Production Engineering

for GATE Video Course By vishwa
Students Enrolled: 2 Total Lecturs: 78
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Fundamentals of the subject and detailed analysis on each topic in an incremental manner
  • In-depth concepts in the subject in GATE/ PSU Exams point of view
  • In-depth concepts in the subject in GATE/ PSU Exams point of view
  • Understand how to crack GATE/ PSU Exams and achieve best Ranks
  • Important concepts useful to tackle with technical interviews at PSUs, Core companies and IISc, IITs and other top universities

Who is the target audience?

  • Aspirants of GATE, PSU Jobs, Stat & Central Govt Jobs and Core Jobs
  • B.Tech/ B.E college going students (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year students) can register for this course and start their preparation for GATE and PSU Exams along with their regular academics
  • B.Tech/ B.E completed students including those who got placed at various MNCs can also register for this course and start their preparation for GATE and PSU Exams

Course Curriculum

Total: 78 lectures

  • 00h 49m 43s

    L1. Introduction of Casting

  • 00h 49m 17s

    L2. Allowances

  • 00h 49m 39s

    L3. Types of Allowances

  • 00h 47m 47s

    L4. Types of Allowances(Contd…), Classroom Workbook 1, Classifications of Patterns

  • 00h 48m 46s

    L5. Types of Patterns

  • 00h 49m 17s

    L6. Mould Making & Mould sand Properties

  • 00h 48m 58s

    L7. Mould Sand Properties(Contd…), Core Making

  • 00h 49m 23s

    L8. Chaplets & Chills

  • 00h 49m 53s

    L9. Gating System Design

  • 00h 47m 31s

    L10. Types of Gating System

  • 00h 49m 23s

    L11. Pouring Time

  • 00h 49m 37s

    L12. Step Gate, Classroom Workbook 2

  • 00h 46m 32s

    L13. Classroom Workbook 3

  • 00h 49m 40s

    L14. Asporation Effect

  • 00h 45m 30s

    L15. Solidfication, Classroom Workbook 4

  • 00h 49m 11s

    L16. Classroom Workbook 5, Raiser Design

  • 00h 49m 43s

    L17. Shape of Riser, Modules of Riser & Casting

  • 00h 50m 00s

    L18. Designing Riser Methods, Feeding distance of Riser

  • 00h 48m 41s

    L19. Feeding distance of Riser, Classroom Workbook 6

  • 00h 58m 16s

    L20. Special Casting Process

  • 00h 58m 49s

    L21. Special Casting Process(Contd…1)

  • 00h 58m 30s

    L22. Special Casting Process(Contd…2)

  • 00h 59m 07s

    L23. Special Casting Process(Contd…3), Casting Defects

  • 00h 58m 53s

    L24. Classroom Workbook 7

  • 00h 58m 24s

    L25. Classroom Workbook 8

  • 00h 57m 57s

    L1. Introduction to Welding Concepts

  • 00h 56m 16s

    L2. Gas Welding, Types of Flames

  • 00h 58m 39s

    L3. Factors Affecting Selection of torch angle, Welding Techniques, Fluxes & Filler Rod

  • 00h 58m 09s

    L4. Properties of Filler Rod, Production of Oxygen, Production of C2H2

  • 00h 58m 04s

    L5. Air Acetylene & Oxy Hydrogen Welding, Atomic Hydrogen Welding

  • 00h 58m 04s

    L6. Arc Welding, Arc Mechanism, Polarities used in Arc Welding

  • 00h 56m 57s

    L7. Fundamentals of Arc, Electrodes used in Arc Welding

  • 00h 58m 17s

    L8. Arc Power Sources, Voltage Arc Length Characteristics

  • 00h 57m 29s

    L9. Classroom Workbook 1

  • 00h 58m 05s

    L10. Arc Blow & Flux Coating

  • 00h 58m 41s

    L11. Duty Cycle, Weld Bead Design

  • 00h 58m 23s

    L12. Melting Efficiency, Classroom Workbook 2

  • 00h 58m 12s

    L13. Classroom Workbook 3

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L14. Shielded Gas Welding

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L15. Plasama arc welding Process & Submurged Arc Welding Process, Chemical Welding Process

