Video

    Hint video is the hint video to help arrive at the solution understand to solve the question

  • Step 3 : Solution Video

    Solution video is the final video where the tutor will solve the problem explaining how the concept thought in Video 1 was applied


How it all fits together

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