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We fill the gap between Aspiration and Reality of GATE

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, popularly known as GATE is a post-graduate entrance examination conducted all over India by the 7 top Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) which include Bombay, Kanpur, Madras, Roorkee, Delhi, Kharagpur and Guwahati in association with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru as a means to identify the right candidates for M.Tech programmes provided by Government institutions as well as several private educational institutes. Online coaching services like AspireBuzz can help students in their GATE preparation journey by offering free mock tests, expert coaching material tailored to the exam pattern and syllabus.

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Student Speak ( VIEW ALL )
  • GATE 2016 chemical all india rank 1 - HARSH GUPTA

    Excellent!!! Great knowledge imparted. Taught from the basics with concepts. Amazing GATE online test series by Vani Institute in association with AspireBuzz. Helped me a lot to secure the AIR top rank in Gate-17.

  • GATE 2017 civil all india rank 2 - PUNEETH KHANNA
    CIVIL, AIR-2nd, 2017

    Best quality materials and guidance, immensely helped me to secure All India GATE Rank 2, in Civil Engineering. Most of the questions included in their GATE Online preparation tests for Civil are similar to the questions I got in the actual GATE exam.

  • GATE 2017 CSE all india rank 3 - RAVI.S. MISHRA
    CSE, AIR-3rd

    Very good coaching and GATE online preparation platform with excellent mock tests that has subject tests, mock tests and grand tests. I thank all the faculty for helping me ace GATE. I am glad that VANI has collaborated with Aspirebuzz.com to provide the course material in form of videos. I wish I had them when I wrote GATE exam.

  • GATE 2017 ECE all india rank 2 - K.K.Srinivas
    ECE, AIR-2nd

    Practice makes man perfect this statement is very true and it has been proven with the online GATE preparation platform provided by VANI Institute in collaboration with AspireBuzz. I was able to practice a lot with the Test Series and that has raised my confidence level. I also liked their GATE study material. It made it so easy for me to secure All India GATE Rank 2.

  • GATE 2017 EEE all india rank 1 - SHIVAM SINGH
    EEE, AIR-1st

    I thank VANI for providing such a talented, experienced and highly professional faculty. Excellent material and very high quality test series on their GATE online preparation platform by AspireBuzz.

  • GATE 2017 MECH all india rank 3 - BOBADE PRADIP
    MECH, AIR-3rd

    Learning concepts and knowing when and how to apply them is what you are tested in GATE. I am glad I have joined VANI for my preparation. The faculty is very experienced as each of them have trained close to 200 batches for GATE preparation. The question papers that were provided in the test series on their GATE preparation online platform by AspireBuzz helped me a lot in reaching my goal.

  • GATE 2017 IN all india rank 4 - THADURI NAVEEN
    IN, AIR-4th

    I would like to thank for providing me the best resources for my GATE exam preparation. I had taken the online test series on their online GATE preparation platform. The way test series are arranged was awesome, the explanation and solutions provided were excellent especially for analog and digital.

The ultimate guide to GATE 2020 - Your gateway to success

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, also known as GATE exams, are standard tests that take into account the understanding of different undergraduate subjects that are included in science and engineering. The online series is conducted by the Indian Institute of Science along with seven Indian Institutes which are Technologies at Roorkee, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai (Madras) and Mumbai (Bombay).

The GATE score that is secured by a candidate tends to reflect the performance of each candidate. The overall score is then taken into consideration when the student seeks admission to various post-graduation education programs like Master of Engineering, Masters in Architecture, and so on.

Lately, it's noticed that GATE scores are being used by many Indian public sectors when recruiting graduate engineers in entry-level positions, as well. This is the most competitive exam in India, and it's recognized by many institutes outside India as well, like the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

What is the eligibility criteria for GATE?

If you meet the following factors, then you can take the GATE exam-

>> Bachelor's degree in Engineering/Architecture/Technology and the candidates who are currently in the final year of the courses mentioned above can apply too.

>> If the candidate has a Master's degree in Science/Statistics/Computers/Mathematics, then they can apply for the exam

>> Candidates who are in their highest year in integrated Master's degree in engineering and technology.

>> There is no age limit criteria that is given by the exam board to appear for GATE exam.

What is the duration and format of GATE?

