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IBDP Physics - HL

Video lectures and IB like tests with marking scheme

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Chapters : 12

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Measurements & Uncertainties

Measurements & Uncertainties

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Curriculum For This Chapter

About Chapter

The chapter Measurements & Uncertainties is designed to ensure that the student has complete and essential understandings required for IBDP Physics

Content based Understanding

  • Estimation of magnitude of a given physical quantity is an useful tool when the data regarding other physical quantities are negligible.
  • Errors and uncertainties are not the same thing and appreciate the implication of a choice of methodology influencing the limitations faced during the experiment.

Skill and concept-based Understanding

  • Use vector analysis in physical situations to simplify.


The course is aimed at learners attempting the external and internal components of the IBDP Physics course and it covers the 12 AHL topics that the IB prescribes along with one option topic - Astrophysics. IA writing skills and assessment criteria will also be discussed along with links to TOK. The course is particularly aimed at application and key concepts necessary for holistic understanding of each topic along with IB style assessments for practice.
The videos made are aimed at basic and moderately advanced concepts that are tested regularly by the assessments and can be accessed by learners.

What are the pre-requisites to understand this course

Their approach to learning, characterized by the IB learner profile attributes, will be significant here. However, for most students considering the study of a group 4 subject at HL, while there is no intention to restrict access to group 4 subjects, some previous exposure to formal science education would be necessary. Specific topic details are not specified but students who have undertaken the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) or studied an equivalent national science qualification or a school-based science course would be well prepared for an HL subject. That being said, the most important and essential prerequisite for a learner in question is his/her intent.

At the end of the course what will the student learn

  • 1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
    • a) Facts, concepts and terminology
    • b) Methodologies and techniques
    • c) Communicating scientific information.
  • 2. Apply:
    • a) Facts, concepts and terminology
    • b) Methodologies and techniques
    • c) Methods of communicating scientific information.
  • 3.Formulate, analyze and evaluate:
    • a) Hypotheses, research questions and predictions
    • b) Methodologies and techniques
    • c) Primary and secondary data
    • d. scientific explanations.
  • 4. Demonstrate the appropriate research, experimental, and personal skills necessary to carry out insightful and ethical investigations.

Who should take this course

In general, anyone can opt for this course, since the IB does not differentiate between one form of learning or another. One can be a visual, or kinesthetic or any other pedagogical form of learner and still find means to explore the IBDP physics course to the best of their abilities. This course is modeled to serve that purpose and provide a thorough scaffolding for the content in the textbook. It seeks to be a guide for learners who wish to strengthen their concepts. Please take note that the videos and the entire exercise in general is not aimed at replacing the learning of the content facilitated by the prescribed textbooks and learners must not be led astray with the belief that this course aims to do that.

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4.7 Overall Rating

  • A

    Explanation is too good. IB like questions with marking scheme is helping me a lot.

  • R

    Strongly recommend the course for all IB Physics students. The explanation with illustrative videos helped me grasp the concepts very well

  • S

    The course is unique. Video lectures along with IB like questions, covers it all.

  • M

    The Tutor is very good. I am glad I found this course. Covers the entire syllabus and having the questions and quizzes is a very good idea

  • S

    What I earlier thought were difficult concepts, seem easy now.

  • R

    I like the structure of the course. We generally find videos online but the quizzes and IB like question papers with marking schemes are hard to find by. This course includes it all

  • S

    I checked out the free videos and liked the explanation. Its a very good course and I am glad I enrolled for it