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Course Curriculum

Total: 44 lectures

  • 7m 39s

    Lec 1: Introduction and Installing and Configuring Java JDK

  • 9m 27s

    Lec 2: How to install Android Studio

  • 14m 57s

    Lec 3: Building Your First Android App (Hello World Example)

  • 14m 59s

    Lec 4: How to Install and Setup Genymotion for Android Studio ( GenyMotion Android Emulator )

  • 12m 6s

    Lec 5: Basic Overview of an Android App

  • 7m 42s

    Lec 6: Android Activity Lifecycle

  • 9m 25s

    Lec 7: Android Activity Lifecycle State change Example

  • 14m 34s

    Lec 8: Adding Two Numbers App (Simple Calculator)

  • 12m 42s

    Lec 9: wrap_content, fill_parent, Password Field and Toast in Android

  • 14m 37s

    Lec 10: Android Checkbox Basics and Example

  • 11m 15s

    Lec 11: Android RadioButton Basics With Example

  • 10m 8s

    Lec 12: Android RatingBar Basics

  • 12m 14s

    Lec 13: How to Start New Activity On Button Click via Intent

  • 7m 1s

    Lec 14: Android Analogclock And Digitalclock Example

  • 13m 9s

    Lec 15: Android Login Screen Example Part 1

  • 14m 52s

    Lec 16: Android Login Screen Example Part 2

  • 14m 49s

    Lec 17: Android ImageView example

  • 11m 16s

    Lec 18: Android ListView

  • 10m 12s

    Lec 19: SeekBar

  • 9m 41s

    Lec 20: Android WebView Example

  • 14m 33s

    Lec 21: Android Gestures (Using Touch Gestures)

  • 14m 55s

    Lec 22: Fragments in Android - Part 1

  • 10m 2s

    Lec 23: Fragments in Android - Part 2

  • 7m 53s

    Lec 24: Android AutoCompleteTextView Control

  • 7m 27s

    Lec 25: Android TimePicker

  • 13m 35s

    Lec 26: Android TimePicker Dialog ( TimePickerDialog )

  • 13m 55s

    Lec 27: Android Date Picker Dialog ( DatePickerDialog)

  • 10m 7s

    Lec 28: Showing Notifications and using NotificationManager

  • 10m 54s

    Lec 29: Introduction Creating Database and Tables (Part 1)

  • 14m 39s

    Lec 30: Introduction Creating Database and Tables (Part 2)

  • 14m 1s

    Lec 31: Insert values to SQLite Database table using Android

  • 14m 38s

    :Lec 32: Show SQLite Database table Values using Android

  • 14m 59s

    Lec 33: Update values in SQLite Database table using Android

  • 10m 18s

    Lec 34: Delete values in SQLite Database table using Android

  • 10m 6s

    Lec 35: Action Bar (ActionBar)

  • 11m 3s

    Lec 36: Add Up Button for Low-level Activities to Action Bar

  • 11m 6s

    Lec 37: Explicit and Implicit Intents in Android

  • 12m 57s

    Lec 38: Introduction to Services and Creating Started Service

  • 10m 5s

    Lec 39: Service and Thread in Android

  • 8m 8s

    Lec 40: Creating Service Using IntentService

  • 15m 2s

    Lec 41: Bound Services

  • 6m 14s

    Lec 42: Applying Styles on Components

  • 3m 59s

    Lec 43: Style inheritance in Android

  • 10m 8s

    Lec 44: How to Save a File on Internal Storage


Implementing onShared Preference Change Listener helps to capture event that occur when value of any of  the Preference is changed via methodon Shared Preference Changed. Method onSharedPreference Changed has two parameters:
Instance of Shared Preferences having the key and value of the Preferences defined in the preferences screen via xml.Key of the preferences whose value has changed.We need to register the above class, so as  to get  onShared Preference Changed method of this class is called whenever  shared preference values get changed and this is achieved by following line in onResume method.

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