The examination lasts for three hours and includes 65 questions that are worth 100 marks. The exam is carried out in online Computer Based Tests, for all papers, from 2014 onwards. The questions are a combination of multiple-choice and numerical answer type questions as well. The candidates will be provided with notepads, in case they have any rough work, and these have to be returned after the exam is completed. Once the exam duration is done, the computer will shut the screen automatically.


Before you decide to take on the GATE exam, you have to take a look at the syllabus and ensure that you are prepared to take it. The syllabus includes the following points:

>> Verbal ability- English grammar, compiling a sentence, verbal analogies, verbal deduction, logic and reasoning.

>> Numerical: Numerical computation, estimation, reasoning, along with data interpretation.

>> Engineering Mathematics, although this is not present for all papers

>> Technical ability: This will include questions that are connected to the chosen paper.

How to start preparing for the GATE exam?

GATE is one of the most prestigious competitive engineering exams in India, and it stands witness to countless candidates every year. It's a tough competition, and the most frequently asked question is how to start preparing for the upcoming GATE exams?

The success rate of your GATE results does depend on your level of dedication and hard work, but there are some suggestions and factors that can help with your GATE performance.

Start early:

When it comes to GATE preparation, the earlier you start preparing, the better. When you get a good start on your study preparation, you will be able to plan out a schedule and also check on the materials that need to be revised. Starting your study sessions early will make it easy to look up the syllabus and ensure that you cover everything important. Ensure that you make use of all the time that is available to you, and study and strategize the concepts and topics beforehand. This will help when the exam date gets closer because all you have to do is revise the topics. Just remember to prioritize your mental and physical health as well.

Set your goals clearly:

Various objectives will have different strategies, and it's quite important to define your goals clearly if you want to achieve the top rank and score. If you want admission into the top IIT colleges or PSUs, then you will have to get a rank of than 1000. This will require a thorough revision of all the topics, or if you just want to qualify for the colleges, then you can afford to leave out a few topics from your study schedule.

Take on a diagnostic test:

Before you start preparing for your GATE exams, it's important that you're aware of the starting levels of competence. This will require an analysis of your performance, and the diagnostic tests will help you figure out your strong and weak points. Once you get the results of the diagnostic test, you can prepare a study plan around them and come with a solid revision strategy.

Building concepts:

GATE exams are created to test your knowledge of concepts along with their application. Therefore, you have to ensure that you know your topic well. You can build on your concepts by joining classroom programs or referring to online study sessions which will help strengthen your grasp on vital concepts that are included in the syllabus.

Practice is key:

"Practice makes perfect", and repetition on a topic or subject will help you retain information better. When it comes to subjects like mathematics, practice is necessary. The online test series includes solving the various types of questions that you will come across in books, and you have to prepare yourself with all the question patterns as well.

Be familiar with formulas:

Engineering topics and subjects include many formulae, which most times, have to be memorized. So, you can note down the formula for each topic as you finish it, and in the end, you will have a collection of formulas that will help you with revision as the exams get closer.

Focus on the topics that have more weight (with marks):

Mathematics and general ability to contribute 30 percent of the total marks, and they are quite easy to score in. If you want to start preparing for these subjects first, then you can look up online lectures to prepare in these topics.

Take up mock tests: Mock tests will help you adapt to the exam pattern, which is online. It will also help you track your preparation pattern and based on the test results; you will identify the areas that will need improvement and need more work. These tests will also provide you with practice sessions, and you will get to answer different questions.

Create your own exam strategy:

Once you take the mock tests and receive your results, you can devise an exam strategy that will fine-tune your focus for the GATE exams. The online test series will help you decide whether you would like to solve the test from the question, or if you want to solve the paper by answering the questions from your area of strength first. Devising an exam strategy, after a mock test, will help you feel focused, confident, and prepared.

Go through the syllabus:

The GATE online test series comes with a syllabus for the upcoming test, and it's important that you get familiar with it. Knowing the syllabus before the exam will help you with the preparation and also provide you with an extra boost that will make the chapters familiar, especially during the revision process. Once you finish the analysis of the syllabus, you can create a study schedule and prepare accordingly.

Come up with a practical study schedule:

Once you check the syllabus for the upcoming GATE exams, analyzed the topics along with the syllabus, then it's time to create a practical study schedule that will help you manage your preparation time. This will include dividing your day into set hours for different topics and subjects. Try to switch up the topics to avoid monotony and remember to give yourself enough breaks and allot more time to subjects that are your weak points. The first months of prep should be focused on completing the main points of the syllabus; once you're done with this step, you can start attempting sample papers and mock tests.

