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Students Enrolled: 104 Subjects / Chapters: 20
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Course Content

Physical World and Measurement

  • Concepts : 11
  • Lectures : 30
  • Questions : 101
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  • Concepts : 11
  • Lectures : 33
  • Questions : 107
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Laws of Motion

  • Concepts : 10
  • Lectures : 32
  • Questions : 98
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Work, Energy, and Power

  • Concepts : 7
  • Lectures : 18
  • Questions : 83
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Motion of System of particles and rigid body

  • Concepts : 7
  • Lectures : 20
  • Questions : 99
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  • Concepts : 5
  • Lectures : 20
  • Questions : 71
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Properties of Bulk Matter

  • Concepts : 13
  • Lectures : 49
  • Questions : 182
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  • Concepts : 6
  • Lectures : 18
  • Questions : 102
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Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic

  • Concepts : 4
  • Lectures : 10
  • Questions : 75
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Oscillations and Waves

  • Concepts : 11
  • Lectures : 35
  • Questions : 194
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  • Concepts : 9
  • Lectures : 24
  • Questions : 145
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Current Electricity

  • Concepts : 8
  • Lectures : 19
  • Questions : 103
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Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

  • Concepts : 9
  • Lectures : 25
  • Questions : 114
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  • Concepts : 8
  • Lectures : 23
  • Questions : 98
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Electromagnetic Waves

  • Concepts : 2
  • Lectures : 4
  • Questions : 55
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  • Concepts : 9
  • Lectures : 32
  • Questions : 163
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Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

  • Concepts : 3
  • Lectures : 6
  • Questions : 69
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Atoms and Nuclei

  • Concepts : 5
  • Lectures : 15
  • Questions : 105
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Electronic Devices

  • Concepts : 4
  • Lectures : 16
  • Questions : 96
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  • Concepts : 0
  • Lectures : 0
  • Questions : 0
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The NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is a pre-medical entrance examination in India that allows students to enrol in many Medical and Dental Colleges for MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH courses. The exam is conducted online and in 11 regional languages.

The NEET examination paper comprises of three parts, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Among these subjects, a majority of medical aspirants find it challenging to prepare for the Physics section of the paper. Preparing for NEET Physics requires quite a bit of effort as candidates have to understand a variety of theoretical concepts and practice several numerical problems related to those concepts.

The syllabus for the Physics section carries nearly an equal weightage of questions from class 11th and 12th. Therefore, the best way to prepare for NEET is to focus on the entire syllabus equally without skipping any parts. The candidate will get 45 questions in the Physics section of the NEET exam carrying a total of 180 marks. Scoring good marks from the Physics section will ensure that your overall score is good enough to get admission into MBBS and BDS courses. Students who manage to score 140 or above out of the 180 marks for Physics significantly increase their chances to study at some of the top medical institutions.

The NEET Physics 145+ online course is exclusively crafted for students preparing for NEET-UG, AIIMS, and JIPMER entrance exams. The course guarantees that students will have a thorough understanding of the concepts and become exceptionally good at solving problems. By the end of their learning journey, they will have gained the confidence to solve most of the questions on Physics for AIIMS, NEET, or JIPMER entrance exams.

The NEET Physics 145+ Learning platform is designed to help a student ace in the Physics section of the NEET exam. The platform teaches NEET Physics in 123 Concepts, thus enabling the students to have a solid grip on the concepts and build a strong problem-solving capability.

Here, the explanation for every concept is followed by a set of numerical problems so that the students can remember the concept better. Moreover, the numerical problems are accompanied by video solutions with detailed explanations. After the students are done with a chapter, they can take up a test that covers all the concepts within that particular chapter. An eBook with essential notes and formulas is also included along with the concepts for quick reference.

"NEET Physics in 123 Concepts drives you all the way beyond board exams and keeps you ahead."

