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Software Engineers are the dot net users

Students Enrolled : 142
Total lectures : 35

What will I learn from this course?

  • Thorough in Dot net


  • Basic concepts of HTML.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any body who wants the Dot Net


The .NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages and libraries to work together seamlessly to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other networked systems.

Course Curriculum

  • Lec 1: Introduction of Dot Net 2h 24m 3s                        
  • Lec 2: Global Assembly Cache 1h 45m 46s                        
  • Lec 3: Integrated Development Environment 3h 18m 25s                        
  • Lec 4: Internal of Garbage Collection 2h 2m 23s                        
  • Lec 5: Dot Net fundamentals - Application Execution Internals 1h 34m 2s                        
  • Lec 6: Data Type Internals 2h 29m 19s                        
  • Lec 7: Data Types 1h 25m 13s                        
  • Lec 8: .net programming fundamentals - Constructors 1h 25m 1s                        
  • Lec 9: Object Oriented Programming 1h 45m 8s                        
  • Lec 10: Access Modifiers 53m 10s                        
  • Lec 11: Abstract Modifier 54m 56s                        
  • Lec 12: Dot Net Modifiers 1h 39m 12s                        
  • Lec 13: Statements 1h 38m 39s                        
  • Lec 14: Statements - Arrays, Collections, Exceptions, etc 2h 1m 36s                        
  • Lec 15: Statements - exceptions,threading,lock,etc 1h 5m 26s                        
  • Lec 16: System.Collections 1h 19m 30s                        
  • Lec 17: System.Collections 1h 35m 49s                        
  • Lec 18: .net programming - System.Collections 2h 12m 4s                        
  • Lec 19: C# 2.0 Features 1h 52m 47s                        
  • Lec 20: C# 2.0 Features 1h 25m 10s                        
  • Lec 21: C#.net 3.0 1h 43m 6s                        
  • Lec 22: C# 3.0, 3.5 Features 2h 21m 22s                        
  • Lec 23: Win Forms 2h 6m 18s                        
  • Lec 24: Win Forms, Printing, XML, XSD 1h 11m 14s                        
  • Lec 25: Win Forms, XML, XSD, LINQ 1h 22m 19s                        
  • Lec 26: XML 2h 45m 00s                        
  • Lec 27: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, etc 1h 57m 20s                        
  • Lec 28: Technical Documentation 2h 8m 50s                        
  • Lec 29: ASP.net, TFS 1h 57m 53s                        
  • Lec 30: ASP.net, CSS, Web Forms, SQL Server 1h 15m 34s                        
  • Lec 31: ASP.net, IIS, EntLib 2h 46m 7s                        
  • Lec 32: ASP.net project using EntLib 5.0 2h 49m 17s                        
  • Lec 33: CRUD 2h 24m 23s                        
  • Lec 34: WCF 1h 16m 44s                        
  • Lec 35: SSIS 2h 32m 48s                        

About Tutor

Sekhar aripaka
Course: 1
Students: 142

IT Services Asst Director (Architecture) at Ernst & Young

Member of Design & Solution Architecture, Application Engineering | IT Services at Ernst & Young. 

Providing Architectural Solutions in implementing various global applications that support various E&Y portfolios, such as Assurance, Advisory, Tax, People, Markets, Finance, IT Applications, etc.,

Sekhar Aripaka supporting core Microsoft Technologies used at E&Y which includes .Net Framework 3.0/3.5/4.0, C#.Net, SQL Server 2008, VS 2010, TFS 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, WCF, SOA, SharePoint 2010, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Migration of IBM Lotus Notes applications to SharePoint 2010 and work with various third-party vendors such as OmniRIM, EverBridge, ArchiveSystems, etc., as per need. 


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