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"We think that computers are the most remarkable tools that humankind has ever come up with, and we think that people are basically tool users. So if we can just get lots of computers to lots of people, it will make some qualitative difference to the world."
  - Steve Jobs, Chairman & Co-Founder Apple Inc

Indeed Steve Jobs said it all in these few simple sentences. Computer as a tool which we all know revolutionized how we live today and rest is history. Our world that runs today on apps, algorithms, online mediums, websites, there's no hesitation in saying that GATE Computer Science (CSE) as a stream holds firm ground. The world is shrinking and is undoubtedly becoming more and more digitized each day, thus the scope for CSE is on a constant exponential rise. Moreover the advantage of computer science field is that it doesn't constrict itself to any geographical boundaries and is just not limited to India. This leads to ample career options for Computer Science Engineers in India and abroad too.

It is worthwhile to mention that the computer industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth in recent years that IT majors like TCS, Sun Microsystem, Infosys, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard, HCL, Cognizant, Accenture and even the famed Silicon Valley top companies like Yahoo!, Adobe, Apple Inc, Google, Intel etc have been the major recruiters for CSE across all other branches in engineering colleges of the country. Amongst all the engineering streams, computer science has been found to be the most popular choice of students now. A CSE graduate with its wider scope can become a Computer Communications Specialist, Computer Engineer, Consultants, Database Administrator, Data Communication Analyst, Research Analyst, System and Security Administrator.

What after GATE CSE?

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) as a stream integrates the fields of computer engineering and computer science. Computer engineering is a sub-field of electronics engineering and also covers the digital aspects of electronics engineering, specialisation in hardware-systems areas like computer architecture, high-performance computing, computer networks, processor design and embedded systems too. While for the millennial generation as life has become synonymous to technology, CSE is proving to be a lucrative career opportunity for students. The unprecedented growth in e-commerce sector makes the CSE stream among all rule the roost. As per Verified placement reports by IITs, two Computer Science Engineering students were offered jobs by Facebook with an exceptional package of Rs. 1.42 crore in recent years.

GATE study material for CSE by VANI Institute

Making the preference for a particular engineering stream like CSE has explicit correlation with the placements at a national-level. And getting a dream pay package is obviously proportional to the gateway or entry to premier institutes of IITs, NITs and IIScs. The Gate CSE Preparation 2021 online module, your sure-shot GATEway to GATE by Vani Institute in association with AspireBuzz seals the deal with it's meticulously prepared and extensively researched GATE online coaching syllabus available in the online arena now. If you worry to target GATE CSE in three months, Our online GATE course is created to serve this purpose to best possible benefits.

With our 3Vs Stimulation-based-learning approach, while the hint videos give aspirants clues to stimulate their brains to think deeper and arrive at the solution on their own, the solution videos on the other hand focuses on an in-depth approach towards solving the problems through simple techniques. Taking into account GATE CSE aptitude, our e-learning course for GATE Computer Science study material offers the entire core concepts of CSE such as 'network security, internet protocol' in Computer Networks & Networks Security, Theory of computation, 'non deterministic finite automata, TOC grammar in theory of computation' in Design And Analysis Algorithms (DAA), Master Theorem for Divide and Conquer, Matrix Chain Multiplication, Greedy Algorithm, various sorting algorithms like -Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Bubble sort, Heap Sort etc, Operating Systems, CPU Scheduling, E-commerce & ERP, Multimedia Applications, Principles of Programming Language, Software Engineering, Compiler Design, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Computer Organization, Data Structures etc with best possible comprehension and understanding for students.