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Lasers and Optics


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lectures : 31

What will I learn from this course?

  • appreciate lasers and fibre opticsconcepts


  • Anybody who is interested to know about Fibre Optics

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody who is interested to know about fibre optics


This brief video course is designed for engineers, scientists, medical personnel, managers, and others who work with lasers and/or fiberoptics, or who anticipate working with lasers and/or fiberoptics, yet have little or no background in laser or fiberoptic basics. The course focuses on fundamentals and emphasizes a physical intuitive interpretation of laser and fiberoptic phenomena and their applications. Because Prof. Ezekiel keeps mathematics to a minimum, the topics covered are easily understood, without the need for a strong technical background. Prof. Ezekiel uses plain language, graphic illustrations, and video demonstrations to explain the basic characteristics of lasers and fiberoptics.

Course Curriculum

  • Lec 1: Overview of demonstrations in lasers and optics 58m 14s Preview
  • Lec 2: Polarization of Light and Polarization Manipulation; Linear polarizer 7m 44s Preview
  • Lec 3: Polarization rotation using polarizers 8m 20s Preview
  • Lec 4: : Quarter-wave plate 6m 51s Preview
  • Lec 5: Half-wave plate 6m 44s Preview
  • Lec 6: Optical isolator 4m 51s Preview
  • Lec 7: Scattered light in a dielectric 6m 24s Preview
  • Lec 8: Reflection at the air-glass boundary 8m 33s Preview
  • Lec 9: Phase shifts in total internal reflection 11m 20s Preview
  • Lec 10: Two-beam interference - collimated beams 5m 58s Preview
  • Lec 11: Two-beam interference - diverging beams 5m 48s Preview
  • Lec 12: Destructive interference - Where does the light go? 9m 23s Preview
  • Lec 13: Fringe contrast - vibrations 2m 33s Preview
  • Lec 14: Fringe contrast - intensity ratio 3m 28s Preview
  • Lec 15: Fringe contrast - polarization difference 5m 41s Preview
  • Lec 16: Fringe contrast - path difference 11m 5s Preview
  • Lec 17: Coherence length and source spectrum 12m 30s Preview
  • Lec 18: Plane mirror cavity - collimated beams 14m 47s Preview
  • Lec 19: Plane mirror cavity - diverging beams 3m 36s Preview
  • Lec 20: Curved mirror cavity - radial modes 15m 50s Preview
  • Lec 21: Optical spectrum analyzer 3m 27s Preview
  • Lec 22: Fraunhofer diffraction - adjustable slit 4m 48s Preview
  • Lec 23: Fraunhofer diffraction - two slits 3m 51s Preview
  • Lec 24: Fraunhofer diffraction - multiple slits 11m 53s Preview
  • Lec 25: Fraunhofer diffraction - thin wires 4m 55s Preview
  • Lec 26: Fraunhofer diffraction - rectangular aperture 4m 59s Preview
  • Lec 27: Fraunhofer diffraction - circular apertures 4m 40s Preview
  • Lec 28: Fraunhofer diffraction 4m 57s Preview
  • Lec 29: Fresnel diffraction - adjustable slit 6m 28s Preview
  • Lec 30: Fresnel diffraction - circular apertures 6m 19s Preview
  • Lec 31: Single mode fiber 6m 50s Preview

About Tutor

Prof.shaoul ezekiel (mit)
Course: 0
Students: 1

Professor Emeritus Shaoul “Ziggy” Ezekiel, an MIT alumnus who spent 46 years at the Institute as a professor 
in the departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AeroAstro) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS),
EECS professor Erich Ippen, a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics, says, “Ziggy had a marvelous ability to engage students,
demonstrate laser phenomena with simple experiments, and make complicated concepts seem intuitive.

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