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GATE Mock Test National Level Chemical

Learn faster,Practice better and Perform best
MINI GATE CHEM - Conducted in Last 2 Years
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MINI GATE CHEM - Conducted in Last 2 Years

Students Enrolled : 118
Total Tests : 4
Note : All Tests can be attempted any time until GATE exam in February 2020
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Mini GATE for CHEM as Mini GATE booster

When aspirants are stressed with intense syllabus of GATE and grapple with the question How to get started on my GATE preparation for Chemical Engineering? regarded as one of the most sought after query even in GATE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING quora page. We go one step ahead and provide real GATE feel. The GATE exam interface where a live Mini GATE for CHEM assessment is conducted across various exam centres all over India as well as at the comfort of home with the verified expertise through our exclusive association and collaboration with Vani Institute, the first GATE coaching institute in our country ever.

This Mini GATE for Chemical offers an interface where an aspirant experiences feel of real GATE 2020 exam and is conducted nationwide. Essentially, the mock test is available in two formats:

  • Invigilator based Mini GATE mock test - The exam is conducted in an exam center and monitored by invigilators in collaboration with Vani Institute in several cities across India. As a student you are exposed to the entire process of how the real GATE exam is. Right from registration form, admit card to allotted scheduled time, which is having a presence of 30 minutes before the exam, all criterion are followed to make it as real as it can get. The various centers for assessment are Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Kochi.
  • ome based online GATE mock exam - If you don't belong to one of the mentioned cities or stay distant from them, there's nothing to worry about. You can still attempt the same exam at the comfort and convenience of your home. The exam starts at the same time as the Invigilator based test and adopts all the features of the real GATE exam. After the completion of Mini GATE exam on scheduled date, the results are announced. Each student is given an All India Rank(AIR) for his specific engineering branch be it . This offers an edge to test your aptitude in truest sense for where you stand in the race vis-a- vis other GATE aspirants by assigning a competitive score, like an eye-opener.

For CHEMICAL GATE preparation, you can practice our quality online test series available.

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    aptitute questios was totally irrelevant,,, there was many typo errors also, 2 marks que was totaaly irrelvent..

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    Akshay Sagar

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