Advanced Accounting A Complete Study

Learn Fundamentals of Statistics with supporting case studies Video Course By Ca Raja Natarajan
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Understand Branch Accounts
  • Understand Deviations like Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation, etc
  • Understand Regression
  • Understand Mean, Median and Mode
  • Understand Correlation


  • Students can approach this course with fresh mind
  • No prior knowledge in Statistics is required

Who is the target audience?

  • CA / CMA / CS Students
  • Students pursuing CA / CMA / CS / Higher Secondary / Statistics courses
  • B.Com 1st Year Students

Course Curriculum

Total: 266 lectures

  • 4m 26s

    Introduction to Branch Accounts

  • 3m 50s

    Dependent Branches and Features Preview

  • 0m 38s

    Accounting for Dependent Branches

  • 8m 57s

    Debtors system

  • 2m 50s

    Accounting Entries Debtors System

  • 8m 33s

    Dependent Branches Problem 1

  • 8m 08s

    Dependent Branches Problem 2

  • 8m 00s

    Dependent Branches Problem 3

  • 7m 37s

    Dependent Branches Problem 4

  • 19m 42s

    Dependent Branches Problem 5

  • 6m 30s

    Goods invoiced at SP to Branches

  • 13m 02s

    Dependent Branches Problem 6 (invoice @ SP)

  • 8m 01s

    Dependent Branches Problem 7 (invoice @ SP)

  • 8m 46s

    Dependent Branches Problem 8 (invoice @ SP)

  • 8m 44s

    Stock and Debtors system

  • 13m 34s

    Problem 9 Stock and Debtors System

  • 13m 30s

    Problem 10 Stock and Debtors System

  • 20m 19s

    Problem 11 stock and Debtors System

  • 2m 39s

    Final Accounts Method

  • 7m 03s

    Problem 12 Branch Trading

  • 8m 30s

    Problem 13 Branch Trading A/c (Invoice Price)

  • 18m 02s

    Problem 14 Branch Trading P

  • 24m 46s

    Problem 15 on stock and Debtors system

  • 29m 00s

    Problem 16 Stock and Debtors System

  • 5m 03s

    Whole Sale Branch system

  • 11m 45s

    Problem 17 Whole Sale Branch system

  • 15m 03s

    Problem 18 Whole Sale Branch system

  • 15m 34s

    Problem 19 Whole Sale Branch system

  • 3m 43s

    Independent Branches Introduction

  • 6m 10s

    Independent Branches Accounting Entry Part 1

  • 3m 38s

    Independent Branches Accounting Entry Part 2

  • 4m 33s

    Independent Branches Problem 20

  • 9m 33s

    Independent Branches Problem 21

  • 8m 08s

    Independent Branches Problem 22

  • 4m 35s

    Independent Branches Problem 23

  • 7m 21s

    Incorporation of Branch Trial Balance

  • 24m 22s

    Incorporation of Branch Trial Balance Problem 24

  • 3m 54s

    How to Close Books of Branches

  • 19m 26s

    Closure of Branch books Problem 25

  • 4m 26s

    Closure of Branch books Problem 26

  • 17m 11s

    Closure of Branch books Problem 27

  • 4m 58s

    Departmental Accounts Introduction Preview

  • 4m 57s

    Apportionment of Expenses

  • 32m 46s

    Departmental Accounts Problem 1

  • 11m 29s

    Departmental Accounts Problem 2

  • 4m 24s

    Inter Departmental Transfers

  • 14m 33s

    Inter Departmental Transfers Problem 3

  • 13m 58s

    Inter Departmental Transfers Problem 4

  • 21m 33s

    Inter Departmental Transfers Problem 5

  • 22m 15s

    Inter Departmental Transfers Problem 6

  • 15m 29s

    Departmental Accounts Problem 7

  • 14m 27s

    Departmental Accounts Problem 8

  • 29m 12s

    Departmental Accounts Problem 9

  • 4m 16s

    Introduction to Self Balancing Ledger System Preview

  • 20m 08s

    Self Balancing Ledger Problem 1

  • 38m 41s

    Self Balancing Ledger Problem 2

  • 16m 30s

    Self Balancing Ledger Problem 3

  • 2m 33s

    Contra Transactions

  • 9m 18s

    Entries to be Passed in Credit purchase

  • 23m 38s

    Self Balancing Ledger Problem 4

  • 7m 01s

    Transfer entries

  • 2m 14s

    self Balancing Ledger Problem 5

  • 41m 17s

    self Balancing Ledger Problem 6

  • 15m 18s

    self Balancing Ledger Problem 7

  • 7m 55s

    Consignment Accounting Introduction Preview

  • 23m 08s

    Accountiong Aspects in Consignment

  • 8m 14s

    Accounting Entries in books of consignor

  • 23m 43s

    Consignment Accounting Problem 1

  • 16m 54s

    Consignment Accounting Problem 2

  • 20m 11s

    Consignment Accounting Problem 3

  • 11m 34s

    Accounting Entries in the Book of Consignee

  • 15m 50s

    Consignment Account Problem 4

  • 14m 11s

    Consignment Account Problem 5 (Goods Lost in Fire)

