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Gain thorough knowledge to implement Lean Six Sigma projects across industries

Students Enrolled : 1
Total lectures : 81

What will I learn from this course?

  • Gain thorough knowledge to implement Lean Six Sigma projects across industries


  • Download Minitab 17 from Minitab website before starting the session

  • Download the MS Excel calculator

  • Download the Minitab case studies

Who is the target audience?

  • People looking to lead teams through successful projects

  • Engineering Process Group members

  • Professionals aspiring to build a career in Quality

  • Quality & Analytics professionals seeking to learn Lean Six Sigma methodology

  • Who wants to Six Sigma Green Belt tool such as Minitab


Gain in-depth knowledge to implement Lean Six Sigma projects across industries

Gain thorough knowledge on using Minitab Tool subsequent to the completion of the course Practice on 30+ unique use cases throughout the journey of course. You will be able to learn & appreciate the theoretical concepts on Lean, Six Sigma & Minitab You will be able to practice the real life project provided as a value-added feature. You will be able to display about the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification training in profile for amazing job opportunities

Participants will be able to take the online exam by contacting enquiry@excelr.com to get a verified certificate

Course Curriculum

  • About ExcelR 7m 49s
  • Preliminaries of Lean Six Sigma 7m 45s
  • Six Sigma Management System 9m 58s
  • Six Sigma Maturity Continuum 14m 30s
  • Introduction to Elementary Statistics 6m 34s
  • Measures of Central Tendency 8m 59s
  • Internet Service Provider Case Study 8m 28s
  • Histogram, Barplot, Normal Distribution 12m 41s
  • Probability Distribution Plot 21m 03s
  • Introduction to Define Phase 5m 31s
  • VOC, VOB, CTQ 9m 20s
  • CTQ measures 8m 08s
  • Exercise on finding the CTQ from VOC, VOB 7m 41s
  • Selecting Relevant Project 6m 52s
  • Prepare Project Charter 14m 13s
  • Exercise on SMART goal of Project Charter 9m 48s
  • High Level Process Maps - SIPOC 9m 46s
  • Six Sigma Define Phase
  • Introduction to Measure Phase 7m 10s
  • CLT 14m 03s
  • Define CTQ Performance Characteristics 13m 37s
  • Measurement System Analysis - AAA 10m 04s
  • Case study on Attribute Agreement Analysis_Part 1 11m 28s
  • Case study on Attribute Agreement Analysis_Part 2 10m 54s
  • Sigma Level (Z) - Continuous Data 8m 44s
  • Exercise - Sigma Level Calculation 6m 17s
  • Sigma Level (Z) - Attribute Data 13m 33s
  • Yield - Traditional, FTY, RTY 7m 44s
  • Capability Indices - Cp, Cpk_Part 1 11m 26s
  • Capability Indices - Cp, Cpk_Part 2 13m 08s
  • Attribute Agreement Analysis Case Studies 19m 48s
  • Capability Indices Case studies 19m 48s
  • Sigma Level - Continuous Case Studies 11m 36s
  • Sigma Level - Attribute Data Case Studies 6m 56s
  • Six Sigma Measure Phase
  • Introduction to Analyze Phase 7m 46s
  • Identify all Inputs 7m 16s
  • Identify all Inputs - Qualitative, Affinity Analysis 10m 57s
  • Identify all Inputs - Fishbone Diagram 6m 42s
  • Value Stream Mapping 13m 27s
  • Risk Based Anaysis Introduction 12m 52s
  • Risk Based Anaysis - FMEA_Part 1 12m 31s
  • Risk Based Anaysis - FMEA_Part 2 12m 17s
  • Pareto Chart 10m 24s
  • Shortlist Critical Inputs - Hypothesis Testing 14m 10s
  • Hypothesis Testing_Part 2 13m 10s
  • Hypothesis Testing_Part 3 6m 34s
  • Hypothesis Testing_2 Sample t test 17m 07s
  • Hypothesis Testing_ANOVA_Part 1 16m 20s
  • Hypothesis Testing_2 Proportion Test 6m 07s
  • Hypothesis Testing_Chi Square Test 11m 25s
  • Regression Analysis_Part 1 17m 00s
  • Regression Analysis_Part 2 10m 25s
  • Sufficiency of Critical Inputs 4m 06s
  • Six Sigma Analyze Phase
  • Identify all possible Alternate Solutions - Brainstorming 7m 24s
  • Introduction to Improve Phase 4m 52s
  • De Bono 6 Thinking Hats 8m 48s
  • Creative Thinking - Probing, Benchmarking 9m 03s
  • Evaluate the Generated Solutions - Pugh Matrix 10m 45s
  • Evaluate the Generated Solutions - Delphi Technique 4m 17s
  • Multivoting 10m 35s
  • Design of Experiments 11m 00s
  • Piloting 14m 15s
  • Six Sigma Improve Phase
  • Introduction to Control Phase 17m 25s
  • Control Critical Inputs 13m 39s
  • Mistake Proofing 15m 23s
  • Visual Standards, Inspection / Audit 6m 59s
  • SPC - Control Charts 15m 17s
  • SPC - Control Charts - P 10m 10s
  • SPC - Control Charts - Part 4, C Chart 4m 00s
  • SPC - Control Charts - Part 5, X bar S Chart 9m 20s
  • Control Charts Extension 11m 40s
  • Six Sigma Control Phase
  • Practice Project_Part1 32m 20s
  • Practice Project_Part2 28m 29s
  • Practice Project_Part3 19m 42s
  • Practice Project_Part4 4m 41s
  • Practice Project_Part5 17m 24s

About Tutor

Excelr solutions
Course: 3
Students: 1

At ExcelR Solutions, we provide best in class trainings across Agile,Project Management, IT– Service  Management & Quality –Assurance –spaces. Our –trainers worked– with  world renowned MNCs and are committed  raiseyour excellence levels thereby accelerating your careers!

We offer trainings on(PMP)®, (PMI-ACP)®, (CAPM)®, (PMI-RMP)®,ITIL®, ITIL– Foundation, ITIL –Intermediate, ITIL Expert, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Microsoft Project, Software Metrics, Minitab, Agile, Scrum, CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000.

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