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NEET Physics 145+

Ensured 145+ marks in NEET Physics or Your Money Back guarantee. Has over 300 lectures, 1208 numerical problems and 31 mock tests with video and text solutions


Physics is considered the toughest subject by the majority of the medical aspirants. History has shown that any student who scores 140 or more in NEET Physics has a 90% acceptance rate into some of the top medical institutions

NEET Physics 145+ online course is crafted exclusively for students preparing for NEET-UG, AIIMS, and JIMPER entrance exams. By the end of the learning journey, our students will be equipped with conceptual knowledge and problem-solving capability and will have the confidence to handle any questions on Physics for NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER entrance exams

Money Back Guarantee
Enroll in this course, and we guarantee a score of 145 or more in NEET Physics

About NEET Physics 145+ Learning platform

To ace in NEET Physics, a student must understand the concepts and have the ability to solve problems related to the concepts. By the end of this course, the student will have a grip on concepts and a strong problem-solving capability.

The platform teaches NEET Physics in 123 Concepts. After the student learns a concept, She/he gets to solve several numerical problems related to that concept. All numerical problems have video solutions with detailed explanation. When the student finishes a chapter, the student will then be made to take a chapter test covering all the concepts within that particular chapter (also included with detailed solution videos). Also included with each concept group is a eBook with important notes and formulae for quick reference by the student.

"NEET Physics in 123 Concepts drives you all the way beyond board exams and keeps you ahead."

The student has detailed reports showing his understanding of each concept and his progress With NEET 145+ platform you get access to:

  • 123 Concept groups

  • 246 eBooklets (Having important notes and formulae)

  • 306 videos with Concept explanation

  • 1800 numerical problems

  • 19 Chapter wise tests - 970 problems

  • 12 Grand Tests - 540 Problems

  • A total of 3300 Numerical problems with, text and video solutions

Additional Help from the tutor

The tutor will track the student's progress and will be conducting frequent live webinars. In the webinars, the tutor will cover the concepts that the student is struggling in. At the end of the webinar, the tutor will also clarify any questions or doubts that the student might still have


  • 1.

    Who can enroll in this course

    Any student who is currently in Class XI or Class XII of CBSE or ICSE or any equivalent state board and who is preparing for NEET can enroll in this course. This course does not prepare you for XI and XII board exams

  • 2.

    Apart from NEET, I am also preparing for AIIMS and JIPMER will this course help

    This course does help students preparing for AIIMS or JIPMER. However, we do not guarantee marks for AIIMS or JIPMER

  • 3.

    How long will I have access to this course

    The student has access for two academic years from the date of enrollment

  • 4.

    What if I have any doubt

    You can post your doubts and questions on the Learning Platform. Our tutor will be monitoring your progress. He will conduct regular webinars along with one on one discussion as and when required

Terms and Conditions


"We," "Us," "Our" and "Website" means and refers to https://www.AspireBuzz.com, a Website wholly owned and operated by Basani Soft Private Limited a Hyderabad based organization and its tutoring partner neetphysicsclasses.in

"Learning Platform" refers to the online course/learning Platform named "NEET Physics 145+" on the Website

"Student" refers to any person or entity who have enrolled in the Learning Platform

"NEET exam" refers to the NEET exam conducted by CBSE board for undergraduate students every year

"12th Grade" refers to 12th grade in CBSE or ICSE or equivalent course from their respective state board or any other board. And a student is considered as a graduate of 12th grade if he or she qualifies their respective 12th Grade board exam

"11th Grade" refers to 11th grade in CBSE or ICSE or equivalent course from their respective state board or any other board and a Student is considered as a graduate of 11th Grade if he or she qualifies their respective 11th Grade board exam

"Prior NEET exam" refers to the most recent NEET exam conducted as on date. A student who graduated 12th grade in the same year as the Prior NEET exam, is deemed as the student of the Previous academic year and will be referred as "Prior NEET Student."

"Current NEET Exam" refers to the immediate next NEET exam from to-date. A student who graduates 12th grade the same year as the Current NEET exam will be deemed as a Student of the Current academic year and referred as "Current NEET Student."

"Future NEET Exam" refers to the NEET exam that will be conducted a year after Current NEET Exam. A student who graduates 12th grade in the same year as the Future NEET exam will be deemed as a Student of the Future academic year and referred as "Future NEET Student."

Refund Claim Terms

  • 1.

    The candidate should upload his/her scanned hall ticket prior to the NEET exam to be eligible for the claim

  • 2.

    The student should enroll in the entire NEET Physics 145+ course as a whole to be eligible for a refund. Or a student who take both 1st year and 2nd Year portions separately are also eligible for refund. Students who enroll for selective chapters or only NEET Physics 145+ Test series or any other form of enrollment are not eligible for a refund claim

  • 3.

    Only students who completed the entire learning material on the Learning Platform will be eligible for a refund. The learning is complete only if the Student views all the video lectures and has attempted all Concept Group Tests, Chapter level tests and Grand tests that are included in the Learning Platform. The student is given marks for each of the question in these tests. Every question carries four marks for correct answer and -1 mark for wrong answer and 0 marks for not attempting. Only the marks secured in the first attempt will be considered for the refund claim and any subsequent attempts will be ignored

  • 4.

    Once the student finishes the entire learning process, The student is assigned the final Target Score Meter for a total of 180 marks. The concept group tests carry 20% weight, the Chapter Tests carry 30% weight and the Grand Tests carry 50% weight. A student must have a Target Score Meter of 145 or more to be eligible for a refund

  • 5.

    Only Students who have graduated 12th Grade and attempted the NEET exam are eligible to claim for a refund

  • 6.

    Prior NEET Student or Current NEET Student can claim for a refund either after the Current NEET Exam or Future NEET Exam. However, they should have completed the learning in the same academic year that they are claiming the refund

  • 7.

    Next NEET Student can only claim if he successfully graduates the 12th grade and attempts the Next NEET exam

  • 8.

    Only a Student who does not score of 145 or more in Physics in the NEET Exam can claim for the refund. However, if the student gets admission eligibility for any of the following courses in any educational institute in India based on his NEET score, he will automatically become ineligible for refund claim even if he scores less than 145 in NEET Physics

    • MBBS
    • BDS
    • BHMS
    • BAMS
  • 9.

    The refund amount will not exceed the amount paid by the student to enroll in Learning Platform minus all payment gateway and bank transaction charges

  • 10.

    All refunds are via online transfer after the validation of the candidate's claim

  • 11.

    All claims and disputes must be within Hyderabad jurisdiction