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Class XI Physics

Video Course By Ravi
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Course Curriculum

Total: 196 lectures

  • 8m 57s

    Physics and Scientific Method

  • 9m 38s


  • 6m 59s

    Force in Physics

  • 10m 44s

    Gravitational Force

  • 10m 45s

    Electromagnetic Force

  • 10m 12s

    Nuclear, Long and Short Force

  • 5m 47s


  • 6m 22s

    Molecular Nature of Matter

  • 2m 45s

    Dalton Atomic Theory

  • 3m 57s

    Molecular Structure

  • 4m 58s

    Behaviour Of gas

  • 3m 43s

    Avogardo Hypothesis

  • 8m 32s

    Perfect gas Equation

  • 7m 30s

    Real and ideal Gas

  • 3m 55s

    Boyles and Charles law

  • 5m 4s

    Daltons Law of partial pressure

  • 11m 39s

    Physics Kinetic Theory part 11 (Examples)

  • 5m 9s

    Kinetic Theory of Ideal gas

  • 14m 50s

    Pressure of Ideal gas - Kinetic Theory

  • 3m 55s

    Kinetic Theory-Justifying assumptions

  • 6m 30s

    Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature

  • 7m 12s

    Kinetic Theory consistent with Ideal gas Equation

  • 8m 28s

    Physics Kinetic Theory part 18 (Example)

  • 5m 36s

    Intro Law of Equipartition of Energy

  • 5m 51s

    Translation degree of Freedom

  • 5m 4s

    Rotation degree of Freedom

  • 4m 16s

    Vibrational degree of Freedom

  • 3m 11s

    Law of Equipartition of Energy

  • 3m 51s

    Specific Heat Capacity Mono-Atomic Gas

  • 5m 31s

    Specific Heat Capacity Dia-Atomic Gas

  • 2m 50s

    Specific Heat Capacity Poly-Atomic Gas

  • 4m 29s

    Specific Heat Capacity Solid

  • 4m 21s

    Specific Heat Capacity Water

  • 10m 23s

    Mean free path

  • 10m 5s

    Physics Kinetic Theory part 30 (Examples)

