Advanced Data Structures

Data Structures Video Course By Prof. Erik Demaine, MIT
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Appriciate of Data Structures in Programing


  • Any body who wants college level any Computer Students.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any Body in UG as per Collage level

Course Curriculum

Total: 15 lectures

  • 1h 23m 43s

    Lec 1: Persistant Data Structures

  • 1h 18m 39s

    Lec 2: Retroactive Data Structures

  • 1h 19m 36s

    Lec 3: Geometric Structures I

  • 1h 22m 9s

    Lec 4: Geometric Structures II

  • 1h 22m 44s

    Lec 5: Dynamic Optimality I

  • 1h 23m 31s

    Lec 6: Dynamic Optimality II

  • 1h 22m 54s

    Lec 7: Memory Hierarchy Models

  • 1h 27m 22s

    Lec 8: Cache-Oblivious Structures I

  • 1h 24m 38s

    Lec 9: Cache-Oblivious Structures II

  • 1h 23m 28s

    Lec 10: Dictionaries

  • 1h 21m 15s

    Lec 11: Integer Models

  • 1h 24m 9s

    Lec 12: Fusion Trees

  • 1h 22m 10s

    Lec 13: Integer Lower Bounds

  • 1h 24m 4s

    Lec 14: Sorting in Linear Time

  • 1h 23m 00s

    Lec 15: Static Trees


Data structures play a central role in modern computer science. You interact with data structures even more often than with algorithms (think Google, your mail server, and even your network routers). In addition, data structures are essential building blocks in obtaining efficient algorithms. This course covers major results and current directions of research in data structure.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Prof. Erik Demaine, MIT
  • Tests Packages: 0
  • Students: 1

Erik D. Demaine  is a professor of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a former child prodigy.
Demaine joined the MIT faculty in 2001 at age 20, reportedly the youngest professor in the history of the MIT and was promoted to full professor in 2011. 
Demaine is a member of the Theory of Computation group at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
In 2003 he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, the so-called "genius award".
In 2013, Demaine received the EATCS Presburger Award for young scientists. 

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