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How to Prepare for Gate Mechanical Engineering with AspireBuzz

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2021 is scheduled for the 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th of February 2021 in multiple sessions. The GATE exam is something that most engineering graduates look out for. GATE 2021 will be the ticket for many aspirants to explore some of the best opportunities and enter some of the best institutes and companies in the country. Conducted in association with the top 7 Indian Institute of Science including Mumbai, Madras, Kanpur, Guwahati, Roorkee, Delhi and Kharagpur, the exam looks out for the best who can later pursue MTech programmes presented by Government and private institutions. The exam aims at shortlisting the best based on their comprehensive knowledge of undergraduate subjects in science and engineering. Hard efforts teamed with quality coaching is the most valuable and effective path to prepare for a GATE exam. GATE exams are held in various disciplines of engineering including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, instrumentation engineering, electronics and communication engineering among others. This post aims at focusing more in-depth into the scope and opportunities that mechanical engineering offers.

About GATE Mechanical Engineering - ME

Mechanical Engineers' work is based on the principles of force, motion and energy. Accompanied by these principles they ensure safe, efficient, and reliable functioning of the designs created. One of the broadest and oldest engineering fields, mechanical engineering demands an understanding of concepts like mechanics, thermodynamics and structural analysis.

Our choice of course specialisation plays an important role in shaping our career which in turn impacts our life. While there are numerous options available for students to pursue in the field of engineering, GATE Mechanical (ME) is a hugely sought-after course as it is one of the oldest branches of engineering that involves the design, development, production and use of mechanical tools to solve mechanical issues. Mechanical Engineers apply these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering (CAD) and product lifecycle management to conceptualise, design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial tools, equipment and machinery, HVAC, transport systems, aircrafts, robotics, medical devices
, etc.
With the rapid development of new technology, engineering streams are being diversified into many sub-streams exhibiting extermely rapid growth. There is an enourmous scope for mechanical engineers in the field of automobile, steel, cement industry, power, hydraulics, manufacturing plants, mining, petroleum, aeronautical, biotechnology etc. The traditional boundaries of Mechanical Engineers are expanding to new vistas like biomedical sciences, nanotech and environmental conservation. Just like other engineering streams, the aim of mechanical engineering is to make processes efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly. With the advent of automation, the demand for Mechanical Engineers in private as well as public sector job markets is on the rise to help design, monitor and analyse industrial systems. Significant sectors like railways, national highways, heavy-engineering industries, ports, defence etc. are some of the leading employers for ME.

Benefits of GATE Exams

The reason for the increasing number of aspirants for GATE Exams every year are the never-ending benefits attached to it.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
Many Public Sector Undertakings like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Delhi Development Authority, NTPC Limited, Bharat Petroleum, Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited, and several others also look out for GATE qualified entrants over other applicants.

Pursue MTech
GATE is one of the prestigious tests in India that gives you access to the top institutes in the country. Not just any post-graduate degree but the one completed from a top and respected institute will always carry more value than the rest.

Invite Scholarships
As a part of promoting higher education in the country, GATE can also score you a monthly grant as financial assistance. The assistance ship is offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Research Institute Hiring
If interested in Research, similar to the National Eligibility Test (NET), GATE qualified aspirants are also eligible for the Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship awards in the Research and Development departments of technological companies. As part of these fellowships, the candidates will receive monthly allowances for research purposes.

Engineers from top-notch colleges are mostly preferred for the post of academicians in reputed colleges. Candidates who perform well at GATE exams have a higher chance of being students at some of the top-notch colleges in the country.

What does AspireBuzz offer?

AspireBuzz is an e-learning platform that makes quality learning accessible to all. The platform offers a large amount of studying material for interested people in different exciting courses and tests. The variety of tests that they offer studying material for includes, GATE, NEET, IIT-JEE, APPSC, MBA and more. GATE is one of the most searched and accessed one. Within GATE exams, they offer material for all disciplines of engineering including the GATE syllabus for mechanical engineering. AspireBuzz also offers video solutions which are considered to be one of the best ways to engage students.

Benefits of Video Solutions to Students in Education

An Engaging Experience
With video solutions, students get both a visual and audible experience. Apart from the regular textual content, here the probability of retention and engagement is way higher. The students can go back to any part of the video and watch it again and again until they understand the concept best.

Simplify Complexity
Videos make understanding of complex topics and concepts easier. If not interested in a certain subject, learning it from textual material can make you indifferent towards the topic. With visual representation, learning processes, methods and concepts can get easier.

Increased Digital Aptitude
Digital Aptitude can be easily injected into most disciplines. And using visual aid will make creators and learners more aware and educated about the platform.

Easy Accessibility
Video Solutions make education available at all places with just an internet connection. With regular lectures and physical coaching institutes on one side, using video solutions makes teaching and learning an interesting and convenient mission. The lessons can be accessed by everybody on any device like laptop, desktop or mobile phones.

Easy Revision
With video solutions, revision becomes a comparatively easier task. By watching a video, you'd be able to recollect the concept, and run a quick revision even when on the move.

How to boost your GATE Mechanical preparation at home?

The GATE Online Course 2021 for GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) by Vani Institute in association with AspireBuzz focusses on understanding of core concepts & systematic analysis involved in thermodynamics, mechanics, kinematics, material science and structural analysis. Mechanical Engineers in particular, use these core principles in their day to day vocation. For those targeting the GATE Mechanical preparation, AspireBuzz provides unique stimulation based learning methodology. The critical and relevant concept components of GATE syllabus for mechanical engineering for 2021 such as Fluid Mechanics, 'clutches and brakes, gears and bearings, variable stresses' in Machine Design, 'engineering materials, metal casting' in Production, Heat Transfer etc. are scrupulously and interactively explained and illustrated in our GATE study material for Mechanical through the learning platform of AspireBuzz.

Within GATE study material for Mechanical Engineering, they make available substantial data on 11 different subjects like Theory of Machines, Heat Transfer, Production Engineering, Machine Design, Thermodynamics, Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude, IM and OR, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, and Fluid Mechanics. Each subject's curriculum is further split into subdivisions and mentioned on the platform. For instance; Theory of Machines is further divided into Induction and Basics of Mechanism, Velocity Analysis and Acceleration Analysis, Balancing, Force Analysis and Fly Wheels, Gyroscope and so on. AspireBuzz also offers subject tests for each concept that's included to further analyze the subject understanding of the aspirant.

Apart from an organized division of subjects, the online platform also recommends GATE books for mechanical engineering.

GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering

Some of the best-recommended GATE Mechanical books for 2021 are as follows:

  • Engineering Mechanics by Bhavikatti
  • Engineering Mechanics by Beer and Johnston
  • Fluid Mechanics by R K Bansal
  • Fluid & Hydraulics- Modi and Seth
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag
  • Mechanical Vibrations by G K Grover
  • Manufacturing Science by A Ghosh & A. K Mallik
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer - R C Sachdev