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Java for Beginners

Java for Software Engineers

Enrolled : 3
lectures : 45

What will I learn from this course?

  • Confident in java


  • Any body who wants understand the Java

Who is the target audience?

  • Any body who intrested in Java


Java is a high level, object-oriented, platform independent language.

Java, unlike some languages before it allows for the use of words and commands instead of just symbols and numbers. Java also allows for the creation of advanced data types called objects which represent real world things like a chair or a computer where you can set the attributes of these objects and things they do.

Course Curriculum

  • Lec 1: Introduction and Installing the java (JDK) Step by Step Tutorial 13m 10s Preview
  • Lec 2: Installing Eclipse IDE and Setting up Eclipse 15m 3s Preview
  • Lec 3: Creating First Java Project in Eclipse IDE 19m 40s Preview
  • Lec 4: Variables and Types in Java 9m 57s Preview
  • Lec 5: Getting User Input using Java 12m 10s Preview
  • Lec 6: Math and Arithmetic Operators in Java 8m 48s Preview
  • Lec 7: Increment Operator and Assignment Operator 7m 10s Preview
  • Lec 8: IF ... ELSE Statements and Relational Operators 8m 35s Preview
  • Lec 9: Logical Operators in Java 7m 28s Preview
  • Lec 10: switch Statement in Java 9m 37s Preview
  • Lec 11: The while Statements (while Loops) 6m 48s Preview
  • Lec 12: The do-while Statements (do-while Loops) 6m 1s Preview
  • Lec 13: Arrays in Java 8m 40s Preview
  • Lec 14: The for Statement in Java (for loops) 8m 36s Preview
  • Lec 15: Java String 8m 54s Preview
  • Lec 16: Introduction to Methods 8m 3s Preview
  • Lec 17: Parameter passing and Returning a Value from a Method 12m 42s Preview
  • Lec 18: Classes and Objects in Java 15m 32s Preview
  • Lec 19: Class Constructor in Java 10m 26s Preview
  • Lec 20: Method Overloading in Java 5m 26s Preview
  • Lec 21: 'static' keyword in Java 7m 45s Preview
  • Lec 22: 'static' keyword Example in Java 6m 54s Preview
  • Lec 23: Public, Private, Protected and this (Java Access Modifiers) 12m 20s Preview
  • Lec 24: The final keyword in Java 6m 33s Preview
  • Lec 25: Inheritance in Java 14m 14s Preview
  • Lec 26: Polymorphism in Java 8m 34s Preview
  • Lec 27: Method Overriding in Java 6m 18s Preview
  • Lec 28: Abstract Methods and Classes 9m 18s Preview
  • Lec 29: Java Interfaces 7m 25s Preview
  • Lec 30: Recursion in java 6m 56s Preview
  • Lec 31: Arraylist in Java 10m 59s Preview
  • Lec 32: LinkedList in Java 7m 58s Preview
  • Lec 33: Difference between LinkedList vs ArrayList in Java 12m 21s Preview
  • Lec 34: ListIterator in Java 7m 42s Preview
  • Lec 35: HashSet in Java 8m 17s Preview
  • Lec 36: Catching and Handling Exceptions in Java using Try Catch Blocks 10m 24s Preview
  • Lec 37: Java Finally block (try-catch-finally Exception Handling in Java ) 10m 7s Preview
  • Lec 38: Create a File and Write in it Using PrintWriter and File class 8m 38s Preview
  • Lec 39: How to Read file using Java 8m 13s Preview
  • Lec 40: Using Date 10m 47s Preview
  • Lec 41: How to Create and Run a Simple JUnit test in Eclipse IDE 13m 53s Preview
  • Lec 42: Introduction to Java Threads 11m 59s Preview
  • Lec 43: How to Create Threads in Java by Extending Thread Class 7m 53s Preview
  • Lec 44: Creating Java Threads by implementing Runnable Interface 6m 4s Preview
  • Lec 45: Java Thread.join() Method and Synchronized Method 12m 1s Preview

About Tutor

Tutor: Dinesh
Course: 4
Students: 27

I have 15 years of Experience as a Trainer on Java,Andriod,QA. Thousands of students have been successfully trained by me. 

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