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L16. Non Fusing Welding Process, Solding & Brazing

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L17. Resistance Welding

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L18. Spot Projetion Seams Welding

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L19. Classroom Workbook 4

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L20. Classroom Workbook 5

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L21. Flash Built Weldinh, Ultrasonic Welding & Friction Welding

  • 00h 59m 59s

    L22. Classroom Workbook 6

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L23. Electron Beam Welding & Laser Beam Welding, Welding Defects

  • 00h 30m 00s

    L24. Welding Defects(Contd....), Classroom Workbook 7

  • 00h 57m 09s

    L1. Introduction to Metal Forming Processes

  • 00h 59m 08s

    L2. Introduction to Metal Forming Processes(Contd…), Rolling

  • 00h 58m 38s

    L3. Angle of Bite in Rolling

  • 00h 58m 59s

    L4. Power Calculations in Rolling

  • 00h 58m 59s

    L5. Classroom Workbook 1

  • 00h 59m 15s

    L6. Wire & Tube Drawing

  • 00h 57m 45s

    L7. Wire & Tube Drawing(Contd...), Classroom Workbook 2

  • 00h 58m 26s

    L8. Classroom Workbook 3

  • 00h 59m 17s

    L9. Extrusion, Forward extrusion, Backward extrusion

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L10. Defects in Extursion, Analysis of Extrusion, Classroom Workbook 4

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L11. Forging, Types of Forging

  • 00h 59m 59s

    L12. Types of Forging(Contd….), Classroom Workbook 5

  • 00h 30m 00s

    L13. Classroom Workbook 6

  • 00h 57m 47s

    L1. Classification of Manufacturing Process, Various Material Removal Process

  • 00h 58m 12s

    L2. Parameter Effecting Metal Cutting, System of Description of Tool Geometry

  • 00h 54m 23s

    L3. System of Description of tool Geometry(Contd...), American Standards Association, Orthogonal Rake System

  • 00h 50m 28s

    L4. Orthogonal Rake System, Effect of Tool geometry on cutting performance

  • 00h 56m 57s

    L5. Mechanism of chip formation, Built-up-Edge formation

  • 00h 56m 14s

    L6. Type of Metal Cutting

  • 00h 52m 09s

    L7. Analysis of Orthogonal Cutting, Shear Stress, Cutting Velocity

  • 00h 42m 07s

    L8. Analysis of Cutting forces orthogonal cutting, Theories of metal cutting

  • 00h 55m 46s

    L9. Theories of Metal cutting(Contd….), Specific cutting energy

  • 00h 58m 13s

    L10. Classroom Workbook 1

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L11. Classroom Workbook 2

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L12. Heat generation in metal cutting, Tool Failure, Mechanisms of Tool Wear

  • 01h 00m 01s

    L13. Mechanisms of Tool Wear(contd…), Types of Tool Wear, Modified Tool Life Equation

  • 01h 00m 01s

    L14. Economics of Machine, Millinh Operation

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L15. Milling Operation(Contd…), Classroom Workbook 3

  • 01h 00m 00s

    L16. Classroom workbook 4


Production for GATE

SMART GATE is the complete solution for GATE & PSU Job aspirants. This subject course includes the following.

  • 100+ Hours of Video Lectures covered all the topics in detail
  • Online Tests which include Subject wise, Chapter wise tests to evaluate your understanding in this subject
  • The subject is taught by some of INDIA's best faculty who have vast experience in GATE and taught 100's of batches
  • Lectures delivered in detail covering the GATE Syllabus and application of concepts through discussion of question bank of different levels
  • Classroom Workbook documents containing questions discussed in video lectures
  • Analytics to analyze your performance
  • Discussion forum for doubt clearance

Faculty : Prof Vijay

  • M.Tech@ NITW
  • 12 Years of experience and taught 100s of batches for GATE / IES / other PSU Exams across India 

About Tutor

  • Tutor: vishwa
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