The Nature of Creativity

Nature Video Course By Prof.Irving Singer(MIT)
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Nature Creativity


  • Beauty Of Nature

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  • Who are interest in Creativity

Course Curriculum

Total: 5 lectures

  • 2h 24m 43s

    Lec 1:The Nature of Creativity

  • 2h 1m 16s

    Lec 2: Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology

  • 2h 8m 14s

    Lec 3:Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science

  • 2h 10m 33s

    Lec 4:Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology....

  • 2h 24m 47s

    Lec 5:Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology...


This course is an introduction to problems about creativity as it pervades human experience and behavior. Questions about imagination and innovation are studied in relation to the history of philosophy as well as more recent work in philosophy, affective psychology, cognitive studies, and art theory. Readings and guidance are aligned with the student's focus of interest.

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  • Tutor: Prof.Irving Singer(MIT)
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Irving Singer was an American professor of philosophy who was on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 55 years and wrote over 20 books.

Irving Singer, a professor emeritus of philosophy at MIT
Singer retired from MIT in 2013, having served on the MIT faculty in the Department of Philosophy and Linguistics (and its forerunners) since 1958.
Singer enjoyed teaching immensely, appreciating it as integral to his process of developing ideas that would inform his writing projects.
Singer was awarded a Fulbright research scholar grant (1955-56, Paris), a Guggenheim fellowship (1965-66), and a Rockefeller Foundation grant (1970, London).
He was a fellow of Villa I Tatti, Harvard's center for Italian Renaissance studies in Florence, for two years, from 1965 to 1967. 


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