The learning platform offers detailed reports to its students showing how well they understood each concept and their progress. To summarize, with NEET 145+ platform, students can get access to the following:

  • 19 chapters covering the entire syllabus: Ten chapters are from Class XI, and the rest nine are from Class XII. A list of the chapters is mentioned below.
    1. Physical World and Measurement - 10 concepts, 30 lectures, 56 questions
    2. Kinematics - 10 concepts, 30 lectures, 62 questions
    3. Laws of Motion - 9 concepts, 32 lectures, 53 questions
    4. Work, Energy, And Power - 6 concepts, 18 lectures, 38 questions
    5. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body - 6 concepts, 20 lectures, 54 questions
    6. Gravitation - 4 concepts, 20 lectures, 26 questions
    7. Properties of Bulk Matter - 12 concepts, 49 lectures, 137 questions
    8. Thermodynamics - 5 concepts, 18 lectures, 57 questions
    9. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetics - 3 concepts, 10 lectures, 30 questions
    10. Oscillations and Waves - 10 concepts, 35 lectures, 149 questions
    11. Electrostatics - 8 concepts, 24 lectures, 100 questions
    12. Current Electricity - 7 concepts, 19 lectures, 58 questions
    13. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism - 8 concepts, 25 lectures, 69 questions
    14. EMI and AC - 7 concepts, 23 lectures, 53 questions
    15. Electromagnetic Waves - 1 concept, 4 lectures, 35 questions
    16. Optics - 8 concepts, 32 lectures, 118 questions
    17. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation - 2 concepts, 6 lectures, 24 questions
    18. Atoms and Nuclei - 4 concepts, 15 lectures, 60 questions
    19. Electronic Devices - 3 concepts, 16 lectures, 51 questions
  • 123 concept groups: Each of the above-mentioned chapters have a few concept groups. The aim behind creating the concept groups is to reinforce the concepts and practice problems to the students. The concept groups are divided into three parts:
    1. Important notes and formulae document (quick reference guide)
    2. Few concept videos detailing the interrelated concepts
    3. Numerical questions with video and text solutions
  • 306 videos with concept explanation
  • 19 chapter-wise tests – 970 problems
  • A total of 3300 numerical problems with text and video solutions
  • 246 eBooklets (having essential notes and formulae)
  • 1800 numerical problems
  • 12 grand tests – 540 problems

NEET Physics 145+ focuses on conceptual learning. Apart from learning the concepts, the student will also learn techniques to answer questions quickly. Above all, the student gets online practice.

A student will get immense benefits from the frequent live webinars conducted by the tutors. They will keep track of the students' progress as well as help with any concepts that they are struggling with. After the end of the webinar, students can clarify their doubts or ask any questions to the tutor.

As the exam is crucial to get into a good medical college, aspirants will be dealing with more anxiety and nervousness during the last month of the NEET date. Therefore, if you are wondering how to study for NEET physics, you can go through the following NEET tricks and keep the stress at bay.

  • Understand the syllabus and examination pattern: Understanding the physics syllabus is your first step in preparing for the exam. Paying attention to class 11th and 12th Physics is essential. You must also focus on the chapters that carry high weightage in terms of marks.
  • Go through the details: As mentioned earlier, Physics comprises both theory and numerical problems. Having a detailed idea of the theory will help you while solving numerical problems.
  • Prepare notes: You will have to go through a vast syllabus while preparing for NEET Physics. Making notes of important topics can be quite useful during revision.
  • Learn the formulas: If you haven't mastered the formulas, you won't be able to score well in Physics. Create a list of formulas and try to understand the logic and concept behind it instead of mugging them up.
  • Refer to questions from the previous exams: You will have a good idea of the question patterns, how they are asked, and the time you take to answer them. Once you find that out, you can develop a strategy to finish answering all the questions in the given time.
  • Mock tests: Mock tests help you determine your preparation and accuracy level.
  • Time management: Use your time well. Schedule your time in a way that allows you to practice formulas and revise daily. The more you practice, the better chance you have at scoring high in the exams.

1. What else will the student get along with the online course?

The Tutor will be personally monitoring the students progress and will be conducting one on one counseling, online group webinars, and online doubt clarification sessions as and when required.

