Fundamentals of Biology (MIT)

Basic Fundamentals Video Course By Prof. Eric Lander
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Expert In DNA techniques.


  • There are no formal prerequisites for this course. At MIT, it is usually taken during the freshman (first) year. To succeed in this course you will need to be familiar with the fundamental concepts of atoms, chemical compounds, and chemical bonds.

Who is the target audience?

  • Biology Students.

Course Curriculum

Total: 8 lectures

  • 16m 51s

    Types of Organisms, Cell Composition

  • 7m s

    DNA Structure and Classic experiments

  • 38m 55s

    Linkage and Recombination, Genetic maps

  • 13m 2s

    Basic Mechanisms of Cloning

  • 23m 20s

    Mendel's Laws

  • 17m 43s

    Mendel's Laws 2

  • 35m 2s

    Alternative Approaches to Molecular Biology

  • 15m 28s

    Transcription and Translation


Fundamentals of Biology focuses on the basic principles of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and recombinant DNA. These principles are necessary to understanding the basic mechanisms of life and anchor the biological knowledge that is required to understand many of the challenges in everyday life, from human health and disease to loss of biodiversity and environmental quality.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Prof. Eric Lander
  • Tests Packages: 0
  • Students: 4

Eric Steven Lander (born February 3, 1957), a mathematician and geneticist, is a Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), former member of the Whitehead Institute, and founding director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard who has devoted his career to realizing the promise of the human genome for medicine. He is co-chair of U.S. PresidentBarack Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

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