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How to Prepare for GATE Chemical Engineering 2021.

What is GATE?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering aka GATE is an online-based examination that aims at assessing the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in science and engineering. The post-graduate entrance examination is conducted in association with the Indian Institute of Science across the country by the top 7 Indian Institutes of Technology comprising of Mumbai, Kanpur, Madras, Kharagpur, Delhi, Roorkee and Guwahati. The exam looks at recognising a few of the best aspirants for MTech programmes offered by Government and private educational institutions. Quality coaching services are easily made available to have a smoother preparation journey with expert coaching material, free mock tests and more. GATE exams are conducted in various disciplines of engineering namely Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, among others.

A large number of candidates choose Chemical Engineering after their graduation. Chemical Engineering is one of the fields that involves drafting and processing of industrial chemical manufacturing. In simple terms, GATE Chemical Engineering 2021 is an ideal exam for students who want to pursue a career in the field of applied chemistry. Chemical Engineering finds global application in everyday life. With drastic advancements in the sphere of science and technology over the years, the growth in chemical practices is leading towards more advanced fields like Nanotechnology, Bio-Engineering, etc. Latest innovations on human genome , DNA sequencing and genetic engineering has completely changed the way as to how chemical engineering  as a specialisation is regarded today. The industry offers lucrative roles for skilled professionals. Chemical Engineers play a significant role in  basic chemical manufacturing and scientific research to  designing and development services in health-care industries, food & manufacturing units or electronics and energy manufacturers.

Scope for Chemical Engineering

The Indian public sector also considers GATE score for onboarding graduate engineers in entry-level positions. The industries that provide or offer employment to Chemical Engineers include Nuclear Energy, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Oil refineries, FMCG, Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, software, etc. Being an ever-growing sector, institutions like research organisations, laboratories, forensic investigation departments, atomic power plants too headhunt experts in chemical engineering streams. But the reality or fact of the matter is that it is equally vital that you secure your degree from reputed colleges in order to secure these highly lucrative jobs.  Candidates vying for top GATE Chemical Engineering 2021 ranks, know very well that a favourable GATE rank not only allows entry into various prestigious colleges like IITs and IISc but also helps them get one step closer towards direct recruitments from reputed PSUs and private sector companies. The leading organisations that hire Chemical Engineers are Reliance Industries Ltd,  Shell, HPCL, GAIL, BPCL, IOCL, ONGC, Dr Reddys Labs, Biocon, Procter & Gamble, Asian Paints, ITC Ltd, MRF Ltd, TATA Chemicals, Zuari Fertilizers and Cements and many such.

What does AspireBuzz offer?

AspireBuzz is an e-learning platform that offers a helping hand to all students who are willing to learn and explore their fullest potential. AspireBuzz is a platform for educators to connect and offer a quality platform to aspiring learners. With a pure vision in mind, the e-learning platform offers accessible, adaptive, innovative and cost-effective methods to disseminate knowledge.

AspireBuzz offers a wide range of learning material as part of their coaching that includes the entire GATE chemical engineering question paper syllabus. AspireBuzz GATE Coaching for Chemical Engineering provides a 360-coverage of the course material to help you gain a strategic advantage over other aspirants. We offer preliminary tests on chemical engineering subjects and others with a brief summary of what the tests include. This ensures that aspirants are ready to put their learnings to test for better understanding. They include topics like Thermodynamics, Chemical Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and others. For example; under Thermodynamics Test – 1, a total of 15 questions will be given for 25 marks to be completed in 45 minutes. The test questions will vary from laws of thermodynamics to its application to thermodynamics properties. The level of detail and the intricacy in the questions is to confirm that applicants are well prepared with every aspect of the topics.

AspireBuzz's GATE Chemical Engineering course incorporates an interactive approach where each question comes along with 3 interactive videos. Studies show that the use of educational videos improves the learning experience. Compared to just reading and appearing for the exam, this method proves more effective. The stimulating videos increase the levels of understanding and also allows a systematic and logical path in reaching a solution.

For those who are wondering how to prepare for GATE, here are a few tips;

- Division of Syllabus: Divide the GATE chemical engineering syllabus into sub-categories and prioritise the important topics. This will save time and also make sure you don't miss out on anything crucial.

- Disciplined Routine: Switch to a disciplined studying pattern. Reserve a specific number of hours for GATE preparation alone. With such a routine, you need not cut down on your existing tasks and can easily allocate time for GATE coaching.

- Revise: Revision is a must. Always ensure you revise as you proceed further in the syllabus. Take chapter-wise tests time and again to make sure that you do not forget earlier chapters as you proceed forward.

- Mock tests: There are ample benefits to having a mock test. Have multiple mock tests to ensure that you're aware of the GATE Chemical Engineering question paper pattern, percentage of marks allocated and the time and speed required to complete the test.

- Follow the order: Do not skip any topic in between as you might completely forget chapters. Follow the order of chapters; this will also help during revision.

- Takedown notes: Takedown running notes as you study. This will help you understand better and also make it easier to look back at important points. 

- Understanding the subjects: 70% of the marks are for the chemical engineering syllabus while the other 30% is split between Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude. Prepare for these two thoroughly for the 30% marks. 

- Stay Optimistic: GATE exams can really get overwhelming and pressurising. Preparing for the exam is essential, but it is equally important to take breaks as and when required. Make time for your hobbies, family, friends, and most importantly yourself.

- Group Study: Group studies may not necessarily be in your comfort zone but try it out sometime. When you have doubts or anything more that you need to know, you can consult a fellow group member. Not just seeking help, but you can also be of emotional help to someone else. Explaining a concept to another person is sometimes way more effective than studying it by yourself.

Mock Tests

It is only through consistent hard work and practice that candidates can secure the results they hope to achieve. Attempting mock GATE Chemical Engineering test series papers are great to assess your preparation and keep a check on your improvement. There are several online portals that conduct mock tests like AspireBuzz. Make it a point to attend at least a few.

Emphasizing on the importance of mock tests is only a way to make sure that your hard work does not go in vain, and you're closer to achieving your goal.

Exam Environment
Mock tests papers are drafted similar to the actual papers. This gives the candidates a scope to be aware of the pattern, syllabus and also be prepared for the difficulty level that can come their way. If you intend to attempt the actual exam without a mock test, it can cause panic as you're not aware of the pattern, syllabus or even the kind of questions that can appear. 

With a mock test, you'll be more acquainted to the question paper, pattern and will also have more confidence in attending the exam. It happens very often with people that they are anxious during the exam which converts to poor memory. With mock tests, you'll be much more prepared for the examination, cutting down the anxiousness on the main day. 

Time Management
In spite of knowing the answers, many fail to complete the paper as they're slow in writing.
Estimating the time for each answer will help you complete the paper on time. Time management gets easier by taking frequent mock tests. With mock tests, you'll be able to work on the time-consuming questions first and later move on to the simpler ones. It will also help  improve your writing speeds.

Revision Time
Students can sometimes forget what they learned in the previous chapters as they proceed further in their syllabus. Mock tests help retain earlier chapters better as it is a constant reminder of what you've learned in the beginning. The important parts of every chapter will be easier for you to remember on the exam day as well.