Circular Motion And Gravitation

Designed for both SL & HL Students of IBDP Physics Video Course By Ozymandias
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Course Curriculum

Total: 10 lectures

  • 19m 53s

    Origin of Centripetal Forces Preview

  • 24m 47s

    Uniform Fields and Potentials

  • 15m 43s

    Examples of Horizontal Circular Motion

  • 15m 35s

    Vertical Circular Motion

  • 11m 54s

    Earth's Gravitational Field

  • 21m 37s

    Gravity and Orbits

  • MCQ Quiz on Gravitation

  • MCQ Quiz on Circular Motion

  • Assessment

  • Marking Scheme


The video lectures and the quizzes included in this chapter Circular Motion and Gravitation ensure that the student has the following Essential understandings required for IBDP Physics

Content based Understanding

  • Define gravitational fields and Newton's law of gravitation.
  • Understand the application of circular motion and its characteristics.
  • Define centripetal acceleration.

Skills based Understanding

  • Apply the Newton's laws of motion to find resultant forces in various systems.
  • Apply algebraic and trigonometry-based techniques to solve problems based on resultant forces in a circular motion and uniform gravitational fields.
  • Apply knowledge of how the field varies according to distance and mass and use graphical analysis. while solving numerical problems.

Concept based Understanding

  • The underlying concept of objects moving at a constant speed experiencing acceleration.
  • The inverse square law variation affects the nature of the force and fields.

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  • Total experience in education- 10 years.
  • Assistant Professor for Undergrad (Bsc Physics) courses (4 years) at the University of Calcutta
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