2. How does this platform help a student?

With the 123 concepts explained in videos, the student will have a more clear understanding. That does not stop there. The student has access to thousands of Numerical problems to practice. Coupled with the regular webinars and live doubt clarification sessions the student can get everything he needs to achieve admission to medical college

3. Does it cover the entire NEET Physics syllabus?

Yes. The platform covers the entire CBSE/NCERT NEET Physics syllabus in 123 concepts. There are 19 chapters in total

4. How long will a student have access to the learning platform once they subscribe?

The student will have access for two academic years and can practice the problems any number of times and watch the videos any number of times during that period

5. Can a student subscribe to a chapter rather than the whole learning platform or course?

Yes. The students have the flexibility to subscribe to just one or more chapters. Also, they can subscribe to entire Class XI or Class XII separately

6. Will the student get his/her money back if they do not score 145+ in Physics in the NEET exam?

Yes, we will return the entire subscription payment. However, there are some Terms and Conditions

7. Will I get enough practice problems?

Yes with 1208 multiple choice questions, The student gets to practice while learning once concept at a time. The most important thing is that all the problems have video solutions

In addition to the above the student has access to 31 mock tests for Physics simulating the real NEET exam. Student will get the best of practice

8. Will the videos be long and tedious?

All videos are created with utmost care using the latest technology. No video is more than 7 or 8 minutes. The platform has included several free videos to check out before the student can subscribes

9. What if the student has any doubts?

The student can post their doubts once he subscribes or call our customer care, and we will ensure their doubts will be clarified directly by the Tutor

10. What is AspireBuzz Learning Platform?

AspireBuzz learning platform uses Stimulation Based learning. Like they say "Don't feed the fish. Rather teach them how to fish." The "Stimulation Based Learning" does just that. By the end of this online course, the student will be confident and will be able to score 145+ marks in Physics in the NEET exam. The students will not only understand every concept; they will be able to apply promptly.
"Say goodbye to guesswork."

About Tutor

  • Tutor: Ramesh ch
  • Tests Packages:
  • Students:

Mr. Ch. Ramesh is a Senior Lecturer in Physics and has been training medical aspirants for the last 28 years. He has trained hundreds of students to realize their goal as doctors. He gained the reputation of delivering the best subject content for students appearing for national levels pre-medical entrances like NEET(UG) and AIIMS

His experience includes:


    12 Years as a Leading faculty member in Tetrahedron Educational Academy Himayatnagar of Hyderabad


    14 Years at Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, Chaitanyapuri and Narayanaguda ,Hyderabad

Mr. Ramesh later quit his job and started his journey of creating NEET Physics 145+ learning platform. Over the last three years, he had spent several hours a day in designing the video content, and the numerical problems that would help a student ace NEET. During the recording phase, he never compromised in the quality. In the process of achieving perfection, he went through several retakes with patience and perseverance. He was keen on making sure that even the e-Booklets contain all the needed important notes and formulae. The student can use them for quick reference or for brushing up their concepts. His passion has driven him to create the best platform.

Mr. Ramesh created just the right platform that a student needs for his NEET preparation and can proudly claim that this is "The unique platform" that can help a student achieve his dream of becoming a doctor

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    Perfect package for NEET I am glad I found this. I finished just three chapters so far and I feel so confident. The numerical and the problems in the test are all very well designed

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    Wow simply superb. The idea of dividing into small video concepts and following up with the numerical-problems is excellent. Overall this is an excellent package for students who are preparing for NEET

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    Never realized NEET Physics can be so easy. I finally found the right package to help me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor

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    Excellent package. I had recommend to all my friends

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    I had checked quite a few sites and I think this is by far the best package for NEET physics. The concepts are explained so well that we find physics so easy. The numerical-problems and the practice tests are the best

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    Strongly recommend this package

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    The best package ever created so far

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    its best platform for neet physics to score 145+ with conceptual study and short formulae which are beyond ncert textbook which help to solve numericals and theory easily with extra knowledge i feel confident after completing 6 chapter units but revision is also important where the platform provides 12 model papers and questions are based on neet pattern and no doubt best platform

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    I enrolled to this course 3 weeks ago. I learned more than what I learned in 2 years already. The solution videos are excellent. Ramesh Sir has explained Physics in simple way. I am very confident that I will be able to secure Medical seat this time. This is the best course. I also enrolled to the Chemistry chapters provided by Mr. Sudhakar Reddy. They are also very good

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