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Gate Online Preparation - 2020

We fill the gap between Aspiration and Reality of GATE

More than 70% of students who take coaching or practice with GATE online test series qualify through the GATE exam every year

Excellent !!! Great knowledge imparted. Taught from the basics with concepts. Amazing GATE online test series . Helped me a lot to secure the AIR top rank in Gate-17

GATE 2016 chemical all india rank 1 - HARSH GUPTA

I am a proud student of VANI Institute. I learnt from basics and they made it very easy to understand the concepts and also they cleared all my doubts. Very effective teaching their online GATE preparation platform had several mock tests to help me in my preparation. I was able to reach my goal very easily.

GATE 2017 chemical all india rank 5 - ADITYA GAWALI

I took classroom coaching for GATE, the professionalism they showed makes VANI Faculty stands apart from others. All faculty members have passion for teaching. They always try to link concepts among multiple subjects. Their experience in various fields will definitely guide students to achieve success. The online test series provided on their GATE online preparation platform is awesome

GATE 2017 chemical all india rank 9 - DIVYA SIRAMWAR

Brilliant professors. They teach from the basics and stress on concepts. The best part is their GATE online preparation platform which had a test series for Chemical engineering with several real exam line online mock tests . Overall I benefited a lot and VANI has helped me ACE GATE 2016

GATE 2016 chemical all india rank 1 - Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta

My dream and my parents hope has come true due to VANI Institute. Their notes was extremely informative and very clear, Their teaching of concepts is amazing. My preparation was boosted by with the GATE online practice test series and helped securing AIR 5 Gate 2016

GATE 2016 chemical all india rank 5 - Abhirupa Joardar
Abhirupa Joardar
CHEMICAL, AIR-5th, 2016

I am grateful to all the faculty from VANI for helping me in achieving my dream. I never imagined I would get top rank in GATE 2016. Each of the faculty member has a lot of experience and knowledge. My GATE preparation was made easy with their online test series in their GATE online preparation platform

GATE 2016 chemical all india rank 7 - Pushkar Singh
Pushkar Singh
CHEMICAL, AIR-7th, 2016

Best quality materials and guidance, immensely helped me to secure All India GATE Rank 2, in Civil Engineering. Most of the questions included in their GATE Online preparation tests for Civil are similar to the questions I got in the actual GATE exam.

GATE 2017 civil all india rank 2 - PUNEETH KHANNA
CIVIL, AIR-2nd, 2017

My dream to secure Top rank in GATE came true because of the faculty at VANI Institute. All professors are well experienced in teaching for GATE. I improved a lot in my problem solving ability by practicing with the tests available on their GATE Online preparation platform. Their subject wise tests, grand tests and mock test helped me in time management.

GATE 2017 civil all india rank 3 - ANKUR MANI TRIPATHI
CIVIL, AIR-3rd, 2017

GATE was made easy with their highly professional professors. I was able to grasp the concepts very easily and learned how to apply them. The professors also cleared all my classroom doubts. Their GATE online preparation platform helped me a lot with online mock tests. Thank you VANI for helping me crack GATE and achieve all India top rank in gate-16

GATE 2016 civil all india rank 7 - Shankesh
CIVIL, AIR-7th, 2017

Very good coaching and GATE online preparation platform with excellent mock tests that had subject tests, mock tests and grand tests. I thank all the faculty for helping me ace GATE. I am glad that VANI has collaborated with Aspirebuzz.com to provide the course material in form of videos. I wish I had them when I wrote GATE exam

GATE 2017 CSE all india rank 3 - RAVI.S. MISHRA
CSE, AIR-3rd

the faculty provided was excellent. The study material was awesome. Their online GATE preparation tests were so helpful and they helped me in time management and experience the real GATE exam. Most of the questions in the real GATE exam were very similar to the questions in the GATE online mock tests.