  • 21m 00s

    Consignment Account Problem 6

  • 3m 18s

    Normal Loss

  • 3m 48s

    Consignment Problem 7 with Normal Loss

  • 2m 39s

    Consignment Problem 8 Computation of Cost and Invoice Price

  • 3m 08s

    Consignment Problem 9 Computation of Profit Percentage on Cost and Selling Price

  • 4m 00s

    Consignment Problem 10 Computation of Invoice Value of Goods Sent Out

  • 2m 30s

    Consignment Problem 11 Computation of Abnormal Loss

  • 6m 56s

    Consignment Problem 12 With Del Credre Commission and Bad Debts

  • 5m 19s

    Consignment Problem 13 Computation of Commission

  • 2m 22s

    Consignment Problem 14 Computation of Commission

  • 4m 20s

    Consignment Problem 15 Computation of Stock Reserve

  • 6m 38s

    Joint Venture Introduction Preview

  • 8m 58s

    Separate set of Books Method

  • 20m 16s

    Problem 1 Saperate set of Books Method

  • 11m 34s

    Problem 2 Separate set of Books Method

  • 23m 53s

    No Separate Set of Books Maintained

  • 11m 43s

    Problem 1 No Separate Set of Books Maintained

  • 12m 57s

    Problem 2 No Separate Set of Books Maintained

  • 2m 19s

    Memorandum Joint Venture A/c Method

  • 17m 36s

    Problem 1 Memorandum Joint Venture A/c Method

  • 24m 24s

    Investment Accounting Preview

  • 23m 04s

    Problem 1 Investment Accounting

  • 7m 36s

    Problem 2 Investment Accounting

  • 6m 02s

    Problem 3 Investment Accounting

  • 16m 22s

    Accounting for Fixed Investment Securities

  • 23m 35s

    Problem 4 Accounting for Fixed Investment Securities

  • 27m 26s

    Problem 5 Accounting for Fixed Investment Securities

  • 13m 29s

    Insurance Claim Problem 1 Preview

  • 24m 53s

    Insurance Claim Problem 2

  • 10m 41s

    Insurance Claim Problem 3

  • 19m 06s

    Insurance Claim Problem 4

  • 11m 07s

    Insurance Claim for loss of Profit Part 1

  • 4m 11s

    Insurance Claim for loss of Profit Part 2

  • 20m 46s

    Insurance Claim for loss of Profit Problem 1

  • 32m 40s

    Insurance Claim for loss of Profit Problem 2

  • 7m 41s

    Introduction to Bills of Exchange Preview

  • 8m 28s

    Accounting Aspects in Bills of Exchange

  • 10m 58s

    Methods of Drawing Bills of exchnage

  • 3m 21s

    Computation of Bill Due Date

  • 4m 54s

    Endorsement of Bill of Exchange

  • 12m 17s

    Problem on Endorsement of Bill of Exchange

  • 6m 51s

    Discounting of Bill

  • 9m 06s

    Problem on Discounting of Bill

  • 7m 06s

    Retirement of Bill

  • 5m 30s

    Problem on Retirement of Bill

  • 12m 11s

    Dishonour of Bill

  • 4m 12s

    Problem on Dishonour of Bill

  • 19m 00s

    Dishonour of Bill - Different Scenarios

  • 9m 14s

    Renewal of Bill of Exchange

  • 7m 03s

    Problem 1 on Renewal of Bill of Exchange

  • 5m 55s

    Problem 2 on Renewal of Bill of Exchange

  • 5m 10s

    Insolvency of Customer

  • 3m 34s

    Problem on Insolvency of Customer

  • 1m 27s

    Introduction to Sale on Approval or Return Basis Preview

  • 8m 34s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem

  • 6m 18s

    Method II Sale on Approval and Problem

  • 4m 27s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem 2

  • 4m 03s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem 3

  • 3m 33s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem 4

  • 5m 02s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem 5

  • 6m 42s

    Method I Sale on Approval and Problem 6

  • 7m 19s

    Depreciation Introduction Preview

  • 6m 06s

    Straight Line Method of Depreciation

  • 6m 16s

    Problem 1 Straight Line Method of Depreciation

  • 8m 13s

    Problem 2 Straight Line Method of Depreciation

  • 7m 21s

    Machine Hour Depreciation Method and Problem

  • 3m 01s

    Production Units Method of Depreciation and Problem

  • 3m 30s

    Depletion Method of Depreciation and Problem

  • 8m 17s

    Written Down Value Method

  • 2m 16s

    Average Due Date Introduction Preview

  • 4m 44s

    Due Date