  • 8m 38s

    Aristotle law

  • 14m 55s

    Inertia, Galileo law

  • 12m 14s

    Newton first law

  • 10m 28s


  • 5m 50s

    Momentum Examples

  • 14m 49s

    Newton Second law, Impulse

  • 12m 29s

    Problems second law Newton

  • 6m 29s

    Newton third law

  • 14m 40s

    Conservation of Momentum

  • 13m 24s

    Problems on Conservation of Momenutm

  • 6m 54s

    Rocket Problem

  • 6m 52s

    Contact force, Friction

  • 9m 9s

    Static Friction

  • 12m 7s

    Kinetic Fricton

  • 6m 49s

    Rolling Friction

  • 6m 57s

    Application of friction

  • 12m 29s

    Tips to solve Problems

  • 10m 49s

    Problem law of motion

  • 14m 8s

    Problem law of motion

  • 14m 33s

    Problem law of motion

  • 12m 48s

    Circular motion

  • 7m 7s

    Circular motion on level road

  • 13m 46s

    Circular motion on banked road

  • 10m 18s

    Circular motionroblems

  • 6m 53s


  • 10m 46s

    Scalar Products

  • 12m 55s

    Advanced Scalar Product

  • 11m 32s

    Work, Positive, Negative work

  • 12m 26s

    Force Displacement Graph

  • 9m 55s

    Kinetic energy KE=1/2mv^2

  • 13m 15s

    Work Energy Theorem

  • 7m 40s

    Potential enrgy p=mgh

  • 10m 49s

    KE to PE conversion

  • 10m 2s

    Conservative and Non Conservative force

  • 9m 40s

    Conservation of Mechanical energy- Falling ball

  • 6m 34s

    Introduction to spring force

  • 8m 45s

    Work done in Spring

  • 10m 21s

    Conservation of Mechanical Energy in Spring

  • 14m 56s


  • 13m 12s

    Work Energy theorem, Various Forms of Energy

  • 8m 5s


  • 9m 36s


  • 13m 25s

    Collision, Momemtum and Energy Conservation

  • 7m 1s

    In-elastic Collision 1 one dimension

  • 12m 26s

    Elastic Collision 1 one dimension

  • 5m 20s

    Collision 2 two dimension

  • 11m 47s


  • 8m 11s

    Rotation about fixed axis

  • 3m 44s

    System of particles

  • 12m 29s

    Center of mass for system of particles

  • 9m 6s

    Center of mass for rigid

  • 10m 51s

    Numericals Center of mass

  • 15m 52s

    Motion of center of mass

  • 15m 55s

    Vector product

  • 13m 46s

    Angular velocity

  • 8m 4s


  • 5m 7s

    Angular momentum

  • 4m 55s


  • 10m 13s

    Numerical Torque

  • 9m 57s

    Numerical Torque

  • 7m 10s

    Equilibrium of Rigid body

  • 9m 27s


  • 7m 26s

    Center of gravity

  • 13m 45s

    Numerical Center of gravity

  • 6m 47s

    Moment of inertia

  • 13m 18s

    Calculate Moment of inertia

  • 4m 36s

    Calculate Moment of inertia circular plate

  • 7m 32s

    Calculate Moment of inertia cylinder

  • 8m 56s

    Calculate Moment of inertia sphere

  • 2m 15s

    Radius of Gyration

  • 9m 9s

    Theory of perpendicular axis

  • 8m 32s

    Theory of parallel axis

  • 2m 55s

    Moment of intertie recap

  • 5m 34s


  • 5m 23s

    Rotational kinetics

  • 13m 28s

    Rolling motion

  • 9m 21s


  • 9m 21s


  • 8m 52s


  • 8m 58s

    Introduction to Gravitation

  • 8m 52s

    Cavendish Experiment

  • 7m 10s

    Acceleration due to gravity

  • 9m 58s

    Acceleration due to gravity below Earth Surface

  • 12m 37s

    Gravitational POtential energy

  • 11m 24s

    Examples-Gravitational POtential energy

  • 4m 18s

    Planetary motion History

  • 5m 37s

    Kepler's First 1st law : Law of Orbits

  • 7m 45s

    Kepler's second 2nd law: Law of Areas

  • 7m 22s

    Kepler's third 3rd law : Law of Periods

  • 13m 51s

    Escape Velocity

  • 8m 17s

    Examples: Escape Velocity

  • 12m 2s

    Earth Satellites

  • 9m 51s

    Examples: Earth Satellites

  • 7m 55s

    Polar Satellite

  • 11m 30s

    Examples: Polar Satellite

  • 9m 28s


  • 6m 20s

    Thermodynamics Equilibrium

  • 10m 10s

    Thermal Equilibrium

  • 4m 2s

    Zeroth law of Thermodynamics

  • 6m 34s

    State variables types

  • 2m 46s

    Equation of State

  • 11m 53s

    Internal Energy

  • 13m 24s

    First law of Thermodynamics

  • 15m s

    Specific Heat Capacity

  • 9m 2s

    Quasi State process

  • 14m 55s

    Isothermal Process

  • 8m 7s

    Adiabatic Process

  • 5m 4s

    Isochoric, Isobaric, Cyclic process

  • 10m 31s

    Heat Engine

  • 5m 15s


  • 2m 54s

    Second law of Thermodynamics

  • 11m 26s

    Carnot Engine

  • 10m 13s

    Carnot Cycle

  • 7m 51s

    Physics Thermodynamics part 20 (Example)

  • 9m 32s

    Physics Thermodynamics part 21 (Example)

  • 12m 19s


  • 6m 18s


  • 8m 16s


  • 7m 42s

    Displacement as function of Sin

  • 5m 41s

    Simple harmonic Motion)

  • 14m 52s

    Simple harmonic Motion Displacement Time Graph

  • 4m 54s


  • 4m 44s

    Angular Frequency

  • 8m 21s

    SHM problems

  • 6m 42s

    Simple harmonic Motion Uniform Circular Motion

  • 13m 42s

    SHM uniform circular motion Mathematically

  • 8m 26s

    Velocity in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 7m 31s

    Accelaration in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 14m 13s

    Problems SHM

  • 5m 54s

    Force law in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 5m 51s

    Energy in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 8m 6s

    Kinetic Energy in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 9m 15s

    Potential Energy ih Simple harmonic Motion

  • 5m 40s

    Total Energy in Simple harmonic Motion

  • 13m 33s

    Problems: Energy in SHM

  • 12m 58s

    Simple harmonic Motion : Pendulum

  • 8m 37s

    Problems: Simple pendulum

  • 5m 38s

    Simple harmonic Motion : Spring Oscillations

  • 12m 23s

    Damped Simple harmonic Motion

  • 14m 41s


  • 12m 26s

    Types of Waves

  • 10m 24s

    Transverse Waves

  • 5m 12s

    Longitudional Waves

  • 4m 45s

    Travelling Waves

  • 11m 45s

    Amplitude of Waves

  • 9m 12s

    Phase of Waves - Part 1

  • 7m 45s

    Phase of Waves - Part 2

  • 5m 36s

    Wavelength of waves

  • 9m 42s

    Displacement of travelling waves

  • 13m 12s

    Expression : wave number, angular frequency, initial phase

  • 9m 31s

    Speed of Travelling waves

  • 12m 25s

    Speed of transverse , longitudional waves

  • 14m 12s

    Superimposition of waves

  • 8m 16s

    Reflection of waves : Rigid, open boundary

  • 12m 59s

    Standing, stationary waves

  • 9m 54s

    Nodes, Antinodes of standing, stationary waves

  • 11m 15s

    Nodes, Antinodes : Closed at both ends

  • 14m 33s

    Nodes, Antinodes : Closed at one end

  • 8m 57s

    Problems Node Antindes

  • 13m 8s


  • 13m 25s

    Doppler effect


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