GATE 2017 CSE all india rank 7 - ADARSH RAHUL
CSE, AIR-7th

Very experienced and professional faculty. It helped me to get my basic concepts clear and through understanding of all subjects. Faculty are very helpful and cleared all the doubts. Was provided with several mock tests in the GATE online preparation platform. The tests were perfect in helping me in my practice

GATE 2017 CSE all india rank 9 - NIHAR SAHOO
CSE, AIR-9th

I have taken test series for my online preparation for GATE. The quality of test series the best and VANI also has very good study material. All of this helped me reach my goal

GATE 2016 CSE all india rank 9 - Vinod Pande
Vinod Pande
CSE, AIR-9th,2016

I had taken the online test series from VANI institute on their GATE online preparation for ECE platform. The quality of the questions are very good and I was provided with several mock tests. So, there is enough opportunity improve on my weakness and excel in GATE exam

GATE 2017 ECE all india rank 3 - RAMANA GOUD
ECE, AIR-3rd

Practice makes man perfect this statement is very true and it has been proven with the online GATE preparation platform provided by VANI Institute. I was able to practice a lot with the test Series and that has raised my confidence level. I also liked their GATE study material. It made it so easy for me to secure All India GATE Rank 2

GATE 2016 ECE all india rank 2 - K.K.Srinivas
ECE, AIR-2nd

I have taken Gate coaching from Vani Institute. it was very helpful to get AIR top rank in Gate-16. I am very thankful to them for providing me the access to their excellent test series on their online GATE preparation platform. It helped me a lot

GATE 2016 ECE all india rank 7 - Raja Majhi
Raja Majhi
ECE, AIR-7th

I thank VANI for providing such a talented, experienced and highly professional faculty. Excellent material and very high quality test series on their GATE online preparation platform

GATE 2017 EEE all india rank 1 - SHIVAM SINGH
EEE, AIR-1st

Super quality online test series was provided on the online GATE preparation platform for EEE. The questions were included from different subjects and covered the entire syllabus. The online mock tests helped me to improve my basics and gave me real exam experience. I recommend everyone to practice on the GATE online preparation platform by VANI institute

GATE 2017 EEE all india rank 4 - A.SARFRAJ NAWAZ
EEE, AIR-4th

I am proud of my achievement and I would not have made it if not for the excellent faculty and coaching. I learned the concepts from the basics and was able to apply them during my GATE exam and I am thankful for the excellent online test series provided on the GATE online preparation platform

GATE 2016 EEE all india rank 3 - Udit Agarwal
Udit Agarwal
EEE, AIR-3rd,2016

Learning concepts and knowing when and how to apply them is what you are tested in GATE. I am glad I to have joined VANI for my preparation. The faculty is very experienced as each of them have trained close to 200 batches for GATE preparation. The question papers that were provided in the test series on their GATE preparation online platform helped me a lot in reaching my goal

GATE 2017 MECH all india rank 3 - BOBADE PRADIP

I am Thankful to all the faculty members who are very experienced. I got real motivation and inspiration from the professors who I think are the Best Faculty for GATE across India. The course material and the online tests provided on the GATE online preparation platform have helped me a lot.

GATE 2016 MECH all india rank 10 - Suman Dutta
Suman Dutta
MECH, AIR-10th

Good Guidance, Great professors, excellent study materials and last but not the least the high quality gate online preparation platform that VANI has provided for practice with real GATE exam like environment. All of these factors have helped me in securing top rank in Gate-16

GATE 2016 MECH all india rank 10 - Nilesh Agarwal
Nilesh Agarwal
MECH, AIR-10th

Good quality coaching and great faculty. I had spend several hours practicing on the GATE online preparation platform and have attempted several online mock tests included in the test series. This has helped me get All India Gate Rank 16 in 2016

GATE 2016 MECH all india rank 6 - Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma

VANI classroom coaching was excellent and the faculty was amazing. I had a lot of practice on the GATE online preparation platform that had several online tests for thorough. It had helped me secure GATE rank 4.

GATE 2016 IN all india rank 4 - MONTI AGARWAL
IN, AIR-4th