Health Sciences and Technology (MIT)

Health Science of the Technology Video Course By Joia Mukherjee (MIT)
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  • Thorough in Health Sciences and Technology


  • Any body who wants understand Health Sciences and Technology

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  • Any body who intrested in Health Sciences and Technology

Course Curriculum

Total: 12 lectures

  • 1h 20m 23s

    Lec 1: Translational Research and Advocacy

  • 1h 11m 49s

    Lec 2: Design and Impact of Health Information Systems

  • 51m 3s

    Lec 3: Overview of Quality Improvement

  • 1h 2m 35s

    Lec 4: Health Systems Research

  • 1h 12m 42s

    Lec 5: Process Improvement Theory and Application

  • 44m 38s

    Lec 6: Innovation and Adoption of New Practices

  • 1h 3m 34s

    Lec 7: WHO Safe Surgery and Safe Childbirth Checklists

  • 39m 12s

    Lec 8: What is Quality and Why Should We Measure It?

  • 25m 36s

    Lec 9: Patient Safety in Resource-Poor Settings

  • 48m 47s

    Lec 10: Organizational Change: Positive Deviance

  • 1h 9m 26s

    Lec 11: The Millenium Global Village-Network

  • 1h 1m 15s

    Lec 12: A Perspective on Monitoring and Evaluation


The goal of this course is the development of innovations in information systems for developing countries that will (1) translate into improvement in health outcomes, (2) strengthen the existing organizational infrastructure, and (3) create a collaborative ecosystem to maximize the value of these innovations. The course will be taught by guest speakers who are internationally recognized experts in the field and who, with their operational experiences, will outline the challenges they faced and detail how these were addressed.

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  • Tutor: Joia Mukherjee (MIT)
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The Harvard–MIT Program of Health Sciences and Technology, or HST, is one of the oldest and largest biomedical engineering and physician-scientist training programs in the United States. 
It was founded in 1970 and is the longest-standing functional collaboration between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
HST's unique interdisciplinary educational program brings engineering as well as the physical and biological sciences from the scientist's bench to the patient's bedside. 
Conversely, it brings clinical insight from the patient's bedside to the laboratory bench. In this way, HST students are trained to have deep understanding of engineering, 
physical sciences, and the biological sciences, complemented with hands-on experience in the clinic or in industry

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