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How to Prepare for GATE EEE

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an examination that primarily assesses the wide-ranging understanding of various undergraduate subjects in the discipline of engineering and science. GATE Exams for the year 2021 will be held on the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th of February 2021. The exam is an annual test to identify a few of the best in the field and offer them quality opportunities for a brighter and productive future.

GATE 2021 is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the seven Indian Institutes of Technology; Madras, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Bombay, and Roorkee. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2021 is being held against 25 different subjects.

What is AspireBuzz?

The world is embracing the recent emergence of the knowledge economy and e-Learning is one of the factors contributing to this economy the most. With e-Learning platforms, students and institutions are finding it easier to train, collaborate, and track progress. AspireBuzz is one of the leading e-Learning platforms that offers one of the most innovative and adaptive e-learning solutions. AspireBuzz is easily accessible and provides cost-effective courses for aspirants to explore their utmost potential and reach their goals most efficiently. AspireBuzz offers learning material on a wide range of subjects and training tests. Some of the tests that AspireBuzz offers online coaching for includes GATE, IES, NEET, IIT-JEE, IBPS, MBA and more. If you've been wondering how to prepare for GATE Electrical then AspireBuzz is here to your rescue. In this article, we shall dig deeper into GATE Electrical Engineering Examination and some of the learning material and resources offered by AspireBuzz. The platform also offers online gate coaching for EEE for We will also gather some tips to prepare for GATE 2021 for desired results.

All about GATE EEE 2021

The most influential physicist, Albert Einstein once quoted:
"Education is not the learning of facts, it's rather the training of the mind to think."

Quite recently in an Indian national daily, an IT stalwart proclaimed that 94% of engineering graduates are not fit for hiring. This piece of news strikingly echoed the widening skill gap between the substandard quality of engineering graduates which India churns which is approximately 25% of engineers of the world every year and the employability factor. Out of all streams, employability in the domain-specific roles was the highest for Electronics Engineering(EEE) at 7.07 per cent according to a survey data. Of late the stream of GATE EEE is sub-categorized into many sub streams like electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics.

The truth of the matter is world needs better engineers and counted deemed institutions like IITs, IIScs help nurture young engineers with an aim that they become capable of serving the world with cutting edge technology and merit. Placements in the Indian Institute of Technology(IITs) at Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Roorkee and Guwahati has seen astronomical remuneration packages bagged by engineers quite recently, according to media reports and officials of the institutes. GATE EE top marks as litmus becomes that much a determining or deciding factor in this scenario. Every stream is unique so are you. What is our role in this? We believe that we fill the gap between reality of GATE EEE and your aspiration. Learn at your pace and use your time effectively through our optimal learning methodology of GATE EE online course 2021 by Vani Institute in association with the learning platform of AspireBuzz.

About GATE Preparation for EEE on AspireBuzz

When a student opts for online GATE Electrical Engineering Preparation on Aspirebuzz, he/she gains an in-depth(intensive or all inclusive) perspective on core subjects like communications, control systems, signal processing, radio frequency design, micro-processors, micro-electronics, power generation and electrical machines. Our well-researched GATE EE online module comprises of fundamental concepts of electrical engineering in demand such as 'combinational and sequential circuits' in Digital Electronics, 'transient circuit, AC circuit analysis 1&2' in Network Theory, 'AC Bridges' in Measurements, 'transformers power theorem, induction machines signals and systems' in Electrical Machines, Electric Circuits, Probability, Matrix Algebra, Integration and Differentiation and many other key topics. The course is designed with conceptual clarity and analytical approach for smooth, effortless understanding of students. We have a comprehensive blog which strategies on How to start GATE preparation for EEE with 10 Critical Tips which will help to crack GATE Exam with ease.

Scope for EEE

Electrical Engineering is highly in demand. This branch of engineering is required in different industries like Aviation Technology and Communication Technology. Some of the top-notch companies that are always open for electrical engineers include ONGC, BHEL, TCS among the others. Different jobs offered under the field of electrical engineering include Quality Control Engineer, Test Engineer, Design Engineer among the many others. Some of the key responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer include;

  • Evaluate systems, product and their components
  • Conducting research programs
  • Design efficient electrical equipment

Power plants of every kind; hydel, atomic or thermal also need Electrical Engineers at all times.

The EE Exam (Electrical Engineering Examination) is just around the corner and AspireBuzz brings along some of the most helpful and interesting learning methods to ensure efficient learning. They offer video solutions to understand the curriculum better and makes sure that the aspirants are thorough with what they learn. The platform also provides a range of well-curated and competitive online test series for better understanding through practice. Their Electrical Engineering online tests consist of 80 plus tests with video solutions, topic wise tests, multi-subject wise tests and mock tests, all pointing towards cracking the GATE EE exams competently.

Here are the key subjects to study for GATE EEE Exam

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Electric Circuits
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Signals and systems
  • Electrical Machines

GATE Preparation Tips for EEE

  • Be well aware of your Syllabus
  • Make notes
  • Revision is vital
  • Try Mock tests
  • Focus on Mathematics and Aptitude

Even if you start your preparation for the test late, with these GATE Preparation tips for Electrical Engineering you can easily catch up and achieve desired results.

- Be well aware of your Syllabus
Especially if you're starting the preparation late, it is necessary to find out smart ways to learn. One of the ways is to make sure that you're well aware of the syllabus and test pattern. By referring to the previous years' question papers, you can list down some of the important topics and pay more attention to those. With this method, you can be thorough in the significant areas and leverage them more.

- Make notes
Making notes while you study is a very helpful method that would come handy later even during revision. Try to make short and crisp notes as they are easy to refer to later. The notes you make should consist of all the important concepts, formulas and more.

- Revision is vital
Over the years, certain questions and topics will be repeated and revision of the past couple of years of question papers is a smart way to be thorough with those topics. Always try and solve the questions asked and do not leave out on anything. Practice is one of the best ways to ensure that you've learned certain concepts well.

- Try Mock tests
By attempting GATE exams, you're competing with some of the best minds of the country and mock tests is a great way to ensure that you're preparing well. Mock tests not only make you familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern but also improves your speed and accuracy. With the help of these tests, you can also pay more attention to the silly mistakes that you might be making and start working on them at the earliest.

- Focus on Mathematics and Aptitude
The technical subjects are important and there are no doubts about it but paying some more attention to mathematics and aptitude could be the best way to bag some good score. These are the common subjects that can easily add to your scores and hence, missing out on these can be a bad option.

GATE Books for EE

Some of the best recommended books for GATE EE are as follows:

  • Power Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Kothari
  • Power Systems by JB Gupta & CL Wadhwa
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad
  • Power Electronics by P .S.Bimbhra
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney
  • Engineering Electromagnetics by William H. Hayt
  • Circuit Theory: Analysis & Synthesis by Abhijit Chakrabarti
  • Transient Analysis Of Electric Power Circuits by Arieh L Shenkmann
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E. Kreyszig