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MBA Entrance Mock Test Series

Packages : 21
Tests: 677

MBA Entrance - Quant

Tests : 114 Questions : 3093

Tests For This Package

  • Introduction to numbers Questions:20   Time:20
  • introduction to numbers 2 Questions:25   Time:25
  • Introduction to Numbers Questions:30   Time:40
  • Number Theory Questions:20   Time:20
  • Number Theory I Questions:30   Time:40
  • Number Theory I Questions:30   Time:45
  • Number System Questions:15   Time:15
  • ST-1(NumbersSystem LCF-HCF) Questions:25   Time:30
  • Number Theory II Questions:25   Time:30
  • Number Theory II Questions:30   Time:30
  • Number Theory II Questions:30   Time:45
  • LCM&HCF Questions:20   Time:20
  • Number System-HCF&LCM-2 Questions:25   Time:30
  • LCM&HCF Questions:30   Time:30
  • LCM&HCF Questions:30   Time:30
  • LCM&HCF Questions:17   Time:30
  • Averages Questions:20   Time:30
  • Averages Questions:25   Time:30
  • Averages Questions:25   Time:25
  • Averages Questions:30   Time:30
  • Averages Questions:15   Time:30
  • ST-2(Ratio Prop.Perc.) Questions:25   Time:30
  • Ratio&Proportion Questions:20   Time:20
  • Ratio&Proportion Questions:25   Time:30
  • Ratio&Proportion Questions:30   Time:30
  • Ratio&Proportion Questions:30   Time:45
  • Ratio&Proportion Questions:15   Time:30
  • Mixture and Alligation Questions:19   Time:30
  • Mixture and Alligation Questions:25   Time:30
  • Mixture and Alligation Questions:25   Time:35
  • Mixture and Alligation Questions:22   Time:30
  • Percentage Questions:20   Time:30
  • Percentage-2 Questions:25   Time:35
  • Percentage-II Questions:28   Time:30
  • Percentage/Profit&Loss Questions:14   Time:30
  • ST-3(Profit and Loss Ratio/Prop.) Questions:25   Time:15
  • Profit & Loss Questions:25   Time:30
  • Profit & Loss Questions:19   Time:25
  • Profit & Loss Questions:30   Time:30
  • Rate Problems:Time speed Distance and Time & Work Questions:25   Time:30
  • Time & Distance Questions:20   Time:40
  • Time & Distance Questions:25   Time:30
  • Time & Distance Questions:30   Time:30
  • ST-4(Time Work and Distance) Questions:25   Time:30
  • Time & Work Questions:20   Time:20
  • Time & Work Questions:25   Time:45
  • Time and Work-4 Questions:29   Time:40
  • Time and Work Questions:30   Time:30
  • Simple and Compound Interest Questions:20   Time:30
  • Simple and Compound Interest Questions:20   Time:30
  • Commercial Mathematics Questions:25   Time:35
  • SI AND CI (MBA) Questions:30   Time:30
  • Clocks and Calender Questions:20   Time:20
  • Clocks & Calender Questions:25   Time:30
  • Elementary Algebra Questions:20   Time:20
  • Elementary Algebra Questions:20   Time:20
  • Elementary Algebra Questions:20   Time:20
  • Elementary Algebra-4 Questions:20   Time:20
  • Equations 1 Questions:20   Time:20
  • Equations Questions:25   Time:30
  • Equation(Maths) Questions:25   Time:25
  • Quantitative Ability (MBA) Questions:30   Time:30
  • Inequalities Questions:20   Time:35
  • Inequalities 3 Questions:25   Time:30
  • Inequalities Test 3 Questions:30   Time:30
  • Inequalities Questions:30   Time:45
  • Inequalities Questions:15   Time:30
  • Progression Questions:20   Time:30
  • Progression Questions:25   Time:30
  • AP GP series & their combination Questions:30   Time:30
  • Progression Questions:30   Time:45
  • Function/Maxima & Minima Questions:25   Time:30
  • Function/Maxima & Minima Questions:25   Time:30
  • Function(Maxima & Minima) Questions:20   Time:20
  • Function/Maxima & Minima Questions:25   Time:40
  • Geometry Questions:20   Time:20
  • Geometry-1 Questions:25   Time:30
  • Geometry Questions:30   Time:30
  • Geometry-7 Questions:29   Time:45
  • Coordinate Geometry Questions:17   Time:30
  • Geometry Questions:14   Time:30
  • Area and Volume Questions:15   Time:30
  • Area Questions:20   Time:20
  • Area Questions:25   Time:30
  • Volume Questions:20   Time:20
  • Area and Volume Questions:25   Time:40
  • Coordinate Geometry Questions:20   Time:20
  • Coordinate Geometry Questions:25   Time:30
  • Coordinate Geometry Questions:30   Time:45
  • Coordinate Geometry(MBA) Questions:30   Time:45
  • Trigonometry Questions:20   Time:20
  • Trigonometry Questions:25   Time:30
  • Trigonometry 1 Questions:30   Time:30
  • Trigonometry 2 Questions:30   Time:30
  • Permutation and Combination Questions:20   Time:40
  • Permutation and Combination Questions:25   Time:40
  • Counting Techniques-2 Questions:25   Time:25
  • Permutation & Combination Questions:30   Time:30
  • Permutation and Combination Questions:15   Time:30
  • Probability Questions:20   Time:35
  • Probability Questions:25   Time:30
  • Probability Questions:30   Time:40
  • Probability Questions:30   Time:30
  • Probability Questions:17   Time:30
  • Set Questions:20   Time:20
  • Sets Questions:25   Time:30
  • Sets 3 Questions:30   Time:30
  • Sets 4 Questions:30   Time:30
  • Set Theory Questions:15   Time:20
  • Data Interpretation Questions:15   Time:60
  • Data Interpretation Questions:15   Time:25
  • Linear & Quadratic Equations Questions:15   Time:30
  • Surds & Indices Questions:14   Time:30
  • Statistics Questions:14   Time:30

