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HTML, CSS & PHP For Beginners

HTML For Software Engineers

Enrolled : 7
lectures : 54

What will I learn from this course?

  • Appriciate and understand HTML PHP AND CSS


  • HTML and CSS have both acquired semi-buzzword status.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any body who has intrested in HTML, PHP and CSS


You can not learn everything at once.i.e. The only effective way to learn a programming language is to try the examples, expand on them, write little programs and experiment that way one acquires the language little by little

Course Curriculum

  • Whole PDF document of HTML,PHP AND CSS
  • Lec 1: Introduction 9m 27s Preview
  • Lec 2: Download and Install Eclipse for Web 13m 34s Preview
  • Lec 3: Basic Structure of HTML 12m 46s Preview
  • Lec 4: HTML meta tags 5m 53s Preview
  • Lec 5: HTML Headers , Paragraphs and text Formatting tags 6m 28s Preview
  • Lec 6: HTML Quotation and Computer Code Elements 9m 56s Preview
  • Lec 7: HTML Link tag 7m 3s Preview
  • Lec 8: Intro to HTML 9m 9s Preview
  • Lec 9: HTML Images with img tag 9m 7s Preview
  • Lec 10: HTML Lists (Ordered Lists, Unordered Lists, Definition Lists) 7m s Preview
  • Lec 11: HTML Tables 9m 3s Preview
  • Lec 12: Using div Tags to Layout header, navigation, section and footer 7m 9s Preview
  • Lec 13: Html5 Section, Header, Footer and Nav 4m 10s Preview
  • Lec 14: HTML Video Tag 5m 38s Preview
  • Lec 15: Getting Started and Introduction to PHP 9m 7s Preview
  • Lec 16: How to Install XAMPP 16m 25s Preview
  • Lec 17: How to Install Notepad as PHP Editor 7m 5s Preview
  • Lec 18: First PHP Script and Hello World 12m 50s Preview
  • Lec 19: PHP Variables and Echo Function 15m 39s Preview
  • Lec 20: Concatenation Operator and Escape 11m 43s Preview
  • Lec 21: Arithmetic operation 4m 43s Preview
  • Lec 22: If, else and nested if/else Statements 6m 43s Preview
  • Lec 23: Comparison operators and Logical operators 9m 51s Preview
  • Lec 24: Arrays in PHP 7m 17s Preview
  • Lec 24: Associative Arrays in PHP 5m 4s Preview
  • Lec 25: Multidimensional Arrays in PHP 10m 47s Preview
  • Lec 26: While and Do While Loop in PHP 9m 50s Preview
  • Lec 27: For Loop in PHP 4m 30s Preview
  • Lec 28: PHP For each Loop 10m s Preview
  • Lec 29: Switch Statement 9m 1s Preview
  • Lec 30: Using $_GET Variables in PHP 19m 45s Preview
  • Lec 31: Using $_POST Variables in PHP 12m 58s Preview
  • Lec 32: Basic Functions 6m 14s Preview
  • Lec 33: Functions with Arguments 5m 34s Preview
  • Lec 34: Functions with a Return Value 6m 43s Preview
  • Lec 35: Date and Time Functions 6m 56s Preview
  • Lec 36: Global Variables and Functions 5m 29s Preview
  • Lec 37: include() and require() functions 11m 34s Preview
  • Lec 38: Include_once() and require_once functions 4m 15s Preview
  • Lec 39: PHP Sessions and Setting PHP Sessions 9m 21s Preview
  • Lec 40: How to unset or destroy PHP Sessions 5m 24s Preview
  • Lec 41: PHP Cookies 10m 18s Preview
  • Lec 42: Creating First MySQL Database With phpMyAdmin 21m 27s Preview
  • Lec 43: How to connect to MySQL database using PHP 15m 38s Preview
  • Lec 44: Getting Data from MySQL Database using PHP 18m 9s Preview
  • Lec 45: PHP Md5 Encryption 14m 50s Preview
  • Lec 46: Getting started with HTML and Downloading a Text Editor 6m 57s Preview
  • Lec 47: Creating the First Webpage 11m s Preview
  • Lec 48: HTML Text Formatting Tags 10m 39s Preview
  • Lec 49: Show Links and Images in HTML WebPage 8m 4s Preview
  • Lec 50: Add Video and Audio Media Player in HTML WebPage 9m 37s Preview
  • Lec 41: Intro to CSS and Applying Styles 15m 17s Preview
  • Lec 42: CSS Box Model 8m 5s Preview

About Tutor

Tutor: Dinesh
Course: 4
Students: 27

I have 15 years of Experience as a Trainer on Java,Andriod,QA. Thousands of students have been successfully trained by me. 

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