Learn to Read Telugu in 10 Days

Video Course By Shaik Bade Saheb
Students Enrolled: 9 Total Lecturs: 37
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What will I learn from this course?

  • You will be able to read Telugu fluently
  • Works for anyone who speaks Telugu


  • You should already know how to speak in Telugu

Who is the target audience?

  • If you can speak Telugu but cannot read
  • If you are a parent and want to teach your child how to read in Telugu, then you can use this as a tool to teach your child
  • If you are a teacher and want to teach your students then this is perfect for you as well
  • If you come from other states to Telugu states and you can speak Telugu but cannot read

Course Curriculum

Total: 37 lectures
  • 2m 56s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 1 - Telugu Lecture Preview

  • 1m 59s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 1 - Hindi Lecture Preview

  • 2m 31s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 1 - English Lecture Preview

  • Recap (సమీక్ష)

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము)

  • 0m 58s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 2 - Telugu Lecture

  • 1m 17s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 2 - Hindi Lecture

  • 1m 14s

    అచ్చులు (Achulu) - 2 - English Lecture

  • Recap (సమీక్ష)

  • 4m 41s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 1 - Telugu Lecture

  • 4m 44s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 1 - Hindi Lecture

  • 3m 44s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 1 - English Lecture

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము)

  • 4m 22s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 2 - Telugu Lecture

  • 1m 23s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 2 - Hindi Lecture

  • 2m 04s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 2 - English Lecture

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము)

  • 2m 51s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 3 - Telugu Lecture

  • 1m 08s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 3 - Hindi Lecture

  • 1m 31s

    హల్లులు (Hallulu) - 3 - English Lecture

  • 5m 27s

    ఉభయాక్షరములు (Joining Letters) - Telugu Lecture

  • 5m 56s

    ఉభయాక్షరములు (Joining Letters) - Hindi Lecture

  • 6m 06s

    ఉభయాక్షరములు (Joining Letters) - English Lecture

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము) - 1

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము) - 2

  • 3m 37s

    గుణింతములు (Guninthamulu) - Telugu Lecture

  • 5m 44s

    గుణింతములు (Guninthamulu) - Hindi Lecture

  • 3m 00s

    గుణింతములు మార్పులు (Guninthamulu Changes) - Telugu Lecture

  • 2m 55s

    గుణింతములు మార్పులు (Guninthamulu Changes) - Hindi Lecture

  • 3m 22s

    గుణింతములు మార్పులు (Guninthamulu Changes) - English Lecture

  • 4m 31s

    ఒత్తులు (Othulu) - Telugu Lecture

  • 3m 37s

    ఒత్తులు (Othulu) - Hindi Lecture

  • 2m 43s

    ఒత్తులు (Othulu) - English Lecture

  • Practice (అభ్యాసము)

  • 10m 51s

    సంయుక్త/సంశ్లేశాక్షరములు (Samyuktha/Samslesaksharamulu) - Telugu Lecture

  • 7m 38s

    సంయుక్త/సంశ్లేశాక్షరములు (Samyuktha/Samslesaksharamulu) - Hindi Lecture

  • 9m 20s

    సంయుక్త/సంశ్లేశాక్షరములు (Samyuktha/Samslesaksharamulu) - English Lecture



If you can speak Telugu but cannot read, then this is for you. The course is designed to teach you how to read Telugu fluently within 10 days. 

The lectures in this course are given in Telugu, Hindi & English. You can choose to listen to lectures in any language that you are comfortable in.

How does this course help you learn Telugu in 10 days?

The course includes video lectures along with exercises for you to practice. A very innovative methodology is adopted in this course. The tutor has successfully taught thousands of students including foreigners to read Telugu within 10 days. He has worked on bringing this course online to help several telugu speaking students across the Globe. 

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Shaik Bade Saheb
  • Tests Packages: 1
  • Students: 9

Mr. Shaik Bade Saheb has over 35 years of experience in teaching languages. He is an expert in teaching Spoken English, Spoken Hindi and Spoken Telugu and how to read Telugu.

Mr. Bade Saheb has developed techniques that would allow students to learn any language very easily. He started his journey by teaching an American delegate who was looking for a Tutor who can teach him and his wife how to speak and read Telugu. He successfully taught them the language. During that phase Mr.Saheb developed a technique that would allow anyone to learn Telugu in the shortest period possible. He has time and again proven that irrespective of your mother tongue anyone can learn Telugu or English very easily.

Over the past 35 years, he has taught thousands of professionals and students using the techniques he has developed. His students include

  • School going students
  • Students of other states such as Bihar Haryana who have Telugu as 3rd Language.
  • Professionals from other states who settled in Telugu states
  • Actors from other states who wish to act in Telugu TV Movies
  • Telugu NRIs who live abroad and want their children to be able to read Telugu

His efforts have been well appreciated in the education field. He has received an award for his teaching methodology from Andhra Education Society, New Delhi.

Award from Andhra Education Society, New Delhi

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