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GRE Online Test Serires

Packages : 7
Tests: 216

GRE(Quantitative Aptitude)

Tests : 53 Questions : 880

Tests For This Package

  • Arithmetic Operations-1(GRE) Questions:10   Time:15
  • Integers-1(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Number Theory - 1 Questions:25   Time:40
  • Factors and Multiples - 1 (GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Integers - 2 (GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Fractions and Decimals Questions:20   Time:25
  • Percent-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:25
  • Linear and Quadratic Equations-2(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Exponents and Roots-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Exponents and Roots-2(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Inequalities-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Inequalities-2(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Inequalities-3(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Functions and Graphs-1(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Lines and Angles-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Triangles-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Triangles-2(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Triangles-3(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Triangles-4(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Circles-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Coordinate Geometry-1(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Coordinate Geometry-2(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Counting Methods (GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Set Theory-1 Questions:20   Time:35
  • Set Theory-2 Questions:20   Time:35
  • Probability-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Data Analysis-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Data Analysis-2(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Data Analysis-3(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Data Analysis-4(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Data Analysis-5(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Numerical Methods of Describing Data-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Numerical Methods of Describing Data-2(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Numerical Methods of Describing Data-3(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Quantitative Comparison-1(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Quantitative Comparison-2(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Quantitative Comparison-3(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Quantitative Comparison-4(GRE) Questions:25   Time:40
  • Multiple Options Correct-1(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Multiple Options Correct-2(GRE) Questions:20   Time:35
  • Problem Solving Questions:20   Time:35
  • Problem Solving Questions:20   Time:35
  • Problem Solving Questions:20   Time:35
  • Problem Solving Questions:20   Time:35
  • Word Problem1 Questions:25   Time:40
  • Word Problem2 Questions:25   Time:30
  • Word Problem3 Questions:20   Time:25
  • Ratio-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Rate Problems-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Rate Problems-2(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Polygons-1(GRE) Questions:15   Time:25
  • Quantitative Reasioning(GRE) Questions:15   Time:20
  • Quantitative Reasioning(GRE) Questions:15   Time:20

The Course Module

TCYOnline GRE quantitative practice test comprises of 53 tests having 1030 questions. The high caliber of practice questions offers a great diversity of question types spanning across GRE syllabus. Each GRE Math problem relates to the core concept that is being tested. The Practice test results highlight how you performed on each area of the test and which ones require your ongoing attention. The course module offers comprehensive solution in terms of large array of topics such as Arithmetic Operations, Number Theory, Fractions and Decimals, Percentages, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Exponents and Roots, Inequalities, Functions and Graphs, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Counting Methods, Set Theory, Probability, Data Analysis, Numerical Methods of Describing Data, Quantitative Comparison, Problem Solving, Word Problems, Ratio, Rate Problems, Polygons and Mixed Test.

Why Course Module is a must?

An impressive score on the GRE has a great impact on your future career plan without a doubt and which indeed needs adequate preparation. TCYOnline GRE practice test module is designed to emulate the real GRE to meet your this deserving goal. The course contains 11

robust mock tests with 880 questions to assess your knowledge and skills and to gauge how prepared you are for the actual GRE test. The GRE mocks will also expose any areas of weakness that need further study. The practice tests help candidates not only to grasp the test content but also to understand how the scoring scheme and at the same time making you comfortable with the test format. Candidates should solve these papers in a timed environment in order to gain semblance of the test day conditions and have a competitive edge to shine in GRE exam.