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MBA Entrance Mock Test Series

Packages : 21
Tests: 677

MBA Entrance - DI/DS/LR

Tests : 30 Questions : 3093

Tests For This Package

  • Bar Graph:Data Interpretation Questions:25   Time:30
  • DI Test -7 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DI Test -8 Questions:22   Time:30
  • DI Test - 9 Questions:26   Time:30
  • DI Test - 10 Questions:27   Time:30
  • DI Test - 11 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DI Test - 12 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DI Conceptual Practice-13 Questions:26   Time:30
  • DI Test - 14 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DI Test - 15 Questions:22   Time:25
  • DI Test - 16 Questions:20   Time:30
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-2 Questions:20   Time:40
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-4 Questions:20   Time:40
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-5 Questions:20   Time:40
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-6 Questions:20   Time:40
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-8 Questions:25   Time:50
  • CAT Logical Reasoning TEST-7 Questions:20   Time:40
  • Data Sufficiency:Arthmetical and Logical-Practice Exercise Questions:20   Time:20
  • DS Test - 1 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 2 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 3 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 4 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 5 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 6 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 7 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 8 Questions:25   Time:30
  • DS Test - 9 Questions:25   Time:40
  • DS Test - 10 Questions:25   Time:40
  • DS Test - 11 Questions:25   Time:40
  • DS Test - 12 Questions:25   Time:25

The Course Module

When it comes to DI, DS, LR Preparation for MBA Entrance , it is by far the trickiest section. Though various examinations like IIFT, NMAT, XAT, SNAP have shown inclination towards a certain difficulty level of questions on LR and DI, they have maintained more or less same share of LR and DI in their test papers over last 10 years. Another important aspect to take into cognizance is that CAT papers of the last decade shows that CAT prefers sets in LR whereas exams of SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, XAT, MHCET, CMAT prefer independent questions. Typical varieties of Data Interpretation include Tables, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Mixed Charts or any other unusual but structured representation of data. Logical Reasoning is the area of aptitude which includes puzzles requiring common sense and lots of practice of varied questions. Most important among them are the LR sets involving arrangement of data in a tabular structure, Directions, Blood Relation, Decision Making, Series, Coding/Decoding, Visual Reasoning, Cubes etc. The need is students get accurate solution in optimum time and only practice can make an aspirant reach this objective. Exams of NMAT, CMAT are known for producing time consuming LR questions which comes independently instead of coming in sets. They reduce speed of the test taker in these tests. CAT produced a time consuming LR section last year. XAT does it every year. So a regular practice is the only solution.

With 30 robust tests having 713 questions the TCYOnline MBA Entrance DI/DS/LR module strives to improve your overall grasp on this broad topic and by attempting these set of well crafted questions and know how, achieving a great score becomes easier.

Why Course Module is a must?

The MBA entrance open doors to the leading management programmes in India. Conceptual clarity and consistent practice can enhance speed in the exam which is the requisite for scoring high. Taking mock tests along with time management is the most crucial aspect of the preparation. It is equally important to assess the mocks which will provide a clear understanding on strong and weak areas respectively. With extensive 400+ topic wise tests, robust mock tests for CAT, MAT etc, previous year tests, beneficial added features like Solution and Analytics, Simulated Test Interface and Study Planners, TCYOnline course module for MBA is a one-stop online comprehensive learning solution for preparation of any kind of MBA entrance assessment such as CAT, SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, XAT, CMAT/MAT, CET (Mah), IRMA SAT, GK, IBSAT, ATMA, AP/TS ICET We always place exceptional focus on relevance and quality of tests making learning effective and performance centric. Test Packages at this module are complemented by detailed Performance Analytics and Benchmarking. Study Planner helps learners to have a focused and well grounded approach to succeed in exams. The choices are plenty too in terms of Monthly packs, Weekend packs, CAT Premium, Mock Tests, Night Booster packs etc with cost effective pricing for students. Enroll with us to practice and perform efficiently.