  • 4m 40s

    Types of Problems

  • 8m 52s

    Average Due Date Problem 1

  • 6m 01s

    Average Due Date Problem 2

  • 4m 02s

    Average Due Date Problem 3

  • 6m 14s

    Average Due Date Problem 5

  • 3m 20s

    Introduction to Account Current Preview

  • 17m 26s

    Account Current Problem 1

  • 3m 00s

    Product Method

  • 10m 10s

    Account Current Problem 2 Product Method

  • 11m 00s

    Account Current Problem 3 Forward Method

  • 9m 37s

    Account Current Problem 4 Backward Method

  • 5m 02s

    Account Current Problem 5 Interest Method

  • 7m 44s

    Account Current Problem 6 Product Method

  • 2m 26s

    Red Ink Interest Method

  • 9m 40s

    Account Current Problem 7 Red Ink Interest Method

  • 20m 33s

    Account Current Problem 8 Different Interest Rates

  • 5m 17s

    Construction Contract and its Type Preview

  • 3m 22s

    Objectives of Accounting for Construction Contract

  • 1m 26s

    Applicability of AS7

  • 7m 06s

    Measurement of Contract Revenue

  • 4m 25s

    Contract Costs - Inclusion and Exclusions

  • 5m 35s

    Basic Principles of Recognition of Revenue and Expenses

  • 1m 49s

    Composition of Contract Revenue

  • 0m 45s

    Provision for Expected Losses

  • 2m 00s

    Effect of change in estimate in Construciton Contract

  • 2m 16s

    Accounting Disclosures by Construction Contractors as per AS 7

  • 6m 37s

    Contract Accounting Case Study 1

  • 2m 13s

    Contract Accounting Case Study 2

  • 29m 33s

    Contract Accounting Case Study 3

  • 5m 26s

    Revenue Recognition - Introduction Preview

  • 2m 53s

    Item excluded in Revenue Definition

  • 2m 37s

    Timing of Revenue Recognition

  • 3m 35s

    Conditions fo Revenue Recognition

  • 4m 28s

    Revenue Recognition when goods are sold subject to conditions

  • 5m 30s

    Revenue from Rendering of service

  • 2m 59s

    Special Treatment of Revenue Recognition

  • 2m 33s

    When Revenue from sale of goods can berecognised?

  • 3m 22s

    Treatment of interdepartmental Transfer

  • 2m 45s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 1

  • 2m 44s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 2

  • 3m 08s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 3

  • 3m 08s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 4

  • 2m 09s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 5

  • 1m 43s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 6

  • 2m 53s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 7

  • 4m 43s

    Revenue Recognition Case Study 8

  • 3m 00s

    Introduction to Computer Software Accounting Preview

  • 6m 35s

    Software Acquired for Internal Use

  • 10m 04s

    Internally Generated Computer Software

  • 3m 46s

    Introduction -Banking Preview

  • 3m 33s

    Banking, Banking Companies

  • 3m 08s

    Important Provisions of Banking Regulation Act

  • 6m 04s

    Important Provisions of Banking Regulation Act Part 2

  • 7m 45s

    Banks Book Keeping System

  • 1m 47s

    Introduction Accounting for Hospitals Preview

  • 1m 41s

    Expenses Recognitionby Hospitals

  • 1m 36s

    Allocation of Revenue

  • 1m 45s

    Realisation of Revenue

  • 2m 57s

    What is Royalty? Preview

  • 5m 10s

    What is Minimum Rent / Dead Rent in Royalty?

  • 2m 04s

    Short workings / Excess Workings and Ground Rent

  • 2m 45s

    Recoupment of Shortworkings

  • 6m 07s

    Accounting treatment of Shortworkings

  • 3m 45s

    Accounting entries in the books of lessee / licencee

  • 20m 41s

    Case Study 1 - Royalty Account - with Shortworking Adjustments

  • 20m 57s

    Case Study 2 - Royalty Account -with Shortworking Adjustments

  • 6m 58s

    Hire Purchase and Installment sale Preview

  • 8m 43s

    situation I - When Rate of Interest, Cash Price

  • 8m 36s

    Situation II-When Rate of Int.

  • 7m 07s

    Situation III-When only Inst. are given but cash price

  • 2m 38s

    Situation IV-Ref. to annuity table,rate of Int.

