Master in TDS on Salary

Complete Guide on - Tax Deduction at Source on Salary. Video Course By saurabh jog
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What will I learn from this course?

  • Understand Entire Legal & Practical Procedures in respect of TDS on Salary.
  • DO Calculation of Tax to be deducted by employer in payroll processing.
  • Prepare quarterly TDS returns.


  • No such prerequisite but- Basic understanding of TDS will be useful.

Who is the target audience?

  • HR professionals
  • Payroll professionals
  • Accounts & Finance professionals
  • Compliance / Tax professionals

Course Curriculum

Total: 37 lectures

  • 0h 4m 30s

    introduction Preview

  • 0h 19m 14s

    tds method Preview

  • 0h 8m 12s

    2 salary basic

  • 0h 14m 29s

    3 salary basic

  • 0h 10m 24s

    4 salary

  • 0h 17m 23s

    5 salary

  • tds on salary

  • salary income

  • 0h 11m 20s

    tds calculation 2

  • 0h 5m 02s

    epayment tds

  • 0h 23m 17s

    tds return 24q part 1

  • 0h 19m 39s

    TDS return part 2

  • 0h 16m 36s

    Tds procedures

  • 0h 11m 33s

    TDS sops

  • 0h 16m 17s

    7 perquisites

  • 0h 18m 24s

    8 perquisites 2

  • 0h 15m 41s

    9 perquisites 3

  • 0h 15m 01s

    10 perqisites

  • 0h 15m 32s

    11 perquisites

  • 0h 9m 43s

    12 perquisites

  • 0h 11m 02s

    13 perquisites

  • 0h 12m 57s

    14 perquisites

  • 0h 15m 08s

    15 exemptions

  • 0h 11m 19s

    16 exemptions

  • 0h 10m 00s

    17 exemptions

  • 0h 10m 38s

    18 exemptions

  • 0h 14m 29s

    19 exemption

  • 0h 6m 37s

    20 relief

  • 0h 9m 19s


  • 0h 9m 21s

    22 relief

  • 0h 14m 00s

    23 int on housing

  • 0h 15m 41s

    24 deduction

  • 0h 14m 46s

    25 deductions

  • 0h 14m 11s

    26 deductions

  • 0h 17m 36s

    27 deductions

  • hp deduction

  • deductions


Theoretical understanding of the Income Tax Law with Practical examples in-respect of TDS on Salary.

  • Calculation of Taxable / Exempt Salary.

  • Various Taxable / Exempt Allowance & Perquisites.

  • Income Tax Rules regarding- Valuation of perquisites.

  • Deductions available to an Employee.

  • Calculation of TDS in payroll processing.

  • Documentation & Procedures to be followed under Income Tax Act.

  • Preparation of quarterly TDS return.

  • SOPs to be followed in TDS process.

About Tutor

  • Tutor: saurabh jog
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  • Students: 1

Saurabh D. Jog (CA, CIA) has 20 years of experience at Senior Management Level in various industries including Audit & Consultancy, Logistics, Infra and Engineering & Manufacturing.

He is associated with premier institutes like- ICAI, ICFAI, ICSI, various B-Schools as visiting faculty.

He is also a Freelance Corporate Trainer for commercial skills development for last 10 years.

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