Choose the right books to study:

This is an important element of the GATE prep, and it includes selecting the right books when studying and referencing an important analysis of topics. The concepts have to be clear and easy to understand, so when you select the books to study, you have to ensure that this criterion is met. Also, you have to note that simple language has to be used in books.

Solving sample papers:

Mock tests are not the only way you can revise for GATE exams. You can solve sample papers from previous years as well. When you solve sample papers, ensure that they are included in your daily study schedule so that you can revise the matter constantly. Sample papers will also help you understand the exam pattern and prepare you for the nature of the examination. They will also help you with the type of questions asked, the division of the syllabus, and so on; sample papers will also teach you time management with the upcoming GATE exams.


As mentioned before, preparing for an exam early is vital but being consistent is equally important too. If you want optimum results, you must be consistent with your study preparation. Some students tend to be enthusiastic when they start preparing for the exams, but as time goes by, the pressure starts affecting them, and this results in procrastination, slacking, and anxiety. A consistent study routine should be followed if you want a good score.

One of the best methods to maintain consistency is to select the hours of study as per your capacity and stick with it for your preparation schedule,you can also opt for online GATE coaching courses. Once you have set the schedule according to your liking, then there should be zero compromises when studying.

Short notes:

Take a couple of sticky notes and create short summaries for each topic. This process will help you revise and retain information better. This will also help you when you have trouble understanding anything. Since these notes are short, you can use them to revise your topics anytime.

Group studies:

If you don't want to go for coaching institutes, then you can have group study sessions. These discussion groups will help you understand a concept better by having open discussions with other students who are preparing for GATE, as well. This will also provide you with an opportunity to resolve any confusion with the syllabus.

Constant revision:

GATE exam preparation involves constant revision, and this is the most effective way to ensure you do well in your exams. Once you have completed the syllabus, you will have to include a good bit of revision in your study schedule. This will help you revisit the topics that you studied earlier during the preparation process, and it will be fresh in your mind as well. Written notes and practising your formulae will help you with the revision process, and it will also touch on various topics, regularly.

Keeping your motivation high:

There are times when you will feel like you're not progressing with your study sessions, and you aren't able to retain any of the information you're studying. The long months spent revising concepts and practising formulae can result in lack of motivation and determination. However, it's vital that you push yourself, and boost your study habits to achieve a good score in the upcoming test. To keep the determination levels strong, you can check the topper interviews from previous years and follow their study prep patterns or integrate it with your own.

When it comes to preparing for any competitive exam, you have to remember that time is precious and you have to be smart with your study process. AspireBuzz has begun GATE exam preparation mediums that have been thoroughly researched and strategically arranged. The GATE online course is an intensive learning experience that is designed by keeping the students' requirements in mind. The GATE test series online offers many choices that are a huge boon to students who want to crack the exam proficiently.

Aspirebuzz offers GATE online coaching for the upcoming 2020 exams, which includes mock tests that have interfaces which resemble the real GATE tests.

Can you crack GATE exams in the first attempt?

If you take the right approach and direction, then yes, you can. This will involve preparing for the exam as early as possible, constant revision, and a decent understanding of the syllabus. Average time for GATE preparation can be rounded up to ten months. That is if you're not in touch with technical subjects.

A clear understanding of the exam pattern:

It's important that the candidate understands the syllabus of the GATE exam, but it's also vital that they are familiar with the exam pattern. This includes being familiar with the changes and keeping up with the pattern before taking the final test; this will allow the candidate to solve the paper without any hassle. Usually, the standard pattern of the paper is the same each year, but the structure of the paper can be different. If you have an idea about the number of questions and the categories that have higher weightage can increase your chances of scoring high marks.

Listed below are the main points that are included in the GATE exam pattern:

  • Exam duration: Three hours
  • Total Questions: 65
  • Total marks: 100
  • The various types of questions: Multiple Choice questions and Numerical answer type questions
  • Categories: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and stream specific subjects
  • Marking process: 1 mark MCQs- 1/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. MCQs- 2/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer, but no marks will be deducted for any unanswered questions. There are no negative markings for NAT questions.

