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Power Generation Video Course By Amy Banzaert (MIT)
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Appreciate sustainable energy projects


  • Anybody in Electrical engineering stream and wants to understand sustainable power projects

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody who wants to have a good knowledge on Sustainable energy projects

Course Curriculum

Total: 12 lectures

  • 1h 29m 22s

    Lec 1: Introduction to Energy

  • 10m 1s

    Lab 1: Human Power

  • 1h 38m 51s

    Lec 2: Energy Storage

  • 24m 23s

    Lab 2: Solar Power Measurement, Part I: Lecture

  • 9m 32s

    Lab 2: Solar Power Measurement, Part II: Activities

  • Lec 3 : Lighting; Trip Introduction

  • 39m 1s

    Lab 3: Biogas and Biodigesters, Part I

  • 12m 19s

    Lab 3: Biogas and Biodigesters, Part II

  • 20m 21s

    Lec 4: Solar Energy

  • 49m 20s

    Lab 4: Wiring Solar Panels, Part I

  • 8m 1s

    Lab 4: Wiring Solar Panels, Part II: Activities

  • 1h 15m 47s

    Lec 5. Wind and Micro-Hydro Power; Trip Planning


D-Lab: Energy offers a hands-on, project-based approach that engages students in understanding and addressing the applications of small-scale, sustainable energy technology in developing countries where compact, robust, low-cost systems for generating power are required. Projects may include micro-hydro, solar, or wind turbine generators along with theoretical analysis, design, prototype construction, evaluation and implementation. Students will have the opportunity both to travel to Nicaragua during spring break to identify and implement projects.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Amy Banzaert (MIT)
  • Tests Packages: 0
  • Students: 1

Amy Banzaert Lecturer in Engineering, Director of Engineering Studies
Researches engineering education and the development of consumer-oriented technologies that can benefit under-served populations worldwide.
Visiting Lecturer Amy Banzaert joins Wellesley in the Spring 2013 semester as the College’s first engineering faculty member,
she is also a member of the 2013 Madeleine K. Albright Institute for Global Affairs Wintersession faculty. 
On January 8, she—along with Wellesley Professor of Physics Robert Berg and Associate Professor of Computer Science Franklyn Turbak,
will present to the Albright Fellows a session called “Building a Better World: Leadership, the Liberal Arts, and Engineering.”
Her present work is focused on developing and expanding Wellesley's introductory engineering opportunities with a particular emphasis on humanitarian projects that benefit underserved communities locally and internationally. 
Her upcoming courses include Fundamentals of Engineering and Making a Difference through Engineering. 
These classes will provide students with project-based opportunities to learn engineering problem-solving, estimation, creativity, and product development, and to understand how these skills are applicable across disciplines.

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