  • 4m 29s

    Accounting Treatment in Hire Purchaser Books

  • 5m 18s

    Accounting effect of HP default and Repossession

  • 18m 36s

    Case Study - Hire Purchase Default and Repossession

  • 24m 50s

    Case Study - Hire Purchase Default and Partial Repossession

  • 3m 03s

    Case Study FIFO Method Preview

  • 3m 32s

    Case Study Average Price Method

  • 4m 00s

    Case Study Weighted Average Price Method

  • 8m 47s

    Case Study Weighted Average Price Method Inventory Ledger

  • 5m 39s

    Case Study 1 Adjusted Selling Price Method

  • 3m 06s

    Case Study 2 Adjusted Selling Price Method

  • 3m 40s

    Introduction to Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors Preview

  • 3m 49s

    Introduction to Final Accounts of Non Manufacturing Entities

  • 2m 29s

    Income Statement and Position Statement

  • 4m 15s

    Preparation of Final Accounts - fundamental aspects

  • 1m 49s

    Inter-relationship between two statements

  • 5m 22s

    Matching Principle

  • 0m 52s

    Exceptions to Matching Principle

  • 9m 47s

    Trading Account

  • 8m 37s

    Trading Account Items

  • 4m 04s

    Closing entries in Trading Account

  • 3m 18s

    Trading Account Case Study 1

  • 9m 04s

    Trading Account Closing Entries Case Study 2

  • 4m 26s

    Profit and Loss Account

  • 6m 00s

    Treatment of Specific items

  • 2m 51s

    Closing entries related to Profit and Loss account

  • 4m 04s

    Profit and Loss Account Case Study 2

  • 9m 24s

    Adjustments in Final Accounts

  • 6m 03s

    Provision for Doubtful Debts Case Study 4

  • 4m 17s

    Other Adjustments in Final Accounts

  • 3m 22s

    Abnormal Loss of Inventory by accident or fire

  • 4m 21s

    Goods Sent on Approval Basis

  • 2m 06s

    Goods used other than for Sale

  • 3m 08s

    Accounting Entry for Sales Tax

  • 3m 07s

    Commission based on Profit

  • 17m 05s

    Preparation of Final Accounts - Case Study 5

  • 6m 06s

    Arrangements of Assets and Liabilities

  • 3m 50s

    Classifications of Assets and Liabilities

  • 6m 45s

    Preparation of Balance Sheet - Case Study 6

  • 11m 02s

    Preparation of Revised P

  • 8m 48s

    Determination of Outstanding Salaries and related adjustments

  • 6m 12s

    Opening Entry and Case Study

  • 3m 16s

    Provisions and Reserves

  • 1m 42s

    Provisions and Reserves Case Study 8

  • 3m 19s

    Final Accounts of Manufacturing Entities - Introduction

  • 2m 26s

    Manufacturing Cost

  • 1m 56s

    Direct Manufacturing Expenses

  • 2m 10s

    Indirect Manufacturing Expenses

  • 2m 50s

    By Products

  • 5m 30s

    Structure of Manufacturing Account

  • 9m 52s

    Manufacturing Account Case Study 8

  • 5m 57s

    Manufacturing Account Case Study 9


Welcome to this course Advanced Accounting A Complete Study for CA / CMA / CFA / CS Students. As the name says, this course is structured keeping in mind academic curriculum of Advanced Accounting Paper meant for CA IPCC / CMA Inter / CS / CFA Students.

In this course, you will learn advanced Accounting topics like

  • Branch Accounts
  • Departmental Accounts
  • Accounting for Royalties
  • Accounting for Hire Purchase Transactions
  • Self Balancing Ledgers
  • Accounting for Service Sectors, Project Accounting, etc.
  • Accounting for Service Sectors like Software, ITES, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Hospital, Educational Institutions.
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Bill of Exchange
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Consignment
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Joint Venture
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Sale of goods on Approval or Return Basis
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Account Current
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Investment Accounts
  • Accounting for Special Transactions - Insurance Claim (Loss of Stock and Loss of Profit)
  • Accounting for Banking, Electricity and Insurance Companies.

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Theoretical back ground for each and every topic will be explained followed by numerous case studies and most of them will be past examination tested problems.

Take this course and gain complete understanding of Advanced Concepts in Accounting and prepare confident-ally for Professional Course Examinations.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Ca Raja Natarajan
  • Tests Packages: 9
  • Students: 11

I am a practicing Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching.

I teach Financial Management & Strategic Financial Management for Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy and Company Secretary students in Ernakulam, India. I also hold Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune and Bachelors in Commerce, from Loyola College, Chennai.

I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice. During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Viability Study, Evaluating business models, Project Finance, Working Capital Management, etc.

I conduct work shops for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountancy / Cost and Management Accountancy Students on the topics like Project Finance, Credit Risk Assessment, Entrepreneurship Development, Finance for Non Finance Executives, etc.

I love teaching and i want fundamentals of accounting and finance to reach students and so i am here.

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