What's the weight for each topic for GATE 2020?

The GATE test includes distribution for each topic in the paper, and it will help the candidate in focusing on a topic that has to be covered first. Therefore, topics that have more weightage should be studied thoroughly; this strategy will help you ace your exam. Once again, this can be done by keeping track of the current changes and going through the question papers of the past.

General aptitude- 15%

Engineering Mathematics- 15%

Paper subject - 70%


General Aptitude - 15%

Subject Paper - 15%

Registration and eligibility:

>> The upcoming GATE 2020 exam is accessible to candidates who have registered after May 31, 2013, and have certifications that are equivalent to B.E, B.Tech, B.Arch from any of the professional societies.

>> The fee for the general category is INR 1500. The late fees are INR 2000.

>> Biomedical engineering is a new addition to the list of 24 exams, in the upcoming exam. This year GATE will be including 25 subjects.

>> The results for GATE exams will be declared on March 16, 2020.

>> The GATE cutoffs will be released, once the results are announced.

The candidates who meet the criteria stated by the cutoff rates are eligible for M.Tech admissions in IITs, NITs, and so on.

>> The top Public Sector Units accept GATE scores during the recruitment process.

The latest facts for GATE 2020:

>> GATE 2020 will include seats that are reserved for Economical Weaker Section candidates, for the first time.

>> There will a normalization process followed, this will help to formulate the candidates' results.

>> This is the second time the Statistics Discipline paper will be part of the papers examined in the upcoming test.

>> The expected number of candidate for GATE 2020 is approximately ten lakhs, as compared to 9.5 lakhs in 2019.

Important dates for GATE 2020:

Candidates who have started preparing for GATE 2020 have to browse through the schedule that was released by the exam conducting authority on their official website.

Here are some important dates for the exam you have to know about:

  • GATE online application, website opens: August 31, 2019
  • Last date to submit application forms for GATE 2020: September 28, 2019
  • Submission of application forms with late fees: October 5, 2019
  • Last date to request for a change in examination city: November 15, 2019
  • Admission card publication: January 3, 2020
  • Exam dates: February 1, 2, 8, and 9th, 2020
  • Official exam key will be released ten days after the exam.
  • Results will be declared on March 16, 2020
  • Scorecard will be published one week after the results are declared
  • The admission and counselling process will begin from April 2020

Eligibility criteria for GATE 2020:

Candidates who are appearing for the upcoming GATE exam must make a note of the eligibility criteria. This will help them determine if they are eligible for the exam before they submit the application. Candidates that don't match the criteria will be disqualified from the exam at any stage.

The detailed eligibility criteria are as follows:

Age Criteria: There is no set age limit for GATE; the candidates of any age group can apply for the exam.

Nationality: The candidate should be an Indian citizen. Applicants from outside India can apply for the exam as well if they fulfil the academic eligibility criteria.

Academic qualifications include:

>> Candidate must have a Bachelor's, or equivalent, a degree in B.tech, B.Arch, B.Sc from a state or central government recognized institution.

>> The minimum aggregate of the degree should be 45%

>> Candidates who are still studying in the final year of the Bachelors are also eligible to apply for GATE 2020.

If the applicant meets all the factors mentioned above, then they can fill out an application for the exam.

GATE 2020 Extended Registration Process:

The application forms for GATE 2020 were made available from August 31, 2019. Applicants who are planning to answer the upcoming exams must submit the application form, along with the payment of late fees, by October 5, 2019. The registration is done completely online.

These are the essential steps that the applicant has to follow if they want to apply for the exam:

Registration - You will have to register through GATE Online Application Processing System and enter your name, email ID, and mobile number. Once the details are entered, you will receive an enrollment ID, and you will have to change the password for future logins.

Filling the form- Once the registration is done, you will have to complete the application form by providing personal, academic, and qualification details. Here you can choose your preferred exam centre as well.

Uploading Images- Once the application is filed, you have to upload a scanned copy of the form on the website along with your photo, signature, and category certificate (if any).

Fee Payment- Candidates will have to pay for the form online by using a debit/credit card or net banking.

Application Form submission- Once you have finished all the steps mentioned above, you can click on the submit button.

GATE 2020 counselling process:

The counselling process is expected to start on April 2020. The candidates who qualify for the exam will be provided with a call letter for counselling. The scorecard will be released after the results are declared.

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