CIVIL Engg.4th Yr I Sem.Advanced Foundation Engineering

Foundational Engineering of Civil Engineers Video Course By Kousik Deb (IIT Kharagpur)
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Thorough in Advanced Foundation Engineering


  • Soil Mechanics (Geotechnical Engineering I).Foundation Engg (Geotechnical Engineering II).

Who is the target audience?

  • All Streams of B.tech and B.E Students

Course Curriculum

Total: 40 lectures

  • 56m 10s

    Lec 1: Introduction of Advanced Foundation Engineering

  • 54m 7s

    Lec 2: Soil Exploration

  • 57m 47s

    Lec 3: Soil Exploration: Penetration Tests

  • 57m 3s

    Lec 4: Soil Exploration: Geophysical Exploration

  • 57m 8s

    Lec 5: Shallow Foundation Introduction

  • 56m 52s

    Lec 6: Shallow Foundation: Bearing Capacity-I

  • 55m 12s

    Lec 7: Shallow Foundation: Bearing Capacity-II

  • 55m 53s

    Lec 8: Shallow Foundation: Bearing Capacity-III

  • 53m 3s

    Lec 9:Shallow Foundation: Bearing Capacity-IV

  • 54m 7s

    Lec 10: Shallow Foundation: Bearing Capacity-V

  • 51m 59s

    Lec 11: Shallow Foundation: Settlement Calculation-I

  • 55m 4s

    Lec 12: Shallow Foundation: Settlement Calculation-II

  • 58m 2s

    Lec 13: Shallow Foundation: Settlement Calculation-III

  • 58m 6s

    Lec 14: Design of Shallow Foundation

  • 58m 34s

    Lec 15: Design of Raft Foundation

  • 55m 25s

    Lec 16: Deep Foundation Introduction

  • 52m 35s

    Lec 17: Pile Foundation-Load Carrying Capacity-I

  • 51m 18s

    Lec 18: Pile Foundation-Load Carrying Capacity-II

  • 59m 1s

    Lec 19: Pile Foundation-Load Carrying Capacity-III and Settlement Calculation

  • 58m 7s

    Lec 20: Design of Retaining Wall

  • 58m 25s

    Lec 21: Contd of Design of Retaining Wall

  • 55m 57s

    Lec 22: Design of Sheet Piles

  • 56m 2s

    Lec 23: Contd of Design of Sheet Piles

  • 55m 25s

    Lec 24: Contd of Design of Sheet Piles

  • 55m 37s

    Lec 25: Contd of Design of Sheet Piles

  • 56m 23s

    Lec 26: Reinforced Earth

  • 54m 40s

    Lec 27: Reinforced Retaining Wall

  • 52m 45s

    Lec 28: Sesimic Design of Retaining Wall

  • 53m 30s

    Lec 29: Sesimic Design of Retaining Wall

  • 54m 25s

    Lec 30: Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 58m 49s

    Lec 31: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 57m 10s

    Lec 32: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 52m 4s

    Lec 33: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 54m 40s

    Lec 34: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 53m 39s

    Lec 35: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 57m 6s

    Lec 36: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 58m 32s

    Lec 37: Contd Soil-Foundation Interaction

  • 53m 12s

    Lec 38: Tension and Lateral Loaded Piles

  • 53m 12s

    Lec 39: Tension and Lateral Loaded Piles

  • 53m 56s

    Lec 40: Contd of Well Foundation


As foundations have to be designed to simulate field conditions it is imperative that the consulting engineer must be conversant with all the theories that are available as also the available approaches. This volume strives to meet most of these requirements It also presents in detail authors own research work on laterally loaded pile foundations to solve many of the problems confronted in this field.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Kousik Deb (IIT Kharagpur)
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Kousik Deb, PhD,Associate ProfessorDepartment of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Soil-Structure Interaction,Ground Improvement,Geosynthetic-Reinforced Earth
Numerical Modeling,Soil Arching,Foundation on Soft Soil,Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Dynamic Response of Pavement,Lumped Parameter Modeling,Optimization in Geotechnical Engineering


Developed Instrumented Uniaxial Shake Table Testing Facility which can Simulate Real Time Earthquake through DST Funded Project (with Co-Investigator)
Developed Instrumented Model Testing Facility for Footing, Embankment over Improved or Unimproved Sand or Clay through DST Funded Project
Developed Instrumented Braced Excavation Testing Facility through DST Funded Project (with Co-Investigator)
Developed Instrumented Retaining Wall Testing Facility (up to 1.2 m height) under Various Mode of Rotation

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