The Course Module

Quantitative Aptitude is probably the scariest section for many students preparing for various competitive MBA entrance. The syllabus is enormous, the formulas are endless, there are always some shortcut tricks that you are unaware of and there are few who can solve complex questions in less than a minute in your study groups. A lot of these problems arise from the very notion that – Math is difficult! Which actually is not the case, candidates who seek admission in any MBA programme are expected to have an aptitude for basic and elementary accounting as well as the knack of solving simple arithmetic problems. The Quantitative Aptitude section evaluates a candidate's skills in solving mathematical problems based on primarily elementary topics and some complex topics from the Intermediate or equivalent level. Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude demands structured study plan, studying right reference material, lots of practice tests, conceptual clarity and speed.

This section of Quantitative Aptitude for MBA entrance by TCYOnline empowers students with 114 online test series having large number of 2688 questions available to practice and perform covering topics such as Introduction to Numbers, Number Theory, LCM and HCF, Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Alligations and Mixtures, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Commercial Maths, Clocks and Calendars, Elementary Algebra, Solving Polynomial Equations, Inequalities, Progressions, Functions, Geometry, Area and Volume, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Set Theory, Data Interpretation, Algebra, Statistics. The key is continuous practice in a timed setting. And we help aspirants to gain command over respective topics with variety of quality choices and smartly curated question series.

Why Course Module is a must?

The MBA entrance open doors to the leading management programmes in India. Conceptual clarity and consistent practice can enhance speed in the exam which is the requisite for scoring high. Taking mock tests along with time management is the most crucial aspect of the preparation. It is equally important to assess the mocks which will provide a clear understanding on strong and weak areas respectively. With extensive 400+ topic wise tests, robust mock tests for CAT, MAT etc, previous year tests, beneficial added features like Solution and Analytics, Simulated Test Interface and Study Planners, TCYOnline course module for MBA is a one-stop online comprehensive learning solution for preparation of any kind of MBA entrance assessment such as CAT, SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, XAT, CMAT/MAT, CET (Mah), IRMA SAT, GK, IBSAT, ATMA, AP/TS ICET We always place exceptional focus on relevance and quality of tests making learning effective and performance centric. Test Packages at this module are complemented by detailed Performance Analytics and Benchmarking. Study Planner helps learners to have a focused and well grounded approach to succeed in exams. The choices are plenty too in terms of Monthly packs, Weekend packs, CAT Premium, Mock Tests, Night Booster packs etc with cost effective pricing for students. Enroll with us to practice and perform efficiently.